Liberal Bigot Loree McBride is not Welcome in Texas (Brent Spiner's state)!

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I GOT A GOOD LAUGH FROM THIS. I’m actually a Centrist Libertarian and undecided between Trump and Tulsi Gabbard. And it appears the Lord will be moving me to Texas. However, I don’t think I’ll be living in Austin. The city of Austin excepted, the average California liberal likely wants little to do with Texas and Texans. The feeling may be mutual.


The Lord may be moving me to Texas, cuz it’s a better fit for Brent Spiner and I and is the place where we should retire. Though Loree has tried to take over Texas, they really don’t like her there. Texas is all about freedom and Loree is all about control. She seems to have a bit of a stronghold here in Florida, so it’s time for me to go! She has taken over Houston and Austin in Texas, but the rest of Texas is trying to get rid of her and her agents, and in Texas they carry out the death penalty. It is death penalty under my Conspiracy Law to be a Loree McBride Jesuit. If this seems harsh, you must realize that Loree has murdered millions. I can forgive a murderer and have done so (Zack Knight, former Jesuit leader). But Loree McBride has no desire to stop her murders and evil and she needs to go.

I have updated my page about how Loree is not welcome in Texas. I have included an image that shows how conservative each state is. The more conservative states tend to be the places where evangelicals can practice their faith in freedom. Though, I’ll have to admit that I’m not a good fit for a super conservative state. I hate bigotry and that can be a problem in a super conservative state. Texas is a perfect match for me. They lean conservative, but are open minded – that’s me, to a tee. Florida actually leans liberal and Florida is becoming less and less friendly to those who hold conservative positions. Loree McBride may be partly to blame for this. She has infiltrated my home state and turned it into a garbage dump. She’s behind most of the school shootings we’ve had in Florida. She uses her brain control on her Manchurian Candidates. Though this is nothing compared to what she’s done in her home state of California. Loree McBride has turned California into a police state filled with brainwashed fanatical morons. The conservatives in California are leaving the state in droves for this reason, if they can.

You might say, how can you support liberal Tulsi Gabbard? Well. . . I’m open minded and I admire Tulsi’s convictions about freedom. She also believes in morals and responsibility. But, she’s the ONLY Dem I would vote for. The rest are a bunch of neocons, who kiss Loree McBride’s butt.

Not sure if Brent and I can marry right away when I move to Texas. But moving to Texas seems to be the next stage of my life for now. I believe God will do this soon. He’ll pay for the whole move somehow, cuz He knows I can’t afford it. I think I’m getting a new car and a new house. I already picked out a house in Texas that I’ve shared with my men. It has a Texas longhorns on the outside wall and a Texas star. I like that. The Lord’s already given me a Texas accent.

I’m a big freedom lover and so Texas and I think alike. That’s where I belong! But I also believe in responsibility and morals. The Texans do NOT LIKE Loree McBride. They know that every place she influences turns to garbage.

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