Loree McBride's DESPERATE WISH FULFILLMENT with Brent Spiner

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Though Loree McBride describes me as suffering from a desperate wish fulfillment to have Brent Spiner love me, it’s actually Loree who suffers from desperate wish fulfillment. She knows deep down inside that the real Brent does not love her, but clings to her desperate wish fulfillment that he does. My only desperate wish fulfillment is to have a husband like Jesus, something that I used to see as a weakness and now view as my strength.

Once I find that the man I love is like Jesus, I would die for him. Loree desperately wishes that the real Brent Spiner would love someone as shallow and evil as herself. She thinks she can win a man’s love without overcoming her selfishness and pride, and this is a denial of reality about herself (seeing herself far better than she is) and about the real Brent Spiner.

Loree’s in denial about Brent’s vastness inside, and projects onto him her own vanity and pride, hoping he values what Loree values: physical attractiveness alone and wild sex, even at the expense of innocents. Though the past twenty years should have convinced Loree that Brent cannot love her as she is, she goes on with her desperate wish fulfillment that someday Brent Spiner will love her as he loves me.

The fact that she does not give up on this desperate wish fulfillment (1992 to now) and cannot see that she is utterly incompatible with the real Brent Spiner, indicates that Loree may be clinically insane. If she was sane, she’d realize that love only happens when the lover feels free and when the object of his love is worthy of love. The only exception to this rule, is Jesus Christ, who loves us even though we are not worthy of His love. For most humans, you must be worthy of love to be loved. Loree’s insanity causes her to feel she can extort a person into loving her, by using their Jesuit clone as a means to force them into loving her. The fact that many of my men defected to her only reinforces the lies she tells herself about Brent. If she was sane, she would work on making herself a person worthy of love, rather than trying to force a man into loving her. She’d realize the real reason these men defected is because I rejected their sexual advances, because they are so unlike my ideal husband, which is Jesus Christ.

Loree’s ideal husband is someone who will worship her as a sex goddess. So why can’t Loree be satisfied with the Brent Spiner clone alone? Well, she knows that no man truly loves her (not even the clone), that they only stay with her for the perks she gives them, like using stolen money to live a celebrity lifestyle.

My ideal husband is someone who has the heart and soul of Jesus Christ. Because some of my men wanted to make love to me like a savage, and not with depth and commitment like Jesus, I said “no” to their sexual advances. Basically I rejected their sexual advances, and they refuse to admit it and lie to Loree and say they rejected me rather than I rejected them. Loree eagerly believes these lies, but because the real Brent is still with me, Loree knows deep down inside that Brent loves me still and will always love me and will never love Loree. Loree needs to work on her character and be a better person, if she ever wants to have true love in her life.

In fact, it wasn’t until ex-Antichrist Zack Knight behaved in a Christlike manner, that I forgave Zack. When Zack was willing to risk his Antichrist stance with Satan, to save his true love Rule 13, I knew Zack was now ready to accept Jesus and I led him to Jesus and even allowed him onto my marriage list. Zack Knight loved Rule 13 enough to die for her (a Christlike trait). Loree should learn from Zack’s example. Zack has found love and prefers it now over wealth and fame. When Loree learns what Zack has learned, she, too, can find love. Her selfish ambition needs to die before a man will truly love her. A man without honor cannot love, and only dishonorable men support Loree McBride. This is why she’s not happy with these con men alone, because she knows they don’t truly love her. But her insanity causes her to feel that some day she can steal true love away from the men who love me, because they’ll just get tired of waiting to have actual sex with me, since Loree makes this impossible for them. What Loree doesn’t understand is that these men love me, like how Jesus loves me, which means the feelings go far past just the physical. So until Loree develops some Christlike qualities of truly loving a person (not for what they can do for her, but for WHO THEY ARE), no honorable man will ever love Loree. Loree tries to change all the men she aims for, to make them into a man who will love her. If there’s anything a sane man hates is a woman who tries to change him into her ideal man and can’t accept him as he is. So Loree’s caught in a vicious cycle. She kind of reminds me of Scarlett O’Hara of Gone With the Wind.  She thinks she wants Ashley and it’s really a Rhett Butler she could love. However, Scarlett is a better person than Loree, but Loree doesn’t know who she is and so she doesn’t know who is best suited for her as a husband. It’s possible there is a man in the Jesuit Order, who could love a Loree McBride, if she could learn to value what men value in themselves.  But because she has noticed that masculine men don’t love her, she thinks the answer is to take away their masculinity. She’s behind the recent trend to go after masculine men and degrade them. But only honorable men are capable of true love and honor is a masculine trait. Until she learns to value and adore the masculinity in men (like I do), they will never desire her. Most men feel that if they are not manly, they can’t respect themselves. This is so important to men, they would die over this. Because a man’s honor means nothing to Loree, she can’t win an honorable man’s heart.

Because Loree is so opposite Jesus, she thinks everyone is like her. It’s a form of projection. She has to lie to herself and tell herself that the reason they reject her is because they are mentally ill and live in some desperate wish fantasy, a dream of a perfect world that can ever exist. This is because Loree does not believe the Bible. What she fails to understand is when you lose hope that the world will someday be perfect, you then become a cynic and start believing that those who DO believe that someday the world will be perfect, are mentally ill.

The problem is, when you lose hope that there is a good God running the universe, who will someday correct the problems caused by sin, you then believe Satan’s lie that it matters not to be good, because “what’s the use?” since evil reigns everywhere. Might as well join the crowd and be evil, since being good does not work in this world.

BUT, what Loree fails to realize is when you no longer care about being good, you are then incapable of love or of having love. So until she starts believing that a good God is running things and that one day He will make the universe perfect, she can NEVER HAVE LOVE. Love is built on the belief that goodness wins in the end. Once you lose that belief, you lose your ability to love and be loved. You see, those who are evil, are that way, because they don’t believe that God is good. They are evil because they hate God, because they’re mad at God over something. They see God as an unfair brute. While they can attract those who share their bitterness, they cannot attract true love, which must always believe that the God or force who runs the universe is good or else love cannot exist.

So basically all Loree is capable of, in terms of a relationship, is a purely sexual relationship (like animals making love to each other), or a mutual pity party where the two are both angry at God and have found a fellow God-hating sympathizer. However, since God is the source of all love, those who reject God, also reject love. You cannot have love, if you don’t have faith that goodness runs the universe. You gotta believe in that goodness to have true love. Bitter people, who feel that evil reigns and will always reign, will never find love!

But what about atheists? Can they love? Yes, they can, if they believe in a good force over all the universe. They may not see that force as God though, but if they believe in it, they can find love. However, it’s harder for atheists to find love as opposed to those who believe in a good God running things. Also, just because you believe in a God who runs the universe, does not mean you can find love. A lot of religious people believe in God, but deep down inside they don’t think He’s very fair. Those people, too, cannot find love.

We all get angry at God at times. Just think of this, every time you are angry at something that’s happened to you and especially if you fume and fret over it, isn’t that really anger at God for allowing it to happen? Until we believe, deep down, that everything has happens will someday be corrected by a loving God, we are angry at God. If we don’t get over this anger, we have lost our belief that God (or the force that runs the universe) is good. When you lose that belief, you cannot love. Faith in goodness is essential to having a loving and forgiving heart. You cannot love, if you cannot forgive. Loree’s faith in goodness is shattered to the point that she is incapable of forgiveness, her main emotions are rage and pride in herself. She’s full of rage, because she sees herself as perfect in beauty and can’t understand why the men she thinks she wants can’t see it.

To find love, you have to believe in a good force or deity who runs the universe and that in the end justice will be done and evil will be punished and that those who love deeply and truly will be rewarded. It’s impossible to love if you don’t believe this! If you don’t believe that goodness will eventually win, you will either become bitter (i.e., Loree McBride) or insane or both. People consumed with bitterness are incapable of love. To love you must have faith that goodness reigns and will win in the end. And those who believe that goodness will win in the end, are those who can more easily forgive wrongs done against them, because they see the big picture and know that forgiving others will help a loving God to bring in that goodness sooner to all parts of the universe.

God is love. But if you don’t believe this, you cannot love. You might say, but He died on the cross for our sins. How can people not believe that God is love? Well, they might see Him as a God who wasted his death, and that he only died on the cross to make people feel guilty about their sin and that He has no plans to be fair with them actually, that God only wants to put a guilt trip on them and justify his unfairness with them, and that’s why He died. I think people get this way after they have rejected God for so long, that they no longer are sane. They project their own evil onto God and they figure since they’re evil and think they can’t help who they are, it must be God’s fault and that He won’t own up to his mistake. The mind gets really convoluted after awhile when we keep excusing our sins instead of trying to overcome them. The deeper one goes into sin, the less sane he/she becomes. Eventually, it can get to the point where you believe that Jesus is not God, or that evolution must be true (I personally think only an insane person could believe in evolution). Living too deeply in sin will make you insane. That’s why during the future tribulation period when God unleashes hell on earth, with the ocean turning to blood, and the greatest earthquakes in all of human history and hail and fire reigning down from the skies, that mankind will continue to make fists at God and reject Him and serve the Antichrist. They will have become so hateful and bitter, they are beyond all love.

This, unfortunately, appears to be the case with Loree McBride and many of her followers, including the men who used to be on my marriage list and who have defected to Loree. While they claim to be over me and to be moving on, they spend all their time obsessed with taking out revenge on me and my supporters. If they were truly Gail’s Men Going Their Own Way, why are they so obsessed with me and the men who have remained loyal to me, and why have they joined up with Loree McBride? I think they joined up with Loree, because they share her sins of rage and pride. Rage means you hate God, that you are super pissed with him. They can’t move on, because they can’t overcome their rage, which means they are incapable of forgiveness and incapable of love.

The most unhappy people on earth are those incapable of love. They blame me for their unhappiness, but it’s their sin of pride and anger at God, which is the problem.  The biggest sin of Loree and her followers is that they are fuming mad at God and think he’s a douche-bag, and they are taking it out on me and my men, because I am Jesus Christ’s favorite and they will hate anyone who truly honors Jesus. Because to put it simply, they hate me, because they HATE JESUS.

Why else does Loree McBride meet with Satan at least once a week? Those men who defected to Loree know this and they defected to her any ways, even after they’ve been with Jesus.

It’s as I say, THEY ARE PISSED AT JESUS, so pissed that they can’t get over it.

Basically, since Jesus is love, it means they are pissed at love. You might say, that doesn’t make sense. Yes, it does. It means they are so proud and think so highly of themselves, that they think they have the right to have a major temper tantrum against Jesus.  The problem is PRIDE, which is the root sin that leads to all sins. They meet with Satan, because like Satan, they’re on a big ego trip.

How DARE Gail reject their sexual overtures! How DARE Gail think that they don’t know how to make love to her! How DARE Gail expect them to love her like Jesus loves her and like how Brent loves her! They’re so hot, Gail should be salivating after them – is what they REALLY FEEL. After all, aren’t all women swooning over them? What’s wrong with Gail?! That’s why they’re mad, because I don’t worship them, like they worship themselves. They think I care about their money and fame. No, I only want a husband who’s like Jesus, who has his vastness and his heart. The fact that I attract a lot of celebrities is beyond my control. Personally, it’s something I really could care less about. What I want in my husband is a man with a great and vast heart. I see this in all the top men on my marriage list. I can forgive great sins in a man, once I sense he has greatness in him.

Even though they’ve gone to Loree McBride, they’re still not happy, because they know deep down that Loree is only using them that she could easily discard them if they ever crossed her. The problem is they have sinned against God and are mad at me and God because we won’t allow them to keep on sinning. Every time they think of me, who is clearly Jesus Christ’s favorite, it’s a reminder that they’re a dirty, rotten sinner and that is just too much for their ego to take!

That’s why they can’t get over me.

They know they’re probably headed for hell over how they responded to me, and they are fuming mad at God over this, so pissed they’d destroy the entire planet to show God how pissed they are. How dare I reject their offer to have sex with them! How dare I save myself mainly for my husband Brent Spiner. That’s why they’re trying to take down Brent, too. They want to take down anyone who reminds them that they’re a filthy, dirty, rotten sinner who deserves hell fire. THEY’RE FUMING MAD AT GOD AND CAN’T GET OVER IT. Kind of reminds me how the Jewish nation felt when Jesus called out their leaders as vipers. They tried to throw Jesus off a cliff. Same thing.

All their pious talk about me being a hussy and only caring about money and fame, is a projection of their own evil heart onto others. They just don’t get how such a sinful woman as myself could be Jesus’ favorite. Oh, are they pissed at God! So unthankful. So full of sin.

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