"You're Moving, Gail" – Jesus Christ in answer to prayer (9-22-19)

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UPDATE on June 22, 2021: I should not have been so dogmatic with my title. Cuz I had some doubts and my men thought I had some sort of vision of Jesus and they ended up buying a house for one million dollars, which was clearly not God’s will for me. However, my husband Brent is a Texan and I like Texans.

Dreaming of my new home in Texas, with my new car and new house and nearer to my love, Brent Spiner! Jesus seemed to tell me this today. Brent Spiner is a Texan.

I’m in Genesis 45 – 47, where Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and tells Jacob and all of Joseph’s brothers to come to Egypt. Andy Woods, who lives in Texas but was visiting Tampa at the time of this message, is in the same place that I am in my devotions, the end of Genesis where Joseph meets his brothers after many years and Jacob and his family move to Egypt. Is this some sort of sign? Outside of Brent Spiner, Andy is probably my favorite preacher. Check out the link here. http://bcctampa.sermon.net/main/main/21457890


Jesus is giving me a strong hint that just like Jacob was told to leave Canaan and go to Egypt for his protection, that it is His will for me to go to Texas (I believe) to a place where I will be protected, a place that my men are preparing for me.

NOTE OF INTEREST: In 1994, out of about 122 possible duty stations, my ex-husband was stationed in Galveston, Texas. I saw that as a sign that Jesus approved of my love for Brent Spiner (knowing that Brent was from Houston). Now, it looks like that is taking on more significance, in that it appears it will be in Texas that I get to be with Brent! So I lived in Texas for 3 years (1994 to 1997), and it looks like I’ll be going back, this time, to be with Brent there eventually in 2019 or 2020. God was hinting to me back in 1994 that someday Texas would be a real special state to me. If it’s where Brent and I can live together as a married couple, then I understand why God had me stationed in Texas right after Brent first contacted me and made love to me on the phone. It was a sign of things to come.

I am also reading out of Bible for Tribulation Saints, and am in the section where Jesus had to teach me patience and to not overly rely on science or “quick fixes” to solve problems. I am reading the section where a Jesuit dog bit me in Jan. 2015. Your long wait for Brent Spiner is about to be rewarded. You are at a transition point in your life. Continue to believe and be patient. You have been wise to send your men all the details of your financial situation, so that both you and they can wisely prepare for this major move in your life. “Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.” (Proverbs 21:5). Good job, Gail on giving your men your detailed analysis of your financial situation to your men. This will result in a solid plan for your financial well being in your new location.

I wanted to make a page about how God answered my prayers for wisdom and how he used my Bible study and prayer to tell me that a move is in the works in the near future (possibly within the next couple months). So he seemed to hint that I should not fret about my finances, because it’s all part of his plan for my life. Time will tell, if this was truly the Lord who seemed to speak to me today in my devotions. But I wanted to record this, as, what appears to be an answer to prayer for guidance and wisdom at this time in my life, when I sense that I may be moving to a new location. If this turns out to be true, then I have this record of how the Lord spoke to me today. I have not heard from my men for about two months now. So this new information is wholly from the Lord and no other source.

Jesus used a more traditional method of showing me His will – the use of Bible study and prayer and then listening to my heart and what brings me peace and joy. He actually prefers to use this method over miracles and showing up in person to tell us things, since Satan can imitate God’s miracles and personal appearances. Though my Brent knows Jesus so well, Satan would have a hard time fooling Brent.

Right now, my 1999 car is really old and not fit for a long distance trek. I can’t even read the instrument panel to see how much gas I have, what speed I’m driving, whether my car is hot or cold or whether I’m in park, reverse or neutral. Though I put a card over the instrument panel to help me shift properly, labelled with PRND and it’s been working for me. Jesus has specifically told me not to spend anymore money on my car. That this is a clear violation of the Gail Commandments for me. He also told me not to spend money on beauticians, so I cut and color my own hair. He has also told me not to visit the dentist either (because the dental profession has been taken over by Jesuits), and I haven’t been to a dentist since 2013. I am very diligent about cleaning my teeth though. This IS a Gail Commandment. I know I can’t go wrong when I obey Jesus. He is my best doctor, dentist and counselor. Brent told me that this order to not see dentists is true for now, but may change later. I needed a new pair of casual pants and sewed them this past summer. My mother has actually given me plenty of clothes over the years (mostly dress clothes), which I will have a time moving. But, it appears, my men will hire movers for this move. I did some research on movers and gave them my recommendations.

I take my own blood pressure, which has been excellent. The only doctor I see is my psychiatrist to get my Seroquel. I think I’ve been to a primary care provider about once or twice in the past ten years. Other than that, I avoid doctors like the plague. Most of them don’t have a clue how to deal with my Candida auris infection which went systemic years ago. Seroquel takes care of it beautifully. Jesus said he made Seroquel just for me. Doing the Gail Commandments keeps me in excellent health. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/06/gail-commandments/

If this turns out to be true, that I am moving to Texas, then I have this record today how the Lord revealed this to me in answer to prayer and that God does, indeed, answer our prayers for guidance and wisdom when we need to hear from him.

Some will say I’m crazy, that this God doesn’t exist. He’s all in my imagination. Well, wait till the rapture. 1 Thess. 4:13-18. I’ll be waving at you from the sky and praying for you when you go through the 7-year tribulation. And, remember, it was NOT the UFOs who took us! We got raptured! During the trib, Jesus’ true followers won’t be able to see a doctor or do anything that requires a commercial transaction of any kind, unless they take the mark of the Antichrist, which means they’d go to hell. So Jesus wasn’t kidding when he said that I and my men are going through what the tribulation saints will be going through.

When you doubters and unbelievers meet Christ at the Great White Throne Judgment, after you’ve spent at least 1,000 years in hell, come preach at me reigning with Christ in His eternal city and come tell me I’m crazy then. We’ll decide then who’s REALLY CRAZY! By the way, none of you evil people will stop me from my millennial marriage to Brent Spiner. It’s gonna happen, and if you don’t like it, well, you don’t have much time left on this earth, enjoy being evil, while you can. The RIGHTEOUS ONE WILL REIGN ON THE THRONE FOREVER SOMEDAY and He will take care of the likes of you! I encourage everyone to say the sinner’s prayer and come to Jesus and live with me in heaven. https://gabriellechana.blog/2017/04/01/how-to-find-heaven-and-god-in-the-church-age/

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