A Retard, DeadwingDork, Fully Critiques Gail Chord Schuler's Book BOASTING HE'S NOT READ IT

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If Google search wasn’t putting this guy’s video high in the search engine under my name, I’d just ignore this idiot. If the Google search engine accurately indicates what people are interested in, then it indicates planet earth is infested with retards. However, judging by how Google search treats Tulsi Gabbard, I suspect Loree McBride and her retard and vile Jesuits are running Google. With a sociopath narcissist running Google (i.e. Loree McBride and possibly Melania Trump), you can’t expect Google to treat anything truly intelligent and sane with respect.

But I listened to his boring rants about my novel Silver Skies (which is a book that I am currently rewriting to be more true to its original 1990s version). First off, I’d like to state that he admits arrogantly that he has never read the book. I suspect he’s getting secret money under the table to help out Loree McBride’s propaganda campaign against me. He is obviously not a writer and seems to be proud of his literary ignorance. He doesn’t attract an intelligent audience, so those who listen to him with interest share his shallowness and stupidity.

I wrote the book from 1993 to 1996 and it is a Christian fantasy novel, where I create a pre-tribulation earth as the story world. I still need to write the ending, which will be set in the tribulation. Actually, Steven Spielberg has made a movie based on my Silver Skies, even though I personally feel the book can be better, but not in how this idiot suggests. I am certain when I finish this book, it will be a book that I can be proud of. Actually, I write what I like to read, and my attitude is if no one else likes the book, I don’t care. I don’t write for money. If I read it, and I like it, I’m happy. But, as I’ve said, Spielberg has made a movie about this.

Just ignore this idiot and remember that’s what he is, an idiot. I find his review incredibly BORING. It’s obvious he doesn’t put much thought into his reviews and says outlandish stuff to appeal to a dumbed down audience that need him to do all their thinking for them. But I need to expose him, as he does appear to be a Loree McBride Jesuit. Take his review about as seriously as you would a retard’s review. In fact, his review is so idiotic, that about half of what he says is an opinion he forms “out of the blue” based on sentences he reads out of context. You can tell he reads the sentence and tries to say something outlandish about it, not understanding or caring about its context in the work as a whole. His audience is probably all paid to listen to him, that’s how boring and dumb he is. In fact, if he was tested on the contents of this book, he’d flunk. He seems proud of his vulgarity, which is so common nowadays, especially among the younger generation, that’s it’s as boring as hell.

A lot of young people need to learn that it’s not cool to promote group-think. Reminds me of a group of elephants heading off a cliff, just cuz their leader thinks it’s cool. Cool does not mean intelligent, sane or wise. To me, it’s boring, when someone says what he thinks will make him popular or cool with the majority, and who does not seem to have deeply thought out convictions or beliefs of his own. Independent thought seems to be a rare trait nowadays. Everybody’s so worried about rejection, they wouldn’t dare say anything that might make them appear crazy, even if it’s true. And those who try to discourage independent thought (i.e., DeadwingDork) are very common nowadays. It’s both tragic and funny, in a way.

I’m not surprised to hear that high school students nowadays score way lower on the SAT than they did in the 1960s. So, instead of solving the problem, by better education for our youth, they just dumb down the requirements for the SAT. DeadwingDork seems to me a symbol of the problem we have with declining intelligence in the world. What’s ironic is that those who may possess genius I.Q. are totally not understood by the idiots. So like most low I.Q. people, they make fun of what they don’t understand and do it in a way that clearly shows they have a bias against truth and thoughtfulness. This is reflected in modern literature. I don’t find most twenty-first century writing interesting, because most of what’s out there is a clone of something that’s already been done. It’s like everybody’s scared to death to get out of the pack and have an original thought.

People, like DeadwingDork promote a climate of intolerance against individuality and autonomy in how we approach life and its problems. It promotes a dangerous group-think mentality, which could lead to blindly accepting what’s popular without thinking through the ramifications of condoning popularity at the expense of truth and love. It could lead to the inferior ones suppressing true superiority simply because they don’t understand it, and conformity to the group becomes more important than promoting love and truth. At its extreme, group-think leads to intolerance like that of Adolph Hitler. Adolph Hitler created an in-group mentality that condemned gays and Jews; and people were scared to buck the group Hitler created because “might makes right” with those who believe in group-think.

When Jesus Christ came to earth the first time, he was not popular among his own people, because the Jewish leaders trained the Jewish nation to be addicted to group-think at that time. My novel Silver Skies condemns group-think. I will be bringing this out more in my next edition. I am not finished with Silver Skies. In fact, the theme of the book is how groups have problems and it deals with what happens when society as a whole does not deal with its problems honestly – individual freedom is eroded, and true love is destroyed. True love cannot flourish in a climate of intolerance. Silver Skies condemns intolerance in society that crushes individual freedoms. I will fine tune this theme when I finish the book and write its ending.

When groups feel threatened—either physically or through threats to their identity—they may foster a strong “us versus them” mentality. This can prompt members to accept group perspectives, even when these perspectives don’t necessarily align with their personal views. Group-think may also occur in situations in which decision-making is rushed—in some cases, with destructive outcomes.

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To minimize the risk, it’s critical to allow enough time for issues to be fully discussed, and for as many group members as possible to share their ideas. When dissent is encouraged, group-think is less likely to occur. Learning about common cognitive biases, as well as how to identify them, may also reduce the chance of group-think.

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