The Health & Wealth Gospel (John MacArthur)

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Though I believe my Bible for Tribulation Saints may have been added to the Biblical canon, it’s not something I would die over and I don’t want anyone worshiping me. It would be just fine with me if someone said that my Bible for Tribulation Saints has NOT been added to the canon, but is a reliable source of guidance for those who want to know what the real Jesus is like for our modern times. I just want people to understand that the real Jesus has spoken to us in Bible for Tribulation Saints, and he has not been speaking to me as a voice in my head.

Having said that, I would like to point out that I HAVE UPDATED BIBLE FOR TRIBULATION SAINTS IN ITS KINDLE VERSION, TO INCLUDE OUR LATEST OCTOBER 2019 CONVERSATION WITH JESUS WHERE HE NAILED BOTH MYSELF AND TERRANCE JENKINS FOR DISOBEYING HIS GAIL COMMANDMENTS. Jesus has let me know, that my Gail Commandments are not just for me, and He encourages my followers to do them as well. In fact, I believe that if everyone does the Gail Commandments we may defeat evil Jesuit leader Loree McBride, who is behind the Trump impeachment mania and is the true leader of our current U.S. Democratic Party! Loree has used her Jew clones to takeover the U.S. Democrat Party and may be working with evil Melania Trump to undermine Trump as President, forcing Trump to adopt some stances that support the military-industrial complex (which he’d rather not do). Because Bible for Tribulation Saints covers the Gail Commandments, this is a very important book, that is a MUST in every Christian’s library! Ordering information for Bible for Tribulation Saints is here, but only the Kindle version ($5.49) has what Jesus told us from about Dec. 2017 forward.

What I’ve done in Bible for Tribulation Saints is included transcripts of conversations Jesus has had with men I trust that he has appeared to. I would not allow any of the “voices” in my head into Bible for Tribulation Saints, because that would be inaccurate and from a false spirit. I want to make it plain that when you desire God’s guidance in your life, you should be reading the Word in Genesis to Revelation (including Bible for Tribulation Saints) and should be in obedience to the knowledge you have gained. You should not primarily get your guidance or your reason for your decisions from voices to your head or from “miracles”, etc., but should test the spirits to make sure they are from God. Any spirit that leads you to do anything that contradicts the clear teaching in the Bible or in Bible for Tribulation Saints (like violating the Gail Commandments) should be rejected as a false spirit! If you don’t have this attitude, then you are off your path and in danger of going off into a dangerous tangent that is not of God. John MacArthur has a great message about how we get into these tangents. We Americans have a tendency to feel that if we don’t have a fancy house, a fancy car and nice clothes and health, that we are reprehensible and no good. This attitude leads to materialism, which most Americans have bought into. So I feel that the following messages by John MacArthur are greatly needed right now, especially to Americans or people who live in an affluent society.

If Jesus decides to let his child have wealth, he would only do so if he felt it would not contaminate them with materialism. We should all be content where we are at and learn to be thankful in whatever circumstance God has placed us. Once we learn this contentedness, God may then move us into a situation where we may be released from our financial poverty or whatever is keeping us from what we feel would bring us happiness. But until we learn to be thankful wherever we are, he will probably keep us there until we have the right spirit. The end all and be all of the Christian life is not financial prosperity, it is to get our satisfaction from Christ alone and to find our joy in Him no matter what our circumstances. God promises to meet our needs, not our wants. Some of our wants can be destructive, if we tend to be focused on our wants to the exclusion of our needs. It is important to distinguish between needs and wants in our spiritual walk!