Democrats Committing Political Suicide: Only Tulsi Gabbard Can Beat Trump

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Watching a Trump rally in New Hampshire (August 15, 2019). He’s going to get re-elected, because the Dems are too insane to nominate Tulsi Gabbard (the ONLY one who can beat Trump). He’s slaughtering them right now with everything he’s saying, with few exceptions. I will vote for Tulsi in the Dem primaries, even if she doesn’t make the debates. But I make a prediction, Trump’s going to be re-elected. I don’t think Tulsi’s even going to make the September debates. BIG MISTAKE ON THE PART OF THE DEMS, FOR RIGGING THE POLLS AGAINST TULSI. Tulsi is the only SANE Democrat. She’s the ONLY ONE WHO CAN BEAT TRUMP. But the Dems are too insane to let Tulsi get the Dem nomination. I don’t think Tulsi will run as an Independent. She’s worried about losing her Dem House seat. If she ran as an Independent, Trump might get a run for his money. But I think Tulsi’s too worried about losing her Dem House seat, if she does that. TRUMP WILL GET RE-ELECTED. I won’t be voting for him, but I predict it now. However, it would be a big mistake for her to endorse whoever is the Dem nominee. I hope she doesn’t do that, cuz that will crucify her political career FOREVER, unless the nominee is Bernie Sanders and he decides to make Tulsi his VP. HOWEVER, I do NOT think Bernie can beat Trump. Only Tulsi Gabbard can. Trump’s already throwing out the socialist label to raving crowds. I will just pray for our country and pray for Trump or whoever wins. I’m not going to get all riled up about this. But those Dems are stupid in the way they’re rigging the polls. Everyone can tell they’re blocking Tulsi and it may cause some Dems to defect to Trump when push comes to shove. In fact, I make a prediction. Because Tulsi won’t be the debates, lots of people will tune them out and not watch them, myself, being one of them. What a bore watching a bunch of establishment candidates all playing word games with each other, covering up their true intentions with sophistry and camouflage.

Right now, my preference for President is 1) Tulsi Gabbard, 2) Donald Trump, 3) Bernie Sanders. I am hoping Donald can get rid of Melania, then he’ll be the best. Bernie seems to have his heart in the right place, though he has a tendency to cave into the establishment sometimes in a cowardly way. Tulsi, thus far, is the most consistent and genuine and also seems intelligent and balanced. I plan to vote for Tulsi regardless UNLESS a miracle happens and Trump gets control over Melania. But Melania seems pretty formidable. Like if Trump reinstates a nuclear arms deal with Russia and fires Bolton and Pompeo (which doesn’t seem likely), I’d reinstate Trump. I think it was Melania’s idea to use Bolton and Pompeo (who serve the military-industrial complex).

If you listen to the video below, you can see why I feel if Tulsi endorses Bernie, that her political career will be okay. That’s because Bernie and Tulsi seem to have the same agenda. But none of the other Dem candidates seem to share Tulsi’s stands, so if she endorses any of the others, she will be labelled rightly as a hypocrite. What I don’t like about Bernie is how he caved into Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and endorsed her. Hillary is a sociopath. Tulsi refused to endorse Hillary in 2016. I respect Tulsi for this. Now if Tulsi ends up endorsing the Dem nominee (and the nominee is not Bernie) then she will appear hypocritical and it will affect her future in politics. That’s because all the Dems, with the exception of Bernie and Tulsi, are establishment patsies and are caving into the Deep State on a lot of issues, and I’m certain that once they get into office, they will serve the military-industrial complex (like Trump’s doing now) and will serve big money and big corporations and will kiss Loree McBride’s butt.

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