Loree McBride's California vs. Gail Chord Schuler's Texas Battle Rages Across United States

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I said Loree maintains control over the rest of Texas, when I meant to say she maintains control over the rest of California and that we’d move you to the parts of California under Texas law, not the parts of Texas under Texas law (Loree’s brain control is AWFUL).

New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.

So, it would depend on how they were changing their border, whether they were taking land from somewhere else, or cutting land out of the state. If they were doing the latter, say for example, if the state of Oklahoma for some reason wanted to no longer have the panhandle be part of the state, the state legislature and the US Congress would have to approve it, and Congress would then be in charge of deciding what to do with the land no longer part of the state.

If a state wanted to expand by adding new territory, the same provisions would apply, with the additional requirement that if the land to be added is already part of another state, that state would also have to approve. For example, there are several counties in northwestern Indiana that are suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. If those counties decided that they would be best suited by becoming part of Illinois, the legislatures of both Illinois and Indiana, as well as the US Congress, would have to approve. If the land to be added came from another country, like if Maine and the Canadian province of New Brunswick wanted to merge, the other country would also have to approve in addition to the US approval.

I was reluctant to post on this because I’m only hearing this brain to brain from my men, but from what I’m observing around me, it appears to be true. The Facebook video above shows that Pennsylvania is now a proud Texas state. The video took place in Pennsylvania.

It appears that Loree McBride has taken over the state of California and is trying to extend that state’s boundaries throughout the United States.

She is urging people to follow her as the American Empress. Loree refuses to honor me as the American Empress and is conducting a nationwide campaign to enlist rebels within each state to become “California” within each state. Once a state “becomes California”, it means it no longer supports my Conspiracy Law (which mandates the death penalty for Loree McBride Jesuits) and honors Loree as the U.S. leader. It also means that the state’s laws will be replaced with California law, which is basically evil Jesuit law.

Loree McBride currently meets with Satan often and is the evil Jesuit leader, who has taken the place of ex-Antichrist Zack Knight as the Antichrist or evil Jesuit leader. It appears Donald Trump may have divorced his wife Melania, which explains the Trump impeachment proceedings happening now. Melania, it appears, is a Loree McBride Jesuit and regularly abuses her husband into submission to her wishes as a Loree McBride Jesuit.

The states with white sections are states that are now under California law. This has caused some states to be split into sections, with some sections honoring California law and other sections not honoring California law. This situation is changing rapidly. Especially since Gail is now considered a Texas resident. Gail is inviting states to put themselves under Texas law now, to counter what Loree is doing.

God revealed to Gail that He plans to move her to Texas. Therefore, her men decided that she is now a Texas resident. Gail actually picked out a house in Texas as her residence and her men may be using this as her permanent address. Gail will eventually move to this house. Because southern Florida appears to be part of the state of California now and no longer in compliance with Conspiracy Law, the Lord is leading Gail to move to Texas. The move will happen when Gail’s men are able to ensure her safe travel to Texas. To counter what Loree is doing by extending the state of California’s borders and acquiring new territory under the state of California, Gail has countered by inviting all states to become “Texas states”. To become a Texas state means that that state will become part of the state of Texas and that Texas law will be the main law in that state. Texas law honors Gail’s Conspiracy Law, which means the death penalty for Loree McBride Jesuits.

In states like Florida, we, unfortunately, have a situation where Florida has been divided into two states, Texas (in the northern half) and California (in the southern half). The “Texas” states are in the majority (see the map above) and they are setting up strict boundaries and won’t allow any Loree McBride Jesuits into their territory. So basically, we have a civil war inside of the United States. It’s Texas vs. California, with Empress Gail leading the Texas states and Loree McBride leading the California states.

Until Gail changed her residency from Florida to Texas, there was nothing we could do to counter the expansion of California into Florida, New York, Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, etc. If Gail tried to say she was the Empress with Florida as her capital, Loree countered that Florida no longer honored Gail as the Empress because Florida was now under California law (because Loree took over South Florida and made it part of California). With Gail’s capital taken over by California, Loree annulled Gail as U.S. Empress. So Gail moved her capital to Texas and will be moving there to finalize Texas as the new U.S. capital.

We were just being gobbled up and taken over by California expanding its rule everywhere. So Gail announced that she would be moving to Texas and that her men have already bought her a house there. Gail has picked out a house for herself in Texas. It has Texas longhorns and a Texas star on its outside wall, with an American flag proudly waving on its outside wall. This made Texas the new capital of Empress Gail’s United States. She then invited all states that did not want to be incorporated into the state of California (under Loree McBride’s laws), to incorporate themselves into the state of Texas (under Empress Gail’s Conspiracy Law). To finalize this, the Lord has even given Gail a Texas accent.


Because Loree touts herself as an “establishment Democrat”, she has had success in acquiring states that tend to be Democrat into her California harem. She was able to get Georgia (despite its more Conservative leanings) because Gail’s evil sister, Sandra Metcalf, lives there and Sandra is BFF with Loree McBride. However, many Georgians do not like Loree McBride and have been moving out of the parts of Georgia under California law, to live in parts of Georgia now under Texas law. Unfortunately, I was the “rebel” child who became a Christian at age 14. My mother criticized me as being a religious fanatic and too honest for my own good. In fact, when I accepted the Lord at age 14, she moved from California just to get me away from my church. When we arrived in Florida, she refused to let me go to church. She succeeded in getting me to “backslide” and forget the Lord, but I rededicated my life to the Lord at age 15 and I’ve rebelled against my mother ever since, determined to honor Jesus even if my mother never let me go to church. My mother counseled me that my excessive honesty would get me into trouble. My sister was my mother’s pet and she tended to honor my mother’s advice more than I. My mother raised my sister to become a sociopath. My sister is a big liar and consumed with jealousy against me because a bunch of famous men adore me. John MacArthur’s insightful message about liars (who rule a country) describe Loree McBride and my evil sociopath sister to a tee. He describes what constitutes lying, or who is a liar, and the many sins that lying covers and why God hates this sin so much. https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-library/90-197

My mother is not quite as evil as my sister, but she is off her path and has become an abuser and allows my sister to run her life and believes all the lies my sister says about me and my men. Jesus wants me to separate from my mother and sister because of this.

So basically we have a war between California and Texas happening right now nationwide. Texas is firmly under Empress Gail’s control and the California strongholds that Loree has had in Austin and Houston are vanishing, with the Texans in those cities that support Gail kicking out (or executing the) Loree McBride Jesuits from their cities.

If it sounds harsh to execute Loree McBride Jesuits, you must understand that Loree has been murdering Gail’s supporters from the very start, so the only way to win against this tyrant is to execute her followers, just as she murders Gail’s followers. In fact, this is her strategy to murder anybody who might support Gail, which explains why Loree is so pro-abortion (even late term abortions), cuz most people support Gail, so Loree wins by elimination (abortions and murders of Gail followers).

If you are in a state under California law and want to live in a place under Texas law, contact Gail’s men at gailsmen@yahoo.com. We can easily move you to a place under Texas law using Star Trek-like transporter technology. In the end, the country will be totally divided, with the Texas states battling the California states. So far, Loree is losing her battle for numbers and most people are leaving the California states in droves. In fact, Loree is starting to lose her own state of California, because the evangelicals in California can’t stand Loree and have rebelled against her leadership there, and, it appears that Orange County and the San Diego sections of California are now under Texas law. But Loree maintains strict control over the rest of California, enabling her to declare herself the California leader. She also has control over the Democratic Party. If you live in a state like California and have a Texas heart, contact my men at gailsmen@yahoo.com and we will either move you to the parts of California under Texas law, or out of the state entirely to a Texas state.

Donald Trump sides with Gail, but has suffered abuse under Melania Trump, who is behind the impeachment proceedings he currently suffers from. Donald Trump has declared himself to be under Texas law. Loree claims she does not honor Texas law and that Trump is being impeached under California law. It’s kind of ironic that Loree has become so anti-Texas, since she claims to be married to TEXAN Brent Spiner. She is actually married to the CALIFORNIAN Brent Spiner CLONE. Gail is married to the REAL Brent Spiner, who is a proud Texan and has claimed his residency as Texas, not California.

Unfortunately, all Democrats must side with California and Loree, or Loree will execute them. Loree has declared that all Democratic Presidential candidates must honor California law or they can’t be Democrats. This basically means the Democratic Party is totally corrupt from top to bottom. Hopefully, if we are able to win our war against the California states, we might be able to save the Democratic Party. But, for now, the Democratic Party has put itself under California law in rebellion to Texas law. Trump is being impeached under California law, which Empress Gail does not recognize. So basically what you’re watching on the news is a big farce. Once we win the war against the California states and force them all to become Texas states, the impeachment will be over.

This impeachment business is a farce, because Gail remains the American Empress and those states that have aligned themselves with California are now no longer part of the United States. We have declared war on the state of California in all its territories and are striving to get them back under Texas and the true American law. Please understand that the state of California has changed its boundaries (see map above). Orange County and San Diego are now considered the state of Texas. The situation is very fluid and changing rapidly. Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) is the only one reporting on this. If you are an Empress Gail supporter and reside in a part of California in your state, contact my men and they will move you to a Texas state (either within your own state) or elsewhere.