Empress Gail: About U.S. Shadow Presidents Melania Trump/Loree McBride

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I am going to cut back on criticizing Trump, now that I know Melania has been the real President for most of his term. Melania is guilty of high treason, because we voted for Donald, not her. However, I still plan to vote for Tulsi Gabbard. I am beginning to think that perhaps it is better for Tulsi to be the real President only on Gabrielle Chana FOX News, because I have fired Trump and hired her in his place. If Tulsi was the real President in mainstream news, she would get the Trump treatment and that’s pretty horrific. If Trump is re-elected in mainstream news, I shall continue to consider Tulsi as the real President and Trump will still need to allow her to override all his decisions. I shall only change my mind if I see clear evidence that he makes good policy – something I have not seen yet. I actually think that Tulsi is more Presidential material than Trump. Though I respect Trump for trying to protect me from Melania. I don’t hate him, but I feel Tulsi is the better candidate, so she still has my vote. I may be wrong, but I think Tulsi is smarter than Trump.

I find it amazing that Melania was able to control Trump for so long and so thoroughly. I suspect that Melania must have been working with Loree McBride. Loree McBride MUST BE DESTROYED. I think Tulsi Gabbard, coming from a military background, is the President the U.S. needs now. We need a President who has military savvy. Trump has never served in the military. We are IN A WAR with Loree McBride. We need a leader who understands that and knows how to be a warrior. Ironically, that choice seems to be me and Tulsi. Though I’ve never been in the military, I have led many a battle. Tulsi, like me, knows what it takes to win a war, and knows when a war is justified. She also doesn’t waste time in stupid debates, but is more concerned with GETTING THINGS DONE.

All that energy Trump puts into defending himself could be used for action and policy. You might say, but Tulsi needs to defend herself more, or she won’t get elected. You know, I’m getting less and less concerned over whether she wins in the mainstream news. I have appointed her President and she’s President and that’s the fact, regardless of how mainstream news reports it. What you see in mainstream news is all smoke and mirrors. We’ve had an emergency in this country, cuz Jesuits have been running the West for a long time and I’ve been cleaning house. Trump tried, but had his hands and legs tied (literally and figuratively).

Tulsi seems to have my heart and will be my representative. I plan to vote for her just to show the world that I HAVE APPOINTED HER AS MY PRESIDENT to work with me in leading the nation. I have had to assert myself more to overcome Trump’s bad policy moves. I now realize, that it has been Melania running the country and Melania is a DISASTER as U.S. President. She is truly the bitch of the West Wing.

All this energy directed at Trump is wasted energy. When candidates run for President, they should be debating policy, not throwing useless adjectives at each other. Our concern should not be on who makes the prettiest speeches, but who has the BEST POLICY and has the most sincerity and genuineness and is most likely to carry out the policies they promote.

I have written a huge body of law to help this country and any country that wants a just, fair and effective government. Though I would rather work on my writing, I cannot sit back and let the country go to hell, just cuz the wicked bitch of the West Wing has taken over the U.S. I’ve had to kick her out and have ordered the death penalty on her for high treason. As long as I have the ability to influence this country in the right direction, I have the moral obligation to do so. I plan to save the world from the Antichrist and give this world a bit of a reprieve before the rapture. I shall meet Christ in peace at the judgment, knowing I did my duty to the best of my ability, even overriding the power structures under Satan that opposed me. I did what was best for the world, and Tulsi will probably share in my rewards at heaven’s throne.

Working from a shoestring budget, I have created a website, make regular YouTube videos, written a huge body of law and am leading the world in the right direction. I do this, not for glory, but to serve humanity and help lead it in the direction that leads to peace, prosperity and love for each other. I have had to weed out those who desire to rule over us with cruelty, tyranny, craft and deceit and it has not been easy. The war is not won, but I will not cave into tyranny and have chosen my men and Tulsi Gabbard to lead with me to free the world from tyranny. Check out my website for all about me. I have worked hard on it and have had a website since 2010.

And yes, it’s true, I am literally half King David and half Catherine the Great. Catherine the Great had a great team and did not lead alone, so did King David. Part of great leadership is knowing who to put on your team.

The reason the world is in such a mess is because our true leaders (Loree McBride and Melania Trump) are consumed with vanity and pride and care nothing about the welfare of those under their care. The two bitches NEED TO GO. They remind me of Queen Jezebel controlling Ahab. Though I would put Donald Trump in a higher category than King Ahab of Israel. Though Trump could have been wiser in his choice of a wife. He got into trouble, like Solomon did, by allowing a “hot” whore to get his heart.

I know Melania is all hyped up over the fact that her stupid mirror said I was sexier than her (something I could care less about). Such a shallow, evil woman is a disaster as a world leader and is guilty of high treason. Imagine her GALL to dare to usurp Trump as President and tell him HOW TO LEAD THE NATION. PRIDE GOETH BEFORE DESTRUCTION AND A HAUGHTY SPIRIT BEFORE A FALL.

Melania, if you want the secret to my eternal beauty, you don’t need to kill for it. It’s simple. A truly beautiful woman is one who values true love over everything. Jesus saw that in me and decided to honor me with beauty because He knew I would use it for good and not for evil. So the secret is to have a beautiful heart that makes Jesus want to bestow you with a beauty that never fades. Nobody can make you more beautiful than Jesus can. Just get Jesus to favor you and to trust you to use your beauty for Him and not for vanity, and He’ll give it to you! My beauty is a gift from God and by obeying Him and doing the Gail Commandments, Jesus has enhanced it. The secret to true beauty is to have the heart of Jesus in all you do. No one is more lovely than Jesus Christ. When your heart is truly beautiful and you serve love over all, that makes you the hottest woman on earth.

I also eat pretty healthy, exercise and stay at peace in my heart. But much of my beauty is a gift from God and I humbly use it for good. I am never in a contest with other beautiful woman, but merely see another beautiful woman as another jewel to shine with me in leading the world towards peace and love. No amount of make-up, exercise, plastic surgery, body toning, etc, can make up for a woman consumed with rage, envy and tyranny. You can have perfect body measurements, but when you have a heart like ice, you will be ugly, no matter how much you doll yourself up. Even an overweight woman with a heavenly glow to her face will make you look sick.

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