Loree McBride Idiots Running the Internet, Politics & the Media

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This is from the former Jesuit website orderofthejesuits.com, which my men removed in 2014.
Does a good job on this song, even though he’s gay.
I bet some of my men who defected to go to Loree McBride are feeling like this right now. But I won’t take them back!

Because Jesuits are so obsessed with me, it’s best for me to self-publish and DO IT ALL. When I tried traditional publishing, they sabotaged every part of the process. Even hiring a publisher to publish for me turned out to be a rip-off. They sabotaged my cover, and did very little work on the book with lots of mistakes. I decided to teach myself how to draw portraits and now do it all myself. I don’t hire anybody for anything. I do it all myself. Even then, they do tricky stuff like switching out my books with counterfeits. They keep me and my men busy with all their nonsense. I never get the full amount of my actual book sales. Jesuits always manage to steal most of my writing income. It’s hard to succeed as an author financially, when the Jesuits practically own the Internet and you are their number one target (just do a search on my name and see what comes up). If the viewer didn’t know better, they’d think I was paranoid schizophrenic. It amazes me how many Jesuits there are online! You can always spot them cuz they’re immature, love labels, and make comments like retards. Unfortunately, when you attract retards online, it doesn’t do much for your public image! People start to think you must be a retard, cuz only retards comment about you online. Well, any “respectable” person that comments about me online is removed so that nobody reads what they said about me. I have managed to get some of those “removed” comments at my website, though, under my book reviews section. https://gabriellechana.blog/gabrielle-chana-gail-chord-schuler-book-reviews/

That’s why it’s essential that I have my own website and online presence to counter all the damage and lies the Jesuits do to my reputation. Fortunately, I don’t write for money and the Lord provides for me in other ways. My goal is to have as much control over the production of the book as possible. I have learned Jesuits are everywhere! I don’t even trust readers to read my book with objectivity. I just sit on the manuscript and reread it cold and I do a much better job than any reader (who may very well end up being a Jesuit).

You might say, why don’t you let your celebrity men read your books and critique it? Well, there’s a problem there. They tend to be partial towards all I do (so they never catch my weaknesses) and then often use my books in court, so I try to leave them out of it. Don’t want to destroy the possibility of using my books a legal evidence. As a writer, I consider myself a truth-teller and truth-tellers aren’t too popular now-a-days. Most get destroyed. I survive cuz Jesus protects me. My goal is to write and produce what I wish I could find in the bookstores. Most of what’s out there bores me to death!

Like the Trump impeachment trial is such a farce, I don’t watch a minute of it. BORING. Ukraine and Russia are not our enemies and what really matters, like our support of Loree McBride’s military-industrial complex (which the Dems are guilty of too) is never touched. They go after stuff that doesn’t matter and the stuff that does matter, they ignore. Loree McBride touts herself as a Dem who despises Trump, BUT she says with haughtiness that any Dem who supports Tulsi Gabbard, must be stupid and a Dem traitor. Well Vladimir Putin is on my marriage list and would die for me, that explains the Russia nonsense. All the rest you hear is garbage. If the news media ever reported the true news, we’d all faint! Loree McBride is running things and loves trying to control the narrative to make her believable as the “celebrity wife of Brent Spiner”, while she rapes other men with glee besides her “husband”. The Brent Spiner CLONE ( who claims to be her husband and the father of Loree’s child) does not mind that Loree is not faithful to him. To him faithfulness means a cushy bank account and Loree is good at bribery and paying off her supporters. She KNOWs HOW TO STEAL, and the Brent Spiner CLONE loves stealing the income of the REAL Brent Spiner and he’s all in it for the money mainly. Though he probably enjoys being raped by Loree, cuz he’s a pervert like she is. Doing it with a harem would be no problem to him, AS LONG AS YOU DON’T TOUCH HIS CUSHY BANK ACCOUNT.

Regarding Loree’s “child” with Brent. She obtained semen from her drug rape of Brent (1992) and impregnated herself using artificial insemination (2001) to produce a baby to trap Brent into marriage with her. The REAL Brent has never really fully cooperated with this “marriage” and when he did, it was cuz Loree threatened to kill me if he wouldn’t. Unfortunately, that child is being raised to be a Jesuit and appears to be evil. Jesuits have UFO technology and anybody who knows anything about UFOs knows they are Satan’s fallen angels and have had an obsession with human reproduction. All the humans they’ve abducted have had their reproductive organs messed with. So that’s why we have an onslaught of clones and evil Jesuit babies being made everywhere. These may be all the idiots who comment about me online. They can even grow a baby to adulthood in days using accelerated growth hormones. It’s real easy to make clones. They also know how to transfer memories. Satan is no dummy and Loree is his right-hand person right now.

There isn’t much out there for intelligent people to watch or view. The world seems to be filled with retards. What can you expect when the biggest retard of all – Loree McBride – is running things! This is not an insult on true retards, but my way of describing anyone who is foolish enough to follow Loree McBride, who can only get a man to go to bed with her willingly who is as evil as herself, and has to use drug rape and brain control to get the decent, intelligent guys to bed her. Then she lies and says they liked having frying pans hit over their head and baseball bats to knock them out to get them to cooperate with her rape of them! Any woman who makes love to men like that and enjoys it, deserves to be called a RETARD.

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