Tulsi Gabbard: Trump's Dangerous Foreign/Economic Policies (Neil Cavuto FOX)

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Can also view this video here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/CSAbiDjsDPbT/

AND here: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6042030015001/#sp=show-clips

Neil Cavuto (May 28, 2019) did not give Tulsi Gabbard enough time to deal with economic policies, but Trump’s economy is not as rosy as Trump depicts.

Tulsi rightly points out that the money we save on military spending (if we stop funding the foolish/dangerous wars overseas) can be used to help out the economy, and that the rich and powerful (like Loree McBride and her followers) exploit the poor in our current economic system. Also, our current unemployment rates do not reflect those who have given up on looking for work & those underemployed, struggling at poverty level. Check out the following pages to hear the TRUTH about the Trump economy: https://gabriellechana.blog/2019/05/24/the-collapse-of-the-american-empire/ & https://gabriellechana.blog/2019/05/21/is-tulsi-gabbard-a-socialist/