Bible for Tribulation Saints: "The Bible" for Tribulation/Millennium Saints

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I gave a free copy of Bible for Tribulation Saints (2012 – 2018) to my friend Jane Agni.

Here is what she said:

Thank you so much, Gail! I will begin reading this one before bed instead of the previous one, which is still amazing in my opinion, as well as spiritually enlightening! xoxo



I’ve been reading it myself. I realize that I have forgotten a lot that Jesus said to me and I need to read it myself to be reminded. It’s so engrossing that once I start reading it I can’t put it down. The “Bible” is a fascinating book. I find that it strengthens my faith and helps me grow spiritually. Apparently, what I’m hearing brain to brain is correct. The evangelical community is so engrossed with it and so impressed that it is the Bible, Part Two, that they want to translate it into all languages and put it into leather covers and pages just like the regular Bible. It’s got the attention of all the important evangelical seminaries and they are all working on getting it out to as many people as possible.

Apparently, my men were in court for months fighting to keep it in print and Loree has lost this case big time. Not only have they concluded that I’m not crazy and that Bible for Tribulation Saints must remain in print. The court case has made the book famous and now everybody wants a copy and are furious that Loree wants to deny them THE BIBLE. Of course, I haven’t made any money from it. I hear the proceeds are being funneled to Church of Gail and that my men have a plan to take care of my finances.

In my devotions, I read from the traditional Bible and then Bible for Tribulation Saints. I know the regular Bible even better than Bible for Tribulation Saints. But, to my amazement, I am finding that Bible for Tribulation Saints seems to be helping me with spiritual growth more than the regular Bible. Though God is using both. I wrote Bible for Tribulation Saints to be just a copy of all Jesus said to us, because Terrance Jenkins requested it. Then as I was working on it, it occurred to me that the world deserves to know what Jesus said to us and I shouldn’t keep it to myself and so that’s how the book came about. And, lo and behold, it appears I have turned into a Bible writer. I feel especially humbled and honored by this, especially when you consider that this book is the size of the Bible itself. That means of all the Bible writers, I am the one who has written the most Bible. I do recall that Jesus told me I would be laying all the crowns any Christian could win at his feet. Now I’m starting to understand why Jesus calls me His favorite. He wants people to take seriously all I say and write because I represent him accurately. Any ways, it’s late and I’m glad to hear God could use this sinful woman to be such a blessing to the world, that I am able to write Bible for them. I just go about the day in awe over how God’s plan is unfolding for my life.

Satan has been upping his attacks though and this victory is coming at a cost. It appears I am surrounded by Loree McBride Jesuits where I live and my men are dealing with them now. But I know I’m on God’s path and Romans 8:28 is true. I better start doing those Gail Commandments and get ready for bed! Yes, I am finding minor typos and such as I read it, but I’m not interested in fixing those. People can still understand the text and I don’t want people worshipping the book, because the Bible is meant to be obeyed, and to be inspiration, not to be worshipped as an idol.

The minor errors will help everyone to have the right perspective. I’m sure that the traditional Bible in its original autographs had such errors as well, that those who copied it and passed it on, fixed over time. The same thing will happen to Bible for Tribulation Saints. God will find people who will fix those typographical errors and this book will go on to inspire and enlighten tribulation and millennial saints. I always wondered why there wasn’t much in the traditional Bible for millennial saints and now I know. God knew I’d write Bible for Tribulation Saints, much of what is in this is very important for millennial saints. The focus in Bible for Tribulation Saints seems to be God’s character and why He is so awesome and why people should worship him. This will be especially important for millennial saints, because at the end of the 1,000 year reign, Satan will lead a rebellion against God and God must be justified when he destroys those in this rebellion. Those in the millennium will need to read Bible for Tribulation Saints to be reminded what the world would be like if Satan reigned instead of God. Bible for Tribulation Saints answers that question.


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