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This is the audio version of my vlog video for May 12, 2021 where I discuss what I think is really happening in Israel right now.

12.0 The nation of Israel, along with the United States and donations taken from the International Charity Bank must purchase all the land ten miles south of the U.S./Mexico border for the price of one billion dollars. Mexico can use this money any way they want, as long as how they use it honors Conspiracy Law. Mexico must allow this land purchase as their punishment for allowing Loree McBride’s bands of criminal migrants to the U.S. border (in violation of Conspiracy Law). The land purchased will be one, long, narrow strip of land that is ten miles south of the U.S./Mexico border and extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. This land will constitute the newly formed Mexican Palestinian State, and all Palestinians currently living in Israel will be moved to this land. It will be a Conspiracy Law honoring nation. All Mexican cities and towns and houses that exist in this band of land will be moved and transported south, in order to exist within the boundaries of the new Mexico, which will lose all its land ten miles south of its border with the U.S. from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. This newly formed Mexican Palestinian State should also solve the border crisis that Mexico has with the United States because it will be constructed like a fortress and access into it will be highly protected. Shields must be erected over it to protect it from Loree McBride’s bombs.

12.1 Before the Palestinians from Israel are moved to this land, we will construct homes for them and build a wall that extends on the southern border of this ten mile wide strip from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. All Palestinians from Israel, will be given FREE homes in the Palestinian state that must be inspected to pass U.S. construction laws with safe and healthy electricity, plumbing, etc. and be large enough for the needs of their families. If the Palestinian is not trained for any job, they will immediately be put into a free training program (see Sect. 14.3) and while in training will receive free housing, a free home computer and free Internet, electricity, food and utilities. Once the training is finished, the free utilities, Internet, and food will end and the Palestinian must go to work and earn his food, Internet, and utilities. Every home will have a free grocery cart that they can load onto the public transportation system and bring to the grocery store to buy groceries. The public transportation system will be built to accommodate the grocery carts, so that those who use the public transportation system are able to use it to easily buy groceries. To meet transportation needs, we will construct buses and railways and trains that will transport the citizens anywhere they need to go in the country (modeling the public transportation systems of Japan). With our modern technology, we can do this easily. Also, all grocery stores must be set up with home delivery options, where the citizen can go online and order their groceries and have them home delivered. Home delivery will NOT be free however. They must pay for this. If they don’t have a car, they can use public transportation to buy groceries. We will use our space technology to build the wall. It will be like Israel’s wall and we will borrow Israeli technology to build the wall. It will also have shield technology incorporated into it, so that if anybody tries to go through the shield, they will die. The only way people can gain entrance to the Mexican Palestinian State is through transporter technology and they must get permission following the guidelines of Sect. 11.1a3 (see

12.2 Because Loree McBride is flooding her illegal aliens to the borders, Empress Gail declares an emergency in the Mexican Palestinian State and ALL BORDERS in the Mexican Palestinian State, and most especially the southern border with Mexico, are CLOSED. We shall erect shields at all borders and all ports of entry into the Mexican Palestinian State (including airports) and anybody who tries to go through these shields will die. The shields will be programmed to take out anybody who enters the country illegally (as defined by Conspiracy Law and USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182). From now on, anyone who wants to come to any Conspiracy Law honoring country must be transported in, using transporter technology and must get approval from Church of Gail or the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits before they are transported into the country. It goes without saying that we will only allow those who meet the requirements of Title 8–USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182 AND Conspiracy Law. Those who desire admission to a Conspiracy Law honoring nation must present their case via Skype or its equivalent to an IMMIGRATION PANEL (who must obey any orders they get from Vladimir Putin or Gail’s men), who will vet each potential candidate for citizenship. Once they are given approval for admission to the country, they will be transported in.

12.3 Those Palestinians given permission to live in the Mexican Palestinian State because they honor Conspiracy Law and are not Loree McBride Jesuits, will be studied to determine how they should be trained for occupations. Using Myers-Briggs and compatibility studies, we shall determine where they fit in occupational categories and they will be given the option to train for various occupations (if they are healthy and are able to work) and are below retirement age. Schools and universities will be set up in the Mexican Palestinian State and depending on where the students are placed (based on Myers-Briggs and compatibility studies), they will receive FREE training for their jobs. We shall ensure that every job that is necessary for the economy of this newly formed state will have a free training program available in the Mexican Palestinian State. Arabic will be the national language of the Palestinian state and all training programs must be taught in Arabic, though they can be taught in other languages if so desired. So this means there will be programs that train physicians, lawyers, scientists, economists, teachers, nurses, health professionals, computer studies, systems analysts, marketing professionals, writers, artists, farmers, auto mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and every occupation that is needed for a well functioning state. Those who speak Arabic and are from countries outside of Israel are welcome to become citizens, in order to fill the needs of a newly formed state, as long as these citizens honor Conspiracy Law. Due to limited space, we can place quotas on immigration and are primarily interested in acquiring new citizens who will help this newly formed state to prosper and succeed.

12.4 A board of economists will determine how to handle imports/exports, as this will be especially important in the baby stages of this new nation. Until farmers are trained, food, medicine and supplies will need to be imported and sold in the stores inside of the new state. A large portion of the newly formed state must be trained to be border and customs agents, to manage the borders in accordance with Conspiracy Law. There must be several airports inside this state, one located near the Pacific Ocean, one near the Gulf of Mexico and several located in interior locations, allowing those who have legal access to the new state to easily go to their homes inside the state from outside the long, narrow country.

12.5 Because this will be a Conspiracy Law honoring nation, it will have a National Health Care plan set up according to Conspiracy Laws and Government, Sect. 55.

12.6 There will be a Social Security and Medicare system set up for the citizens and those who are homeless or in poverty will be taken care of according to U.S. Social Security and Medicare laws, as well as Empress Gail’s laws for the homeless – see Conspiracy Laws and Government, Part Two, Sect. 56 The money to fund the Social Security and Medicare programs for the new Palestinian State will be taken from the nation of Israel (as punishment for honoring Loree McBride as their leader from 2017 forward), and donations from the International Charity Bank. Those who would like to donate to this fund, contact Gail’s men at

12.7 Because Loree McBride is the shadow leader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu AND HIS ENTIRE CABINET may be impeached as the leader of Israel. We will scan the Israeli citizens and see who has King David genes and who honor Conspiracy Law among the Israeli population. Those that have King David genes and honor Conspiracy Law will be the candidates in the new elections and one of these must be the new Prime Minister of Israel. This new Prime Minister, once elected, must honor Conspiracy Law in all they do, and their first action must be to arrest all willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits in Israel and have them all executed. Israel must become a Conspiracy Law honoring nation or we will attack it militarily and take it over, forcing it to become a Conspiracy Law honoring nation with a King David ruler. The way Israel will pay for its many war crimes while under the leadership of Loree McBride, will be to help finance the creation of the newly formed Mexican Palestinian State in Northern Mexico along the U.S./Mexican border. All Palestinians inside of Israel are deported to this newly formed Mexican Palestinian State, unless they have medical or family reasons for wanting to stay in Israel, like if the Palestinian is married to a Jewish citizen of Israel. Exceptions to this deportation rule (for Palestinians to the Mexican Palestinian State) will be determined by an immigration panel, composed of Jews and Palestinians (who honor Conspiracy Law) who will decide on cases that are not covered in Conspiracy Law.

12.8 Vladimir Putin, and all world leaders from all Conspiracy Law honoring nations will gather to help make the policies for this newly formed Mexican Palestinian State in areas that have not already been covered in this Sect. 14. All policies adopted must honor Conspiracy Law and must not give support to Loree McBride Jesuits and must not oppress innocents. Conspiracy Law will be the law of the land in Israel and the newly formed Mexican Palestinian State. Any willing and knowing attempt or action to support the evil of Loree McBride Jesuits in the formation of the newly formed Mexican Palestinian State or the newly reorganized Israel (under its King David ruler) will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

12.9 Israel will not lose any of their land in this deal and any new land that Israel acquires must honor International and Conspiracy law and not be used to attack innocents. Israel can keep the Golan Heights as long as they never use it as an excuse for aggression against innocents or to start a war. Innocents are defined as those who support Conspiracy Law. Once Israel uses the Golan Heights for aggression against innocents, the Golan Heights return to Syria. However, Israel is allowed to defend themselves. But it must be clear that they can only use the Golan Heights for SELF-DEFENSE, not to conduct American-Israeli style imperialism in the Middle East.

Any Syrians who have been displaced as a result of Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights are eligible to live in and enjoy rights as citizens of the Mexican Palestinian State as long as they support Conspiracy Law and are not Loree McBride Jesuits.

Though I do not support Trump, who is a Melania Trump cuck, I will stand with him in giving Israel sovereignty over Jerusalem, as long as we safely establish a Mexican Palestinian State where the Palestinians can live safely.

Once we move all Palestinians in Israel to the Mexican Palestinian State, we will give the West Bank and Gaza to the Jews in Israel, so Empress Gail does not want to hear any complaints from anyone about how she is handling the land in Israel. The Jews don’t have much land and could use more. And Empress Gail has created a fully functioning Palestinian State for the Palestinians in the Mexican Palestinian State. However, any land given to Israel must be used for peace and not for war. Once the Jews use the West Bank, Gaza or the Golan Heights in an imperialistic manner against innocents, they lose that land and it will go back to its original owners.

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