The Collapse of the American Empire?

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Listening to these videos will help Tulsi Gabbard better articulate her positions. Trump has done a masterful marketing campaign using identity politics and Tulsi needs to define herself better in economics and health care. Though I’m not sure about socialism, I think the Conservatives and Trump have unfairly demonized it. Tulsi needs to better articulate her position to overcome what some perceive to be her disastrous economic policies.

Empress Gail presents information you are not hearing in mainstream news regarding the American economy under Trump and the future of the American state. The economy is not as rosy as Trump depicts, with a shrinking middle class, and higher suicide rates.

Empress Gail  hopes that by using Vladimir Putin to run American economics under her rule, she can reverse the bad direction the American Empire is going towards. I fired Trump about a month ago, but he’s trying to act like I’m some crazy lady and is striving to ignore me. But I have appointed Tulsi Gabbard to be President in his place, and have appointed Vladimir Putin (Ph.D. in economics) to head up the Presidential policies for the American economy. Trump spends far too much money on the military-industrial complex and allows the Federal Reserve to manipulate the economy to our detriment. The Federal Reserve is controlled by capitalist cronies (many of whom are controlled by Loree McBride and her George Soros/Israel connections). Israel is currently in a state of sin and is working with Loree McBride. I am allowing various viewpoints to be presented, some of them do not agree with each other, to encourage the viewer to think for themselves.

As far as Trump appearances in the news. . .I believe you are seeing a combination of a Trump automaton (who is carrying out Vladimir Putin and Tulsi Gabbard policies) in combination with the real Trump who has gone into hiding somewhere in the Middle East, under the protection of Israel. Loree McBride can do broadcasts from her spacefleet, creating the appearance that nothing has changed. Mainstream news is all smoke and mirrors. Go to Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) for real news.

I hope we can somehow get Tulsi into the U.S. Presidency, so that we will have a more streamlined enforcement of my policies as U.S. Empress. Trump is a disaster. He has rebelled against me, especially in regard to immigration (allowing Loree McBride Jesuits into the country in violation of my laws) and foreign policy (listening to Loree McBride’s  military-industrial complex). I suspect that Trump thinks that by stealing Middle Eastern oil, he can get use this to bolster the economy and get credit for saving the American economy. His ego has so taken him over, that he fails to realize that none of this will compensate for his extravagant military spending and if we get into a war with Iran, that will cost us trillions of dollars!

American imperialism must end. It only serves the interests of the rich and powerful, who are deluded into thinking they can steal their way to victory and that their abuse of the poor and cutting off free speech – so that we can’t expose them – is the way forward. Empress Gail is determined to PUT THIS TO AN END.

In this video, Putin discusses how he was able to stave off a disaster in Russia when he became the Russian leader.

Andy Woods is a pastor AND a lawyer, so his views usually reflect a deep knowledge of our current legal system, which he contrasts with the Biblical ideal.