Catholic Church's Jesuits Wrote All Amendments to U.S. Constitution! Separation of Church & State?!

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I’m hearing brain to brain that the Jesuits are claiming I can’t be the American Empress, because I’m a Bible writer and that means for me to be the Empress is a violation of the First Amendment, which they claims means a separation of church and state. Dr. Andy Woods (who is also an attorney) discusses how the expression “separation of church and state” is allegedly based on something Thomas Jefferson stated and is a faulty interpretation of the First Amendment.

First off, I’d like to state that according to Harvard Law School graduate Terrance Jenkins, all of the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution were written by Jesuits. Jesuits are clearly a religious organization. So if we’re going to use the argument that because of the First Amendment’s clause about separation of church and state, I cannot be Empress, cuz I’m a Bible writer, then none of the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution can have validity cuz they were all written by Jesuits!

Under my Conspiracy Law, any law of the land that does not contradict Conspiracy Law will stand. I was voted into office by people who were fully aware that I meet with Jesus and who are familiar with my faith as a Christian and chose for me to be their leader. You cannot use an argument that just cuz I’m a strong Christian, and also a Bible writer, that means it’s a violation of church and state. This argument, taken to an extreme, means that none of the U.S. Amendments are valid because they were written by the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church!

So Jesuits, you can’t have it both ways. I refuse to honor any amendment which you have written, if it violates Conspiracy Law. So if the First Amendment is a problem, my Conspiracy Law overrides that. However, it appears the First Amendment is not the problem, but rather a faulty interpretation of it is the problem.

So, Loree McBride Jesuits, you are just blowing smoke! The evidence for your war crimes is OVERWHELMING. All willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits MUST BE EXECUTED.

Though I am aware the Jesuits wrote these Amendments, I will allow any Amendment to stand as long as it does not contradict my Conspiracy Law. However any judicial or court interpretation of any Amendment that contradicts my Conspiracy Law is NULL AND VOID. All Loree McBride Jesuits are the worst war criminals in all of human history (with OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE); therefore, they must ALL BE EXECUTED.

I am a great believer in freedom and I allow all to exercise freely their religious (or lack of religious) beliefs, as long as those beliefs are not murderous or treasonous in intent.

My Conspiracy Law supports freedom of speech and is not as vaguely written as the First Amendment or the interpretations of that amendment. Our stance on gun control is that only those who are not willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits are allowed to have weapons and we offer to give citizens CITIZEN SCANNERs to defend themselves against evil people.

The Jesuits are twisting the doctrine of separation of church and state to unfairly silence those who take more Conservative, evangelical positions. Under my Conspiracy Law, to unfairly silence someone from expressing their views just because you don’t agree with them, is a violation of freedom of speech. My Conspiracy Law supports freedom of speech. As long as those views are truthful (not defamatory) and done with no intent to murder, steal and/or to commit treason against a legally elected ruler, those views should be allowed expression.

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