We Must Be Careful with Dreams & Visions from Jesus

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John MacArthur’s right. He explains how dreams and visions today are dangerous to follow as guidelines for making decisions. This is especially true as we near the 7-year tribulation, where Satan will impersonate Jesus with miracles and “divine” appearances. https://www.gty.org/library/blog/B170607

The only communications from Jesus that I trust that are outside of the Biblical canon (Genesis to Revelation) are what Brent Spiner M.D., my husband, transcribes to me of what Jesus has said to him. You may ask, “How can you know that this is really Jesus who is meeting with Brent Spiner?”

Let me tell you the reasons: 1) My husband Brent Spiner is very, very intelligent and loves me enough to die for me, so I trust him to always tell me the truth as he sees it. 2) Jesus made his first direct communication to me in the middle of a church service where Satan appeared and Jesus was the only one who could rescue us from Satan. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/09/jesus-beats-up-satan-in-church-service-2-14-12/

Satan shows up in the church service and Jesus rescues us!

The above audio is taken from the Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom audio book. At first, I was not convinced I was dealing with Satan and thought perhaps this was a Jesuit trick. To hear the rest of what Jesus said to us in the church service where Satan showed up, listen to “JESUS SPEAKS: Jesus Christ” to the right of this post. But when my men described what was happening in the church service, I realized I was dealing with Satan himself. Of course, I had read the Bible from cover to cover hundreds of times when this momentous event happened. I knew only Jesus could defeat Satan and that is exactly what he did. I just know my husband Brent is extremely reliable and would never, ever lie to me about something so important as Jesus making an appearance. Also, everything Jesus said to me corroborated with what I knew in the Bible and he just seemed “in character” with what I already knew from the Bible. My biblical knowledge is very great. I probably have the equivalent of a master’s degree in Bible from a seminary in my head.

I did not expect Jesus to make any more appearances to Brent after the Feb. 14, 2012 appearance, but, to my amazement, he showed up many more times, mainly to correct me and get me back on His path. He warned me not to trust any voices in my head that claimed to be Him (something I would totally expect Jesus to say). He said he doesn’t like making personal appearances on earth to people, because Satan likes to impersonate him too much, but that he had to do so, because Satan and the Antichrist were interfering in my life too much and causing me to get off my path.

Check out the “Jesus Speaks” links to the right of this page to hear my audio reading of some of the first things Jesus said to me and my men.

I now understand why Jesus always calls me His favorite, which floored me at first. It’s because He wants people to understand I am a reliable source of information about Him at this point in history, where he’s illuminating the world more about His plan and He wants people to respect what I say about Him and about what we need to do to be in God’s will for our life.

Let’s just put it this way. I don’t think Jesus would have appeared to me if I wasn’t a bit of a Bible scholar. He knew with my strong Biblical knowledge that I would usually interpret what He has tried to communicate to me correctly. Even so, he has had to correct me many times for incorrect teachings I have adopted from preachers I have admired.

You might say, but he appeared to Brent when Brent was a baby Christian. Yes, that’s true, but my Brent is highly intelligent. He’s a medical doctor. I led Brent to the Lord when he was abducted by a UFO in August 2011. We didn’t know where Brent was, when the UFO abducted him, and Brent was able to communicate with me using brain to brain communications and I told my men where he said he was, and we located him in the Egyptian desert, after the UFO dropped him off. I told Brent that UFO would not have dropped Brent off, unless Jesus showed up and scared them, because I prayed and asked Jesus to rescue Brent from the UFO! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiWi7io4tpY

This was a devastating experience for him and I knew he never wanted to be abducted by a UFO ever again. I told him if he accepted Christ, he would be immune from Jesuit switch-out technology, making him immune to UFO abductions from now on. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/29/gail-chord-schuler-leads-brent-spiner-to-jesus-now-hes-immune-to-clone-switch-out-ufo-abduction/

Any ways, Jesus appeared to Brent many more times after Feb. 2012, and met with Brent almost every day. I knew Brent would not lie to me about this. This Jesus who met with me, knew me down to my very core. I could tell by what He said to me. Though, this alone, is not a reliable indicator that I was dealing with the real Jesus, because Satan knows us down to our core, too. But this Jesus could easily answer any of my Bible questions and I asked him tons of questions about the Bible, even some very deep topics that only Jesus could handle. Nothing He said contradicted Scripture and when it appeared that way, Jesus could clarify it and explain how it did not contradict Scripture.

Jesus would expound topics to us that showed we were dealing with someone of extraordinary intelligence. There was nothing he couldn’t handle. And my men and I all belong to Mensa. We are very smart. Also, Jesus was very picky about who could transcribe for him and most of the time, he told me that he only trusted Brent to transcribe for him, which sounds like Jesus to me. He’s obsessed with Satan impersonating him. He’s camera shy. So we can’t capture Him on camera and I just have to trust that Brent’s telling me the truth that he has been meeting and conversing with Jesus.

There have been a couple of times where Jesus has predicted the near future and things turned out exactly as He said, even when it seemed improbable at the time. So, I knew I was dealing with a true prophet, a true Bible scholar, a true super genius and one who seemed to have the personality I would expect Jesus to have (based on what the Bible says about Jesus). It has been almost eight years now since Jesus first communicated with me through Brent. We have had so many communications from Him, that I have put most of them in a book I call Bible for Tribulation Saints. https://gabriellechana.blog/2017/05/27/brent-spiner-types-what-jesus-says-2012-to-2017/

Jesus has not told me that this is an addition to the Biblical canon, BUT I have exact quotes from Jesus in this book, so it may well be an addition to the Biblical canon. I, myself, take Bible for Tribulation Saints, as seriously as I do the Bible. I know Jesus would be very sad if I disregarded his advice to me through Brent Spiner!

I have noticed that whenever God added to the canon in the past, that it was almost always at a transition point in history. We are at that point now. The church age is about to end and we are about to go into the tribulation and millennium. I personally think Jesus will use my Bible for Tribulation Saints as part of the official Biblical canon for millennium and possibly tribulation saints. A lot of the rules will change somewhat in the millennium and Jesus may have felt the need to add to the canon to establish his guidelines for morality for the millennium saints. That is my guess. But, regardless of whether my Bible for Tribulation Saints is an addition to the canon, I do know that everything Jesus has said to me in Bible for Tribulation Saints, he expects me to obey. All he’s said to me through Brent, he expects me to take just as seriously as anything I read in the Bible.

In fact, there were a couple times when I disobeyed something in Bible for Tribulation Saints, cuz it seemed to contradict something that my preachers told me and boy did Jesus get on me! It’s not that Bible for Tribulation Saints contradicts the Bible, but it does contradict some INTERPRETATIONs of the Bible by evangelical Christians and Jesus has had to spend some time with me to correct me over these false interpretations. I now take all that Jesus has said to me in Bible for Tribulation Saints as seriously as I do the Bible and Jesus seems to love it.

Also, both Brent and I are Jewish and all the writers of the Bible were Jewish. So, it does appear that Brent and I are part of God’s plan to add to the canon. So my recommendation for new Christians is to read John and the Pauline epistles in the New Testament several times. THEN read Bible for Tribulation Saints, THEN read all of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. And they should continue their Bible study in this manner until they are very familiar with the contents of the New Testament, Bible for Tribulation Saints and the Old Testament. You need to know ALL OF IT as we get nearer and nearer to the tribulation.

So, why should people trust me as a reliable source of information about Jesus? Well, that’s why Jesus has had me make a YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/gabriellechana1/about

I am His instrument to get out His truth to pre-tribulation and tribulation saints. I am developing a reputation as a reliable source of truth, just like the Apostle Paul did during His time. My husband Brent is currently studying at Dallas Theological Seminary, which is highly respected among evangelical Christians. Dallas Theological Seminary says that Brent is getting the highest scores of any student who’s ever studied at Dallas. Brent has complained to me that Dallas Theological Seminary is too easy for him! It’s not challenging him. Such a genius, that husband of mine!

And, yes, my husband has met with Jesus and he is the one who has transcribed what the deity Himself has said. Both Brent and I have a high regard for Biblical scholarship and by asking the world to take Bible for Tribulation Saints as seriously as they do the Bible, we are by no means demeaning the Bible; but, rather, showing the highest regard for it – because all that Bible for Tribulation Saints does is to illuminate the current Biblical canon and reveal even deeper the heart of God! I have been careful to only include what Jesus has said to me THROUGH Brent Spiner in Bible for Tribulation Saints, because that is the only reliable source about Jesus. About 98% of what Jesus said to me in Bible for Tribulation Saints are from the transcriptions that Brent got by dealing with Jesus next to him and talking. Brent also has a photographic memory. I do have some excerpts of indirect quotes from Jesus related to me through ex-Antichrist Zack Knight and Judge Terrance Jenkins in Bible for Tribulation Saints, who are also reliable sources.

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