War Criminal U.S. Pres. Melania Trump May Be Handed Over to Iran

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Donald Trump and acting U.S. President Melania Trump headed to Palm Beach International Airport from Mar-a-Lago on Sunday afternoon (Jan. 5, 2020), bringing an end to their two-week stay at the Florida resort

Way to go U.S. President Melania Trump. You have totally turned the White House into an insane asylum run by the inmates.

A body language expert says there is friction between Melania and Ivanka. Ivanka apparently does not appreciate Melania abusing her dad and taking over his job as U.S. President.

Some of you fanatical Trump supporters need to do some thinking. . .

Here is a response I got to the above comment at Gab: “Death to America, that seems to be new, Trump is such an instigator.”

MY ANSWER: If the Iranians took out Mike Pence in a pre-emptive strike, how would YOU feel? Would you be shouting DEATH TO IRAN? Soleimani was 2nd in command in Iran. DUMB TRUMP MOVE.

I’ve been muting a lot of folks at Gab. They seem to be Melania Trump cucks, and are a waste of time to talk to. They bring up points that I’ve already dealt with, if they truly cared about truth and justice. I wonder how much Melania pays these cucks to waste my time at Gab.

Melania’s rabid jealousy of me has caused her to make the miscalculation of her lifetime. In her attempts to show off her power, she needs to learn that pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. The whole world hates her now. Last I heard brain-to-brain is my men AND HER HUSBAND DONALD have decided to turn her over to Iran and they can do with her as they please. This is to pacify Iran. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Thousands-Mourn-Iranian-General-as-Quds-Force-Unfurls-Red-Flag-20200104-0011.html

Whether they’ve actually handed her over to Iran, I don’t know cuz brain to brain is often inaccurate, but I’m sure if they do, the Iranians may plan an interesting execution for her.

This is what Melania does to Donald to make sure she retains her power. https://gabriellechana.blog/2019/06/04/jealous-deadly-melania-controls-donald-trump-brent-spiner-letter/

Not sure that brain to brain is accurate, but I really don’t think Donald Trump wanted to assassinate Soleimani. I mean that is the dumbest move any President could have made. It’s too dumb to be Trump. He even ran on getting us out of stupid wars, which was the MAIN REASON I voted for him. That sounds like 100% Melania Trump. She just shoved Donald aside and used an evil Donald Trump automaton to do her bidding the past week (while Donald was away from her living on the Church of Gail spaceship) and had her way and now SHE’S FINISHED. Looks like she has also finished Donald’s Presidency. I don’t know how he’s going to weasel out of this disaster.

Have fun, Melania! It doesn’t pay to be a jealous douche. In your jealousy of me, you’ve caused the whole world to suffer by murdering one of my supporters and trying to demonize him to the world (Soleimani) and now everyone hates you. As you have attempted to oust me as American Empress, you have incurred the wrath of just about every Muslim on planet earth. Have a nice day, warmonger and murderer. Learn a lesson: JEALOUSY DOESN’T PAY.

This doesn’t mean Melania won’t be appearing in public with Trump and my brain to brain may be inaccurate. It would be a just punishment for her though. We can make an automaton of her easily for public appearances or the Loree McBride Jesuits might clone her.

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