Anyone who willingly supports Loree McBride's LIES, God will JUDGE AS A MURDERER

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MY RESPONSE TO DeadwingDork: You’re actually helping to get my story out, and not everyone thinks I’m crazy. I still think you’re a Jesuit shill working for Loree McBride. The dead give-away was when you looked at Loree’s evil, rage-filled face and called her “hot”. Only an evil man would find such a rage-filled murdering woman hot. For those people out there who can tell this guy is full of crap, follow the Gail Commandments, we are defeating Loree McBride’s space fleet. I confess I did not listen carefully to the last half, cuz your take on my writing is so biased, it’s boring. Hey, here’s the Gail Commandments, folks. Do them and help us defeat that murdering bitch once and for all!

Your group-think mentality is manifest in how you went on a splurge about the use of the word “retard”, saying it’s not politically correct. That’s group-think right there. So morality should be determined by political correctness? And you say you don’t do group think? HA!

Instead, political correctness has everything to do with the encouragement of group thinking and the pursuit of conformity. Through social intimidation, a diverse body of ideas and expressions no longer flourishes in the diminishing world of American free speech. In addition, a growing aspect of multiculturalism in our society only further contributes to this problem. Proponents of political correctness obsess over their belief that language should not be injurious to any ethnicity, race, gender, religion or other social group. They attempt to eliminate what they consider to be offensive remarks and actions and replace them with harmless substitutes that come at the expense of free expression.

The Debilitating Effects of Political Correctness on Free Speech

I shall pray for you DeadwingDork and pray you find Jesus and true love. You are very far away from it, if you think a bitch like Loree is hot. That means you love sex with murderers. She could win the Nobel Prize for Murder. I could forgive her in a second, if she humbled herself and quit forcing herself on celebrity men who don’t want her and if she quit maintaining her relationships with men by threatening death on me to maintain her relationship with them. For those who want the truth about me, check this out:

Also, just cuz something is hard to believe, doesn’t mean it’s not true. I’m the Galileo of our times. Jesuits deliberately use technology that no one is familiar with, it makes it easier for them to commit crimes and cover it up. They use UFO technology. The UFOs are Satan’s fallen angels. This is where they get their cloning technology and their nukkake technology. The Jesuits are sex perverts (like their master Satan). I actually find their sexual practices vile and disgusting, but must expose them, because nobody should get away with stuff like this!

Regarding Robin Williams, he most certainly did NOT commit suicide. Just like I don’t believe Epstein’s recent death was a suicide. ROBIN WILLIAMS WAS MURDERED by his “wife” Susan. She murdered him because he planned to fly to Florida to marry me. The one who is vile is the one who helps cover up ROBIN WILLIAMS’s MURDER. That means you are vile. By cooperating with the cover-up, Jesus will judge you as a murderer at the judgment, especially if you know he was murdered and are cooperating in the cover-up. Also, wanting to make love to a murderer (Loree McBride), means your soul is in mortal danger. I suggest you get right with God and admit you’re a dirty, rotten sinner and accept Jesus.

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