90% of Mass Shooters (2017 to now) are Loree McBride's MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES

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Evil Jesuit leader Loree McBride is the true head of the Deep State from 2017 to now. She’s definitely behind all these shootings, probably using some form of sophisticated brain control (her specialty) on the shooters. All she tweets about is how white people are evil and goes in tirades about White Supremacists at her Twitter.

We weren’t bigots until Loree McBride insisted.
We weren’t racist until Loree McBride insisted.
We weren’t Nazis until Loree McBride insisted.
We weren’t White supremacists until Loree McBride insisted.
We’re not all mass shooters.
But Loree McBride keeps insisting.

Loree McBride’s crimes:

Satan worshipper

Current Antichrist powers

Murders those she knows won’t support her

Drops Candida Auris bombs on innocents worldwide

Orchestrates weather patterns to harm those who oppose Loree McBride (Hurricanes, tornadoes, many strange weather phenomena). Notice all the hurricanes headed toward Florida from 2016 to now. But my Gail Shield has successfully deflected them. But this doesn’t stop them from wreaking havoc.

Creates creatures to kill for her (like the Tweeter bird that murdered thousands of Gail’s Twitter followers worldwide)

Uses brain control on those she uses to further her agenda (her victims include all of Gail’s men and many of Gail’s supporters)

Murders anyone who gets in her way (death count is in the millions, possibly billions).

Controls mainstream media to ensure her lies prosper and that innocents who don’t support her are defamed and destroyed.

Is attempting to gain world control and is current shadow leader of Israel, using Jew clones (created in Jesuit laboratories) to orchestrate terrorist incidents with which to blame on Loree’s Manchurian Candidates.

She creates a climate of hysteria to foment strife, which she hopes will lead to a civil war inside countries she wants to control.

Loree McBride has an agenda. Loree, as powerful Jesuit leader (who meets with Satan regularly), controls the mainstream media and is trying to rule the earth. She strives to distract away from her war crimes and pin the blame for all the suffering she causes on those who she knows won’t be her cucks. I’m fairly certain that most mass shooters in the past two years are victims of Loree’s powerful brain control and brainwashing: Loree McBride’s MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES are about 90% of the mass shooters from 2017 to now.

Loree McBride LOVES TO KILL and HARM PEOPLE SHE CAN’T CONTROL. Loree McBride has murdered so many people, it would take an encyclopedia to describe it all. Instead, I’ll focus on what she has done, in the rare instances, where I have direct evidence to back up my allegations. I have to use circumstantial evidence for most of my allegations, because the Jesuits are masters at cover up, using clones, lies and propaganda.

Check out how she murdered over ten thousand of my Twitter followers once, so that I lost over ten thousand Twitter followers in ONE DAY. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/07/15/loree-mcbrides-tweeter-bird-murders-gails-twitter-followers/

So while Loree rants and raves at her Twitter about the actions of her Manchurian Candidates; she, herself, has murdered millions, and possibly BILLIONS. I’m sure Jesus has the hottest spot in hell waiting for her!

You can actually hear her voice in court (August 2011) here (below). Keep in mind that during this trial we were unaware of the existence of any Brent Spiner clones. We thought Brent’s weird sexual fetishes with Loree were the result of using him like a Manchurian Candidate. It appears Brent’s clone(s) have been in existence since the 1990s, but stayed hidden until after the Star Trek: The Next Generation series ended, because the clones can’t act or sing like the real Brent can. The Jesuits had to destroy Brent’s career first before fully impersonating him with the clones. This is because the clones may have taken some acting lessons recently, but their talents are very mediocre and they never perform like the real, authentic actors do.

I present evidence (video above) that Loree McBride is a murderer, brain control rapist and liar, and that she obtained and maintains her “relationship” with the REAL Brent Spiner, using the evil Brent Spiner CLONE, lies and treachery against the woman he truly loves, Gail Chord Schuler.

Check out this video, where Loree murdered some folks. That’s why there’s a brief section in the video where I’m totally nude. Loree doesn’t want people to see evidence of her murder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMLvDkUy9kw&t=28s OR https://www.gabriellechana.blog/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/part-3-Gabrielle-Chana-v.-Loree-McBride-and-Jesuits-Trial.mp4

At the beginning of this video, you can actually hear Brent’s voice, when I asked him who he was afraid of and he answered, “Loree McBride”, while Loree hit him over the head with a dildo, which is why he ran away while saying it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUMnqenN6dQ&t=20s OR https://www.gabriellechana.blog/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/part-4-Gabrielle-Chana-v.-Loree-McBride-and-Jesuits-Trial.mp4

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