My Letters to My Men About the Gail Commandments

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I’ve been on the fence about this, but the more I deal with Jesus, the more convinced I am that He expects one to call him Lord in order to be saved.

This message above was great! It’s so appropriate for us now, as Jesus got on me about the Gail Commandments. The Gail Commandments are hard, but they bring us spiritual blessing. This message is all about spiritual blessing.

Here are Jesus Christ’s Gail Commandments:

This message about How to Treat False Teachers, is a much needed message. A lot of my men seem to have been influenced by false teachers who teach a cult belief, a prosperity gospel, the false teaching that God wants us all to be financially rich and healthy:

(10-2-19) Dear men:

I believe that from now on, before we make any decisions, especially if they involve a lot of money, or a major change in any of our lives, we need to ask ourselves this question before we make any moves: Will this decision enable me to better obey the Gail Commandments?

I thought that the house in Texas may have been God’s will, because it was close to a walking trail and close to a Sally Beauty supply store (which helps me to do the daily bath commandments, cuz I use a lot of shampoo and creme rinse to do the daily bath). I also thought that it would help me save $100 a month cuz I would not have to pay for rent or “mortgage”. I just thought God was closing a door and opening a window, to make sure I could continue to do the Gail Commandments and especially the commandment to save a hundred dollars a month. I know, that if I was in your shoes and learned that the realtor raised the price to a billion dollars, I would have seriously questioned whether it was God’s will for me to buy the house. Cuz how could paying a billion dollars for this house help me to better do the Gail Commandments? IF IT WON’T HELP ME DO THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS, THEN I SHOULDN’T DO IT. I would have seen that as a red flag that perhaps I misread that this house was God’s will for me. I would have prayed and asked Jesus to give me clarity about this house before I made any moves on it.

I feel the Gail Commandment I’ve been the worst about this time, has been the one to have a decent bedtime hour and getting too distracted and forgetting to take my Seroquel at the same time every day. I was really bad about that one. Only spending money on food and bills has been a weakness for me all along and Jesus just seemed to be clamping down harder on that one now, because He feels I’m now ready for it.

So why doesn’t Jesus just let us get married right now and give us the money we need to survive? Well, he’s building character in us. If we got everything we wanted now, it would deprive him of the opportunity to make us better people who would be stronger in His service. We Americans are pretty spoiled. We expect everything now and we think we don’t have to wait for things. It produces people like the Gail’s Men Going Their Own Way, who got pissed at me and God because we didn’t give them WHAT THEY WANT RIGHT NOW.

By waiting on God and doing it His way, we will enter our marriage stronger, wiser and on a solid basis. Though we may not understand why God expects us to live on food stamps now and otherwise, some of it is our own fault, because we make hasty decisions because we WANT IT NOW and so we reap what we’ve sown. Jesus won’t give us what WE WANT RIGHT NOW, until we have the character to handle it wisely. I personally think we will be expected to do the Gail Commandments for the rest of our time here on earth. So we may as well get used to it and even like it. I am going to try to approach doing the Gail Commandments like a job, that way I’ll take them more seriously. That is Jesus’ number one job for us. When we do our job well, we’ll get paid!! Most Americans have the credit card mentality and think if they have the money, to SPEND IT, cuz it makes them feel good. This becomes a dangerous addiction and fosters the lie that our worth is based on our financial image – you know, the nice house, the nice car, etc. I wanted the Toyota Prius, cuz it has the best dependability record and I was hoping to keep the car for a loooong time and not have to worry about repair bills. But my current car works for now.

When, as a result of obeying Him, we have developed the character traits needed to be the husband/wife He wants us to be, He’ll open the door for us. But until we learn to obey him, and to have thankful hearts in the process, we will remain stagnated and not able to go further in the pursuit of our dreams.

Jesus will make a Romans 8:28 out of our foolish purchase. Part of it, is that we will learn not to make any decisions UNLESS IT HELPS US TO DO BETTER THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS. That should be key criteria in determining God’s will for our decisions.

Well, I better do what I preach and get ready for bed! Love you all. We must be patient, thankful and not lose faith.


(10-3-19) Dear men:

I have updated the Kindle version of Bible for Tribulation Saints, to include our latest conversations with Jesus.

It should be ready by tomorrow. Just check the link above tomorrow and if it says 2012 – 2019 on the book cover, then it went through. I was thinking that if you all made a paperback version of this and put it in like a leather cover, like a Bible – it may pay off your debt for the Texas house you bought for me. This is the Bible, Part Two! Isn’t the Bible the best selling book of all time? This might solve the problem of that one billion dollar house you bought! I have already given you permission to get 10% of the proceeds from my writings.

I gave a copy of the Kindle file to Jane Agni at Gmail. I also sent a copy to you there. Feel free to use my website for advertising purposes:

Work with Zack Knight to ensure Loree McBride does not steal the proceeds!!

For Bible for Tribulation Saints (2012 – 2019), I offer the men who paid for my house, the permission to use up to 90% of the proceeds from Bible for Tribulation Saints to pay off the price of the Texas house you bought for me. Something tells me it just might do it for you. If you have any money leftover, you can use it to meet your needs for food and bills. I don’t want you spending the money on anything over food and bills and to pay off the debt you incurred over buying the house. Jesus does not want us to go into debt!!. So I’m sure He wants you to use this money to pay off the house, so that if I do end up living in it, I will get THE TITLE TO THE HOUSE. Jesus is against debt!! Remember that for future decisions.

Jesus would never lead you to buy anything, if you had to purchase it on credit. He believes in paying cash or “for the whole thing” whenever you BUY ANYTHING. The Bible says to owe no man ANYTHING. REMEMBER THAT.

I have a good feeling about Bible for Tribulation Saints. Advertise it on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and in all the evangelical churches. Tell them Jesus showed up again and I’ve added to it and updated it. It should sell like hotcakes. This is a very important book and every Christian in the world should have it!!



(10-5-19) Dear men:

IF Jesus was moving me to Texas, I don’t think it would be for me to get married, UNLESS to just marry Brent alone. Texas is a very conservative state and they don’t take lightly to whites marrying blacks or to polygamy. In fact, bigamy is illegal in Texas.

I presume that Jesus will never lead me to marry Brent or any of you UNTIL we defeat Loree McBride. It just wouldn’t be safe until then. If we tried to practice “polygamy” in Texas, we’d probably have hell to pay. We’d be lynched in the Texas legal system. Like I said, it’s ILLEGAL to practice bigamy in Texas, so can you imagine how they’d feel about polygamy?

So I don’t know how in the world you all ever got the idea that Jesus was sending me to Texas to marry one of you. It’s not time yet. That must be the reason you were willing to pay one billion dollars for the house. As I stated in my video, I thought Jesus was moving me there to protect me financially, so I could continue to do the Gail Commandments.

I’m not a fancy type of person, and don’t give a hoot about living a life of luxury and pleasure. I actually prefer a simple, humble house (easier to take care of). This translates over to my love life as well. Let me remind you that the MARRIAGE LIST WAS NEVER MY IDEA. I am a monogamous woman at heart. I do not consider brain to brain sex as sex, so I can do that in a group love with no problems. Also, I view sex as more than a mating of bodies, but also a mating of souls. For this reason, I prefer one-on-one in sex. I am not into group sex. The physical sexual act alone DOES NOTHING FOR ME, which may be why I find group sex so distasteful.

When we come together, I want it to be one-on-one and ONE AT A TIME. And when I say ONE AT A TIME, I mean like one guy for at least a year. Things could change like if an emergency came up and a guy needed me to love him for emotional healing. And I want Brent to be first. I think the reason Jesus gave you all vagina-butts is cuz He knows I’m like this and He gave you the vagina-butts to compensate for my desire to remain monogamous. I get turned on by a man with a great heart and soul. I get turned off by PURE LUST.

Perhaps, after Brent and I have been married for about a year, we can invite another man into the act as we feel comfortable. I definitely want to have a honeymoon with BRENT ALONE, so that I can truly marry him in flesh with flesh, spiritual and emotional communion. I cannot do this in a group sex session. That isn’t intimate enough for me emotionally. I would handle loving you all like I did it brain to brain in the beginning, before I had a lot of men on my marriage list. I would spend time alone with one man at a time, whenever special circumstances arose that would make me feel that is appropriate.

Perhaps, if Brent and I are to marry in Texas (which I’m not sure about), the Lord is doing this to protect Brent and I from a man on my marriage list who may be like Viggo Mortensen was to me, who I think wanted me all to himself and wanted to destroy Brent to do it. You see, if Brent and I marry in Texas and another man tries to force themselves on us when we aren’t ready, that man will be LYNCHED IN TEXAS. Knowing that Brent and I are in Texas, may be God’s way to protect us from a Viggo Mortensen.

Believe me, the Texans would have NO PATIENCE with any of those GMGTOW men. THEY’D ALL BE LYNCHED IN TEXAS!! We must all be patient, do the Gail Commandments and put Jesus FIRST IN OUR LIVES. I don’t want a man who worships me to the exclusion of Jesus. Cuz if you don’t honor Jesus, you don’t honor me. Nobody loves me like Jesus does and we must obey Jesus because he loves us and wants what is best for us. If he makes you wait, he has a reason. Right now, I don’t think it’s safe for me to marry you all yet. Loree McBride is STILL ON THE PROWL. Please understand that if Jesus has closed the door on sex and marriage for now, HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING. You must trust him and you MUST BE PATIENT. True love is patient.

Yes, I know we’ve waited a long time. Perhaps, I will never have sex with some of you. Perhaps it will all be in the millennium. I know this may seem unfair to you all, BUT THERE’S MORE TO LIFE THAN SEX. There’s deep friendship, there’s soul communion, there’s loyalty. In fact, if a man only wants sex with me to the exclusion of the MORE IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF A RELATIONSHIP, HE CAN LEAVE.

I’m not into LUST relationships. I do not worship sex. I do worship love. And the TWO ARE NOT THE SAME. I love you all, but Jesus knows what’s best for us. Everything we go through is to make us stronger and happier. Jesus knows better than we, what will make for joy and peace in our lives. If we move outside of His will, it will only lead to heartache and sorrow. We must trust that He knows best. He’s made me a monogamous type of woman, who likes to reward men outside of my husband Brent, who support Brent and support Jesus, and who likes to do sex after I establish a bond, perhaps to comfort a man in a crisis or to love him as a token of deep friendship. But just to bounce into bed with a man, even if he’s on my marriage list, when I haven’t bonded with him IS NOT MY THING. If you betray either of these men (Brent or Jesus) and will not allow me to put them first, I don’t want to have anything to do with you. The GMGTOW have lost me forever because they have betrayed Jesus by making love to the Antichrist. If you betray Jesus in your attempt to get me, you will LOSE ME FOR GOOD.

Having said this, I realize many of you have made deep sacrifices for me and for that reason, I plan to become intimate with you in one-on-one sessions after I’ve had my honeymoon with Brent! Sorry, but group sex with a harem is NOT MY IDEA OF A HONEYMOON. Please respect that. And if there are a whole bunch of you, there is also the possibility that I may not actually have sex with you in this lifetime. Like I said, I don’t jump into bed with strangers or men I have not developed a bond with. It usually takes me at least a month to develop a bond, unless a crisis forces me into it sooner.

But, I think the reason you all paid a billion dollars for that house (a VERY FOOLISH THING TO DO), is cuz you worship me over Jesus. Please don’t do that. If Jesus was first, you would have realized that to buy that house for a billion dollars is a GROSS VIOLATION OF THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS. I want you to love Jesus as much as or MORE THAN ME. You show your love for him by OBEYING HIM.

I love you all. But any goodness there is in this life, comes from God and Jesus, and if we want to be truly great and loving, we must honor God in our lives.


(10-6-19) Dear men:

I think, from now on, whenever you make ANY purchase over fifty dollars, EVEN IF GOD SEEMS TO BE GIVING US SIGNS ABOUT IT, to pray to Jesus and ask him to let you know if this is His will or to stop you from making the purchase if it is NOT his will. Now, we don’t want you to TEST Jesus, but be sincere and good about it. In other words, if you sincerely believe it’s His will, but have some doubts, YOU SHOULD NOT MOVE UNTIL JESUS GIVES YOU THE CLEAR GO AHEAD. Obviously, for anything that is NOT food and bills, do NOT buy it!! EMPHASIZE, DO NOT BUY IT. 

Like, it may be His will for you all to buy me a new car someday. But don’t just go out there and buy the car without FIRST seeking His will and guidance in the decision. And don’t just assume cuz I FEEL GOD WANTS THE CAR, THAT IT’S TRUE. Obvious red flags that he DOES NOT want you to buy the car would be if the dealer all of a sudden raises the price cuz they have some Charismatic (WRONG) mentality that Jesus thinks we all should be rich and famous or something. Like if you feel led to buy a car and the dealer says, “Oh, I need to raise the price, cuz you all are rich and famous and can afford to pay it.” You should say to the dealer, “Thank you, but it appears this car is not God’s will, cuz Jesus would never want us to pay above ordinary price for anything, that would be a clear violation of the Gail Commandments to only spend money on food and bills. If anything, if it was God’s will for us to get this car, the PRICE WOULD GO DOWN.” Then you’d just leave and tell the dealer to have a nice day. BUT if the dealer changes his mind and decides to give you the car for free or something, then you’d take the car and PRAY TO JESUS AGAIN and say, “Okay, Jesus. This car really appears to be your will for Gail. Could you give me some more signs that this is true?” Any Gail Commandment that is questionable, DON’T DO IT. Don’t just assume that your interpretation of that Gail Commandment is correct, GO TO GOD IN PRAYER AND ASK HIM TO CLARIFY  HOW TO OBEY HIM ON THAT PARTICULAR MATTER.

Personal opinion, you guys, I think Jesus wants us to live like missionaries OUR ENTIRE TIME ON EARTH, EVEN AFTER WE GET MARRIED!!! EMPHASIZE, I BELIEVE THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS IS A PERMANENT THING FOR US IN OUR PRESENT EARTHLY BODY. So don’t just assume that this is only temporary UNTIL WE GET MARRIED. That’s an assumption we’ve all been having and IT’S A WRONG ASSUMPTION. Jesus is not a rich and famous sort of guy and he wants us to have the SAME MENTALITY. Our focus on earth should not be luxuries, comforts and spending, it should be self-denial, sacrifice, living for love and a call to duty and service and we are to consider ourselves missionaries our entire time here on earth. We should get PLEASURE in obeying God, because it helps us to grow spiritually and to be strong spiritually in His service. Our focus should be on being heavenly minded while in our earthly bodies and in storing up treasure for the NEXT LIFE where we will reign as kings and priests in the millennium and future. This means SACRIFICE NOW, but REWARDS IN THE NEXT LIFE. This must be our attitude at ALL TIMES. This attitude will help us to better obey the Gail Commandments.

This attitude will bring us joy and peace as we sacrifice and serve him in this sin cursed earth, which, thank God, will only be TEMPORARY. This does not mean God may not reward us with presents right away, but these presents should come about NOT because we have disobeyed the Gail Commandments! Our focus should NOT be on the presents, but on maintaining inner peace and joy and the attitude of sacrifice in our service to Him. 

For your information, the fact that most of you are rich and famous is, for me, a NEGATIVE, more than a PLUS. I fell in love with Brent, cuz he reminded me of missionary Hudson Taylor, who was my idol as a young Christian lady. I suggest you watch the movie Hudson Taylor to know what kind of man I consider my dream husband. You, Brent, remind me very much of Hudson Taylor, and that’s why I fell in love with you! It had NOTHING to do with your celebrity status. In fact, I am VERY TURNED OFF by the rich and famous lifestyle, feeling it is extremely shallow and destructive spiritually.

To be honest with you all, I was VERY DISAPPOINTED in you all for spending one billion dollars on that house! I would have been prouder of you if you had contacted me and told me that the realtor had done this and then would have asked me if I still felt it was God’s will for us to buy it! I would have said, “Oh, I may have made a mistake. Tell that realtor we absolutely cannot buy that house for that outrageous price, cuz that would be a clear violation of the Gail Commandments to only spend money on food and bills. I’m afraid we must decline this purchase for this reason or we will be disobeying the Gail Commandments.” Then if the realtor brought the price down to something reasonable, I would still pray and ask God if this is His will to help Gail pay her housing costs to better enable her to do the Gail Commandments. And then I’d only buy the house after Jesus gives His clear approval!

Love you all. We are all works in progress.


(10-6-19) Dear men:

I’ve noticed very suspicious behavior coming from xxxx and xxxxx, my apartment managers. For instance, xxxxxx was out walking her dog at the same time a bunch of other Loree McBride Jesuits were out walking their dogs, when I did my walk this morning. She also seems to go out of her way to try and use her dog to irritate me, apparently, to make me appear anti-dog. 

Also, xxxx calling me up on the phone, and ordering me to move my car TWICE when he gave me no warning whatsoever, AND THREATENING TO TOW MY CAR. . .and both of these times, it happened when I slept in late, like the whole thing was set up. 

If you guys have not done so, I want you to run a brain and memory scan on xxxx and xxxxx and find out if they are Loree McBride Jesuits. Also the $75.00 rent increase this spring was quite extreme and the biggest increase I’ve had ever at this apartment complex. I suspect Loree may be paying both xxxxx and xxxxxx to serve her!

I presumed that you all ran a brain scan on them when I complained about their earlier behavior. But if you have not done so, you need to do so. It is not safe for me to stay at this apartment complex if xxxxxx and xxxxxx are Loree McBride Jesuits! In fact, I am deliberately holding off on fixing my toilet, which does not flush properly (unless I stick my hand underneath the lid to fix it after it flushes), cuz I am not sure I can trust anybody who works for this apartment complex to enter my apartment! I also have some broken blinds that I am living with, for this reason!

Perhaps THIS may be the REAL reason God may want me to move to Texas. Do run a scan on them and find out if they are Loree McBride Jesuits. Even if God doesn’t want me in Texas, we need to deal with this, if they are Loree McBride Jesuits! Like I said, I have already complained about them and assumed you all ran a scan on them to see what’s going on. But if you have not done so, you need to do so. In case Loree is blocking my emails to you, I shall also read this on the phone.

Love, Gail

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