Loree McBride/Melania Trump's Handiwork (Florida Skies)

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I show video footage I took of Central Florida skies, showing Loree McBride Jesuit bombs and chemtrails. This evil Jesuit leader is relentless. It’s possible Melania Trump may be working with her.

“Oh shit gail, you might be wacky with the laurie McBride shit and the Jesuit clone thing but really good video of the sky. That’s a military plane, and yes that’s incredibly low. Expect hurricane season to be hell, here in South West Florida we haven’t seen a clear sun or moon in over a week. Btw it’s not “dropping bombs” the rays are likely caused by a few things, either spraying up high that we can’t see that is blocking the sun’s rays that are casting upwards relative to where you are. Also, I’m further into your video now. These rays are more than likely from NEXRADS and radars. If you go to https://weather.cod.edu go to the drop down tabs at the top and find satellite/radar. Go to dual pol nexrads and then you can play with that and look all over the US. We have a nexrad station in Tampa and daily it pulses rays in all directions and you can see it on the radar, just as you see it on the ground where you’re at. You’re so close to the truth but for some reason you attribute it to individual people when it’s truly a large group doing this, it’s the military industrial complex of the us and of the world. Watch Mike Morales on YouTube he’s really good at explaining this he shows true forecasting and is accurate most the time he’s on dlive as well.” –National Dossier at YouTube

MY ANSWER: Loree McBride supports the military/industrial complex. She’s the head of the Deep State and the leader of the evil part of the Jesuit Order. If you go to my site, you’ll see that she is the head of an army/space fleet. This is obviously not the work of a LONE INDIVIDUAL and that is not what I intended to say. I refer to Loree McBride as the leader of an EVIL GROUP OF PEOPLE who comprise the Deep State. Not sure what’s causing the rays, but it’s suspicious whatever it is. https://gabriellechana.blog Also, she seems to have made inroads into the alt-right and is using some of them to try and discredit me. It’s possible that they may be helping her out as an unwilling agent. She has powerful brain control. She already runs the Democratic Party in the U.S. and has control over the mainstream Republican Party. I’m totally NOT WACKY about Loree McBride. I’ve been dealing with the bitch for years. I’m actually lucky to be alive. She wants me dead cuz I expose her and she meets with Satan at least once a week. She relies on ignorance to promote her propaganda. You came to some quick conclusions about me, without examining the evidence, or even listening to my videos or going to my website. I have overwhelming circumstantial evidence against the bitch Loree McBride. She’s been onto me since 1992. She’s a lot more than just a Hollywood wife. She is a Vatican agent and a top Jesuit. It’s also possible that this may be the work of Melania Trump, who’s insanely jealous of me. In fact, I think Melania and Loree may be working together.

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