Star Trek Discovery's a FLOP because Loree McBride PRODUCES IT

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star trek discovery season 2 sucks
Loree’s incapable of deep thought. This is why her one-dimensional characters are shallow and boring, How can you produce three-dimensional characters, when you are only capable of one-dimensional thought?

Loree McBride is the secret producer behind this flop ( and keeps it going with money from her underground criminal operations. She needs to keep Star Trek alive ( because that is her claim to fame. Without her connections to Star Trek, she quickly falls into nothing territory, something this egotistical woman will absolutely never tolerate. To ensure her connections to Star Trek and the “famous” Brent Spiner appear legit, she needs to keep Star Trek alive and viable, even if she has to destroy great writing and productions in the process. She makes Star Trek Discovery “preach” to the viewers about the causes she sponsors that help seal her as the legit Dem leader. Loree is also the secret leader of the Dem Party right now, which is why I know Tulsi Gabbard will NOT get the Dem nomination, even though Tulsi could easily beat Trump. I know this sounds like the rantings of a conspiracy theorist, because the mainstream news only reports propaganda and has veered from the truth, which is like swallowing the red pill from The Matrix (really hard to swallow for some people). I am red pilling lots of people and Loree wants you to take the blue pill so she can keep you under the control of her “matrix”.

Blue pill: Clones don’t exist, Red pill: Clones exist and are taking over the planet

Blue pill: No nukkake hit Canada in 2011, Red pill: The first nukkake hit Canada in 2011

Blue pill: Vladimir Putin is a dictator against freedom, Red pill: Vladimir Putin is on Gail’s marriage list, so Loree is obsessed with destroying him.

Blue pill: There’s no such thing as fake news, Red pill: Fake news is rampant and Trump may have a point.

I could go on, but you get the drift. . .

She thinks just cuz she, the Almighty Loree McBride with Antichrist powers, is behind any production, that automatically makes it great. The reason it’s doing so poorly in the ratings (which she covers up with her control over the media and Hollywood), she says, is cuz Gail and her men have sabotaged it out of jealousy. Oh my God! Spare us Loree. Anybody who has studied a modicum of writing can tell that the writer/producer behind this flop has not even bothered to learn the writing craft and just assumes that putting words on the script makes it great, cuz the originator or the inspiration (Loree McBride) of the words is so great.

Loree, your big ego needs to take a hike.

You insult the intelligence of anybody who is capable of a teeny bit of independent thought. Those who like this farce are all your puppets, probably being paid to spout off lines from your publicity department. You have to pay people to watch this, cuz anybody who likes this crap is obviously someone whose brains have been shot to hell – the only type of people who would follow or honor you. This is not to say that everyone who follows you has a low I.Q., but that they don’t use their brain for whatever reason, probably because they don’t want to, cuz using their brains would force them to acknowledge that Loree is an idiot. And yes, it’s true, that most people don’t use most of their brain. This is especially true in the Internet age, where the most intelligent expressions you get from people are “LOL” and other expressions that require a minimum of deep thought.

She acquires “intelligent” celebrity lovers into her harem by knocking them over the head with fry pans and baseball bats, so she can inject brain control drugs into them. This is the red pill you get from me, the Morpheus of the Universe. Then she photographs the mess and uses it as “proof” the man had sex with her, so she can trap them into a relationship with her. If the man’s in love with me (i.e., Brent Spiner, Keanu Reeves, etc.) she also threatens to kill me if he won’t go along with her propaganda that I’m the crazy lady and she has a legit relationship with the celebrity.

Her latest strategy has been to fake depth and caring, using her publicity department to cook up stories that make her appear caring and a humanitarian at heart. But one look at the rage in her eyes tells you this woman is cold and brutal. She hires photographic hucksters to soften her eyes in a lot of photos, but the real look comes through in some of them and anybody with a pea brain can tell that this woman is not who she touts herself to be. She tries to associate herself with people of depth and intelligence to cover up the fact that she has neither of these qualities. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is murdering some deep and intelligent people and replacing them with clones, or using her nefarious brain control on them, to get them to support her, to make up for the fact that you’d have to shoot your brains to hell to support this control freak from hell, who literally meets with Satan about once a week.

I guess cuz Satan has chosen her as his right hand person, it has really gotten to her head, making her think she’s really special. Yeah, but you idiot, Satan is a loser. He’s just mad that he got sentenced at the cross and knows he’s on his way down and wants to take as many suckers with him as possible. The biggest sucker is the person he gives Antichrist powers to, who, if they remain the Antichrist, will be beaten to a PULP at the Final Battle between Christ and the Antichrist. Yeah, it’s coming Loree and you’re a retard if you think you can beat Jesus. If you, Loree, think you can win this one, you are a total RETARD. In fact, you’re worse than a retard, because most retards have better morals than you and at least they have an excuse for their stupidity. You have no excuse. Your big ego has condemned you to the lake of fire.

In the meanwhile, those of us who have managed to retain a modicum of independent thought and who can think for ourselves are being forced to endure a flood of garbage streaming from Loree McBride’s Hollywood. The result is that the intelligent folks are abandoning Hollywood and joining up with my Gabrielle Chana FOX News studio, so they can still use their brains while they make movies and productions. That’s because anyone who dares to put out anything with independence of thought is branded as racist, a Putin supporter and whatever labels Loree’s propaganda department puts out to shut down anybody who uses even a modicum of their brain in their work. Hey just cuz you can program a computer, or write the words of a script, does not mean you are using your brain. It just means you have borrowed someone else’s ideas to do that. Your creativity in your projects is ZERO. Nothing new under the sun, would be the best way to describe the mess coming out of Hollywood right now. It’s even worse than that, in that what is coming out is suited to the mind of a two-year old. As you continue to make the world a darker and dumber place, you strive to shut out any and all who bring light, intelligence and deep thought to the world.

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