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The following is part of Empress Gail’s International Immigration Laws, updated today to make it more comprehensive.

11.1a1 Gail has read the following U.S. Title 8 laws and wants to adopt them as part of her immigration law for all Conspiracy Law honoring countries. In areas where they contradict Conspiracy Law, they are null and void, though, it appears that all of this law can be enforced without contradicting Conspiracy Law.

11.1a2 Except as otherwise provided in this Title 8 law, the following describes classes of excludable aliens who are ineligible to receive visas and who shall be excluded from admission into the United States or any Conspiracy Law honoring nation: TITLE 8—ALIENS AND NATIONALITY § 1182: USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182

11.1a3 Because Loree McBride is flooding her illegal aliens to the U.S. border, Empress Gail declares an emergency in the U.S. and ALL BORDERS in the U.S. are CLOSED. We shall erect shields at all borders and all ports of entry into the U.S. (including airports) and anybody who tries to go through these shields will die. The shields will be programmed to take out anybody who enters the country illegally (as defined by Conspiracy Law and USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182). From now on, anyone who wants to come to the U.S. or any Conspiracy Law honoring country must be transported in, using transporter technology and must get approval from Church of Gail or the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits before they are transported into the country. It goes without saying that we will only allow those who meet the requirements of Title 8–USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182 AND Conspiracy Law. Those who desire admission to a Conspiracy Law honoring nation must present their case via Skype or its equivalent to an IMMIGRATION PANEL (who must obey any orders they get from Vladimir Putin or Gail’s men), who will vet each potential candidate for citizenship. Once they are given approval for admission to the country, they will be transported in.

11.1a4 As a reminder, Empress Gail has fired/impeached Donald Trump because he is only a Melania Trump cuck and Melania is guilty of high treason. Melania holds Trump hostage, so he is not guilty of violating Conspiracy Law, because he is not a willing violator. He will not be executed as long as he disobeys Gail unwillingly. But his wife Melania is a willing and knowing violator of Conspiracy Law, including death penalty violations, and must be executed. Those who willingly and knowingly give her safe harbor, are complicit with her in committing high treason against Empress Gail, and, they too, must be executed. Gail’s immigration policy is a combination of Conspiracy Law and USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182.

11.1a5 But because Melania controls Trump, Trump has been impeached. He is a very dangerous leader, who is not the U.S. President, his evil wife Melania is the President. Anybody who willingly and knowingly obeys any orders from Trump will get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator for this reason. Further, to ensure no clones of Tulsi Gabbard or Trump cause problems, nobody can obey any government orders coming from anyone besides Empress Gail Chord Schuler. If a decision comes from the LAW REVIEW TEAM, it will be considered to be from Empress Gail. The LAW REVIEW TEAM needs to come up with a special encryption for authenticity that everyone needs to verify before they carry out any government orders. Those who willingly and knowingly carry out any government orders without this special encryption (verifying the order comes from Empress Gail) will be executed. A government order is defined as any order assumed to be from the Executive branch of the government of a Conspiracy Law  honoring country (i.e. Presidential orders or orders from the head of state and his/her representatives). Gail will delegate her decision-making authority as President to the REAL Vladimir Putin (not his clone or automaton or substitute) and to the REAL Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Judge Terrance Jenkins and Gerard Butler. All of these with the exception of Brent, have training in law, making them capable of making Presidential decisions for Gail. Brent, however, knows Gail’s law in and out and his training as a physician could come in handy. Brent, Vladimir, Terrance, Matthew and Gerard have Gail’s permission to create a LAW REVIEW TEAM (which will consist of Vladimir, Brent, Matthew, Gerard and Judge Terry, along with anybody they designate), who can assist them with decision-making. Tulsi Gabbard will be Gail’s representative to the American people and can carry out any policies she wishes, as long as all her policies clear the LAW REVIEW TEAM. Gail recommends that Tulsi give regular state of the union addresses to the nation on Gabrielle Chana FOX News, to update the American people of the latest developments that the Americans need to be aware of.

11.1a6 Though Gail has installed Tulsi Gabbard as President, it appears that Empress Gail must override Tulsi in the matter of immigration. Tulsi can act as President in all matters, except in the matter of immigration or where she violates Conspiracy Law. Immigration policy must be decided by the IMMIGRATION PANEL (who must obey orders they get from Vladimir Putin or Gail’s men). Tulsi is allowed to weigh in on the immigration issue to the LAW REVIEW TEAM, but must allow them to have the final decision. Gail is not sure about Tulsi’s immigration policies, so she prefers to put Vladimir Putin and her men in charge of this. But because they are very busy, they can create an IMMIGRATION PANEL to do this job under their direction.

11.1a7 However, Empress Gail, who is also U.S. President, along with Tulsi Gabbard, has declared a state of emergency on U.S. borders, and all borders must be closed in the U.S. and any other Conspiracy Law honoring country that is experiencing a border crisis brought on by Loree McBride Jesuits, until the emergency is over. Vladimir Putin and Gail’s men will make the decision on when the emergency is over. Those who desire entrance to the U.S. or countries experiencing a Loree McBride Jesuit border crisis must go through the IMMIGRATION PANEL.

It says in USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182: Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restriction she may deem to be appropriate.

11.1a8 Further, all U.S. tariffs and sanctions against all countries must be evaluated by Vladimir Putin and Gail’s men. Those that Vladimir Putin considers stupid will be cancelled. Also, all treaties that Trump has cancelled must be evaluated by Vladimir Putin, and those treaties that Vladimir feels should continue, like the INF Treaty (for example), will be reinstated.

11.1a9 We will establish a LAW REVIEW TEAM, who will analyze all decisions made by Trump while he was President, and those that were decided by Melania Trump must all be cancelled or reversed, unless for some strange reason, Melania was capable of making good policy. Vladimir Putin and Gail’s men and the LAW REVIEW TEAM will evaluate all decisions made by Trump and negate them if they deem them in violation of Conspiracy Law.

11.1a10 Mike Pompeo and John Bolton are FIRED. They are no longer allowed to make ANY POLICIES. If they attempt to do so willingly and knowingly, they will get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator. Tulsi Gabbard is free to change Trump’s entire cabinet if she wants to.

11.1a11 Gail’s men are free to create automatons, if they feel they must, to carry out Gail and Tulsi’s policies, while we play the game we must with Loree McBride’s mainstream press. It goes without saying that anyone who carries out policies willingly and knowingly in violation of Conspiracy Law with the intent to overthrow Empress Gail or to support Loree McBride Jesuits, gets the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator. As a reminder, Loree McBride Jesuits are anyone who has the heart and motivations of a Loree McBride, even if they do not follow Loree McBride. Loree McBride is motivated by rage, envy, greed and lust and will murder and rape to get her way.

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