UPDATED Bible for Tribulation Saints (2012 – 2018) Available as Kindle Book

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I have decided to update Bible for Tribulation Saints in its Kindle version for (2012 – 2017 former version). If you have already purchased the Kindle version (2012 – 2017) that is now updated to (2012 – 2018), I believe you can update your current version to the 2012 – 2018 version for free: https://www.ereader-palace.com/update-kindle-book-latest-version/

YOU CAN ORDER THE UPDATED VERSION BY CLICKING ON THE BOOK’S PICTURE ABOVE OR HERE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077P61MDL/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1511384270&sr=1-1

If you have not purchased Bible for Tribulation Saints (available as paperback and Kindle), the Kindle version is the ONLY version I have updated to its 2012 to 2018 version. Because the book is so big, to add more pages to the paperback version would make the book exceedingly bulky.

I decided to add in our very recent conversations with Jesus, because I had forgotten some of this recent advice from Jesus and decided it was important to know. I have added in the Christmas 2017 conversation we had with Jesus where he talked about letters Jesus got from Bubba, the black Jesuit and my son and TJ, the Amazing Atheist (and his parents) and a cat named Borgo, among others. Then in 2018 Jesus advised me to avoid political topics, saying what is happening now is not important for tribulation and millennium saints. I include this transcript as well. I suspect that Jesus will add Bible for Tribulation Saints as part of the Biblical canon for tribulation and millennium saints. We are currently in the church age, next up is the 7-year tribulation, then next after that, Christ’s 1000 year reign.

I view Bible for Tribulation Saints as an addition to, but not a replacement of, what is considered the Biblical canon. Nothing in Bible for Tribulation Saints contradicts the current Biblical canon, rather it enriches it and helps to clarify some portions of the Bible that may be confusing to some people, especially in regard to Jesus’ approach to love, sex and marriage. Jesus seems particularly concerned about love, sex and marriage right now. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that in His future 1,000 year reign, he is married to the church!

I experienced no visions, but just transcribed what Brent Spiner, Terrance Jenkins and Zack Knight reported to me about what Jesus said. Jesus is very leery about visions and miracles and messages to our brains as a means to get messages from Him today, because Satan is a great counterfeiter. He told me to only trust what I get from Brent Spiner M.D. via our Skype conversations or email communications, and that is what I have included in Bible for Tribulation Saints. Jesus’ words to me are from the deity Himself. Bible for Tribulation Saints contains all that Jesus said to me through Brent, Terrance and Zack Knight (after Zack came to Jesus). All exact Jesus transcripts are from Brent Spiner, who is the only person Jesus trusts to transcribe for him. Jesus has been very finicky about who he allows to transcribe for him and I’ve made sure to include only reliable sources. He does allow Terrance and Zack Knight to forward to me things he’s said, but exact word Jesus transcriptions have come from Brent Spiner only. Jesus appointed Brent to be His transcriber.

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