Why Many of Gail's Men Reject Jesus (INGRATITUDE, PRIDE, LOVE OF SIN)

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People have not changed. Most rejected Jesus when He showed up the first time in the first century, even when he miraculously healed them. And people reject Jesus now when He has shown up again to me and my men. Once many discover that Jesus expects them to be righteous and to give up their sins (or to try and give up their sins), they lose interest in Him and even HATE HIM. Like the great crowds who followed Him in the beginning, but walked away, the same thing happens today. I believe that the men who are left (and who are still loyal to me and Jesus) are about a fraction of what we had several years ago. Most of the men only liked Jesus for what He did for them and not for WHO HE IS. Yes, they saw his miracles. Yes, they knew He was for REAL. BUT, they loved their sin more than they loved him, SO THEY LEFT. The ones who are still around, love and admire Jesus for WHO HE IS and are willing to sacrifice and live a humble life to remain his disciple. John MacArthur has a probing, insightful message into why most don’t follow Jesus (see below).

Those Gail’s Men Going Their Own Way think they are angry at me, but they are really steaming mad at Jesus! They know I’m Jesus’ favorite and they just don’t get it! Why else would they end up making love to the Antichrist (Loree McBride), after they leave me?

But those of you who have remained with me and Jesus, and have a heart for truth and love, I am going to make Bible for Tribulation Saints into an audio book (or books). This will be a two-year project and you can purchase the audio book(s) at my Patreon page, by joining the tiers I will put up there for each book. It will cost you ten dollars per audio book at Patreon.

When each book becomes available at Audible, I will let you know. There will be so many of them, that it might be worth it to have an Audible membership, at least until I finish all the books. I plan to work on this non-stop for two years. I will give you the post for the Audible books when the books become available. I expect to finish Bible for Tribulation Saints (12-27-11 to 3-21-12) in around a month or so, maybe sooner. It will have a corresponding Kindle book as well, or else Audible won’t let me make the audio book.

You can still get the entire Bible for Tribulation Saints (2012 – 2019), but it’s a massive read! But, if you’re on a tight budget, it’s only $5.49 FOR THE WHOLE THING! https://www.amazon.com/Bible-Tribulation-Saints-2012-Volumes-ebook/dp/B077P61MDL

I expect Bible for Tribulation Saints to have about 12 books, with each book a separate audio book at Audible. Each book will also have its own tier at my Patreon page. I have started the tier for Bible for Tribulation Saints (12-27-11 to 3-21-12), which will have the following chapters (each chapter about 2o to 30 minutes long):


JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 2) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 3) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 4) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 5) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 6) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 7) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 8) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 9) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

SATAN (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012)

(PART 2) SATAN (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012)

(PART 3) SATAN (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012)

COMPUTERS (March 2012)

(PART 2) COMPUTERS (March 2012)

(PART 3) COMPUTERS (March 2012)

(PART 4) COMPUTERS (March 2012)

(PART 5) COMPUTERS (March 2012)

( PART 6) COMPUTERS (March 2012)

Once I finish Bible for Tribulation Saints (12-27-11 to 3-21-12), there will be about eleven more books to go. This is a massive project. I was reluctant to do it for this reason, but have decided that people need to have access to this as an audio book because it’s that important. An audio book is great for our busy world.

I don’t expect to get rich off of this. The Loree McBride Jesuits always manage to block my writing proceeds. This is a labor of love. It is just my joy to get Jesus’ word out to the world. I hear that I am actually a New York Times bestselling author. You’d never know it looking at my income though! I still need welfare to eat. I’m actually providing this to my men for free, cuz last I heard they were all on food stamps. I want them to have this, so that they will be wiser in their decisions and, hopefully, learn to better manage their finances and keep their priorities right.

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