Mister Metokur/Angelina Ballerina ONLINE are LYING JESUIT TROLLS

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A person who calls himself Mister Metokur, who has a video channel at YouTube & Bitchute is putting out very unreliable information about me, with his main source of information about me a person who calls themselves Angelina Ballerina at YouTube. I believe the two are working together for Loree McBride as disinformation agents. I make this video to inform the public that this Angelina Ballerina is NOT the audiobook narrator for The Forbidden Abyss Part One as she/he claims, and is not an authoritative source and the public should not trust what she/he says. The most authoritative source of information about me is this website. I’ve noticed his Twitter channel has been taken down. https://twitter.com/MisterMetokur & https://twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur. One good move by Twitter!


[GERMANY, ORDER HERE] [UNITED KINGDOM, ORDER HERE] [FRANCE, ORDER HERE] United States, click on image above to order the audio book. Gail Chord Schuler is the narrator.

The Forbidden Abyss: Part One, Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin sample:

Loree McBride has pretty much rigged the reviews for Gail’s books online. The audio book (above) leaves out the 2011 Quebec Trial, which Jesus Christ criticized as the weakness in the book, because of copy pasting transcripts rather than Gail using her writing skills. Here is a page that has more honest reviews of The Forbidden Abyss: Part One. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/25/the-forbidden-abyss-part-one-book-reviews/

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