Bible for Tribulation Saints Needs to be Read like the Bible

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The following is a letter I wrote to my men, stressing the importance of reading Bible for Tribulation Saints as part of our devotional Bible reading. Can order Bible for Tribulation Saints here if you don’t have it:

Dear men:

I am almost finished reading Bible for Tribulation Saints, which is a very loooong book. But I’ve noticed that I have FORGOTTEN A LOT OF WHAT JESUS HAS TOLD US. I believe it would be wise of us to spend some time each week reading Bible for Tribulation Saints, from beginning to end and to read it like we do the Bible. We should also read the Bible.

One of the reasons that you men made a poor judgment call on the $240,000 home, which you paid one billion dollars for, is that you forgot that Jesus stated that He would NEVER speak to me directly and that I should clear all messages that I thought I got from him with Brent. He repeated this over and over in our Feb. and March 2012 meetings with him. THAT RULE HAS NOT CHANGED. So I presumed you all knew that and that you knew that when I titled my video “Gail, You’re Moving to Texas” – Jesus Christ, that you’d realize I was paraphrasing what Jesus seemed to be telling me through the signs I was getting in my life. It was NOT AN EXACT QUOTE of what He said, nor was it intended to be taken that way. 

When I said, “Jesus says He’d take care of the costs of the move.” I meant He would use you all as the instruments to pay for it for me. I did not mean that Jesus would do a financial miracle (like dropping money from heaven) to take care of the costs.

Also, if any of you come from a Charismatic background, there is a lot of false teaching in the charismatic movement. God’s primary way of working in our present age is not miracles and signs and I think we need to get out of this mentality that God mainly leads us through signs and miracles. You have to be very careful with this, because Satan is a master counterfeiter. 

I believe that the men who have rebelled against me and Jesus have possibly never been saved, because they never made Jesus Lord in their life at any time. I do believe that to be saved, you do need to make Christ Lord in your heart in order to be saved. It’s more than just believing Jesus died for your sins, you need to make Him LORD OF YOUR LIFE.

The nature of true repentance and the necessity of repentance to be saved. One of modern Christianity’s most shocking proposals is that a person can cling to Christ with one hand and grasp his pet sins with the other. In short, repentance is no longer considered necessary. Along with sin, hell, fire, and brimstone, repentance has been banished to the doctrinal scrap heap—seldom taught and, as a result, often misunderstood.

What does it mean to be a disciple?

Having said this, I believe we are Jesus Christ’s modern day disciples. So when he shows up IN PERSON WITH US, HE DOES SIGNS AND MIRACLES. But I would be leery about any signs that we get that are NOT CLEARLY FROM HIM. Jesus knows how to let us know when it’s Him speaking to you all, and most especially with you guys, because you meet with Him. As you know, Jesus refuses to meet with me, and THAT ALONE should be your criteria in deciding on whether to act on my interpretation of signs or miracles.

Another mistake you all may be making is assuming that because Bible for Tribulation Saints may have been added to the canon, that it means that I am incapable of making mistakes in my interpretations of Jesus’ signs to me, since I may be a Bible writer. Look, even the Apostle Peter made mistakes in following Christ and he was a Bible writer. You can’t go by that! It just means that when I work on Bible for Tribulation Saints, that what I write there may be divinely inspired. I am very careful as I write it to make sure it accurately represents Jesus. David was a Bible writer and he committed adultery and murder. That doesn’t mean that what he wrote in the Bible was NOT divinely inspired, but not all his interpretations of God’s will for his life were correct as he lived out his life. He made mistakes in judgment in many life decisions, like when he ordered the numbering of Israel. There’s a difference between being divinely inspired as you write and living a life that is 100% divinely inspired. Only JESUS LIVES A LIFE THAT IS 100% DIVINELY INSPIRED.

I figured since it was only $240,000, that you all could afford it. I am certain that if the price went up to one billion dollars, I would have yelled at you, “DON’T BUY THE HOUSE FOR THAT PRICE!” Also, I presumed you all would have the wisdom to NOT make such a bold move without consulting with Jesus first. So I presumed you would call out Jesus in prayer and ask Him if he was truly leading me to go to Texas and how He wanted you to handle it.

Jesus has told us many, many times that it is not time for us to marry yet. You must never presume that I alone would speak to Jesus and that Jesus would directly speak to me on this matter. Don’t you remember that Jesus said he would never directly speak to me brain to brain or otherwise? That I needed to clear all directions that I felt were from Him with you all first before I move? That’s why I kept saying that I wouldn’t move until you all paid for the move (meaning Jesus gave the go-ahead), because that would be foolish. If he does not meet with you and tell you it’s time for marriage, then DON’T MOVE. I was certain you all understood this. Brent told me He meets with Jesus every day. So I thought you all were meeting with Him every day and since I had not heard from you, and if I was wrong, that you all would correct me (based on your meetings with Jesus). Therefore, I presumed that my interpretation of the signs that I felt were from Jesus was correct.

To be honest with you, I did get some interesting signs and I’m still not sure about what’s going on with Texas. However, I never had the impression that he was moving me there to marry one of you and I recall stating that several times. I said several times that I felt the move was to PROTECT ME from Jesuit dangers in my present location. But I wasn’t sure WHY He was moving me, nor was I 100% certain it was His will for me to move to Texas, but I was fairly certain. It just seemed that He was telling me that. I presumed if I was wrong, you all would correct me, since Brent and Jesus often have lunch together.

I think Satan is removing memories from us that he wants us to forget. That’s why it’s important to read Bible for Tribulation Saints to be reminded of all that Jesus has told us. It will help us stay out of trouble!

However, don’t do like I did and read it for two hours or more (cuz I got addicted) and then go to bed too late. I was just amazed how much I had forgotten. And as I read it, I realized that Satan was getting the upper hand in many areas of my life and in my thought processes. Also, reading the book gave me deeper insights into what Jesus has told us in the past. I highly recommend you incorporate Bible for Tribulation Saints into your devotions; and respect and read it like the Bible. YOU’LL BE AMAZED HOW MUCH YOU’VE FORGOTTEN!

By the way, Loree McBride’s dropping bombs like crazy and some of those bombs I think are giving me insomnia. I went to bed at 11:15 p.m. last night and got up at around 3. Not sure why. I’m going to try and go to bed even earlier tonight and see how it goes.