Playboy Shots for June 2019 (Private Parts Covered)

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Gail 2 Green Background
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Gail 2 Waterfall
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These are what I have available for June 2019. I took these pictures on May 27, 2019 because someone wants some photos for June and I wanted to provide something recent. I’m not on any special diet. I just follow the Gail Commandments ( and I love my pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, peanuts and ground flax seed that I eat with Cheerios and Rice Chex. I could be skinnier, but then I’d be too hungry. For 61, I’m happy.

I walk 40 minutes a day; do indoor waist and upper arm exercises (, face lift exercises (; and work out on my indoor glider about 45 to 60 minutes a day. I do all this exercise to make up for all the nuts and Cheerios I eat, but I still eat too many nuts and seeds. Could be doing worse things. My blood pressure is great and seems to like the nuts and seeds

Jesus has no objections to me posing for Playboy. He says, “If I wanted girls to wear clothes, I would NOT have had them born naked.” Jesus is such a kick! He doesn’t mind seeing women in bikinis as long as they aren’t using their body to seduce.

I don’t like the Pepe the frog cover ups anymore. I decided to go with a different theme that I think is closer to who I am. My apartment has a boring background and I wanted to be a little creative for June!

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