God Will Judge the U.S. Government for Monstrous Greed & Murder (Soleimani)

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God have mercy on Melania Trump and Loree McBride’s soul. Your judgment will be VERY SEVERE because your sins have piled high to heaven. I am Jesus’ favorite and I sense His anger. He’s furious at you.

Trump threatens Iraq with ‘very big sanctions’ unless it pays BILLIONS back for an air base if US troops forced to withdraw

It doesn’t appear that Melania Trump has been deported to Iran. If she has, then Loree McBride has totally taken over the U.S. in her place. We are still experiencing evil leadership in the United States. President Trump has threatened crippling sanctions against Iraq, if U.S. troops pull out of Iraq.

The local Iraqi forces have already been deemed capable of tackling the existing terrorist threat on their own – and now the US troops are “basically booted out” instead of departing after an accomplished mission. Still, there’s no certainty that they will actually depart – which will turn them once again into de-jure occupiers of the country, former Pentagon official Michael Maloof said.

“Now the question is – if ordered out, will the US forces leave? … If they do not, then they’ll become an occupying force once again.”

It’s real simple folks, the true U.S. leaders are getting rich off of keeping the troops in the Middle East. If they pull out, their bank accounts will run dry and they can’t continue living high on the hog anymore. Don’t you dare touch their bank accounts, THEY WILL KILL TO ENSURE THEY CAN SPEND AND SPEND AND SPEND AND MAKE LOTS OF MONEY OFF THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

As U.S. Empress I have ordered the U.S. troops out of Iraq and Trump is ignoring me. These folks in the Middle East have suffered because we are OCCUPYING their country and they don’t need us. We NEED THEM, CUZ WE WANT THEIR OIL TO MAKE SURE WE CAN HAVE CUSHY BANK ACCOUNTS. They don’t need our babysitting services and Trump needs to learn how to live modestly and quit spending so much money! Christ teaches us having food and raiment let us therewith be content. Trump’s greed and horrible spending is destroying our economy and if he could just learn to quit going into debt and cut our military spending and put all that money into solving problems at home, it would do the Americans and the Middle East a big favor.

All I can say is, as a Bible believing Christian, I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump anymore. Why he has chosen the path of greed and murder I’m not sure, but I feel that every Bible believing Christian needs to put a lot of prayer into who to vote for in 2020. I, for one, plan to vote for Tulsi Gabbard, EVEN IF I’M THE ONLY PERSON WHO DOES. I will vote my conscience, and if the rest of you are too stupid or brainwashed to vote wisely, that’s between you and God. We all need to pray, cuz I suspect that we still have a problem of Melania running the country instead of Donald.

But one thing is for sure, whoever’s leading the country is motivated by greed and lust and is VERY, VERY EVIL. I know some folks will say, who are YOU to talk? Well, I am Jesus Christ’s favorite. He has said that many times. So I may not get my way in who’s running the country, but I know that in the final judgment when these government officials meet Christ, they will be sorry then. I suspect that their spots in hell will be fuming hot. So consider that when you vote Christians!

Photo of our current tyrant U.S. President Melania Trump, taken Jan. 5, 2020.

I believe that Soleimani was one of my supporters and, therefore, was attempting to stop Melania Trump’s gravy train. This woman is a big spender and knows nothing about moderation. She killed him, because he WAS IN HER WAY. He was actually fighting ISIS and was one of the most effective warriors in the Middle East fighting TRUE TERRORISM. Melania Trump IS A TERRORIST and Soleimani was a general who opposed her terrorism, so he had to go. God have mercy on your soul, Melania Trump. You are about as evil as they come. Your heart is ice. You are cruel, unforgiving and a TYRANT. God have mercy on your ugly, filthy heart. I say this as Jesus Christ’s favorite. I’m sure if he was here, he’d agree with me. When you meet God at the Great White Throne, and the books are opened, your sins will be so high, I bet God will need to take a time out and extra time to mete out your judgments, because you sins are piled so high, it probably makes God want to vomit!

I rest my case. I am doing all I can to stop your cruelty, but you are evil and stubborn. When it’s time for your fall, you will fall hard and fast. God will see to it. You don’t fool him a bit. He sees all the ugliness in your heart, your coldness, your jealousy and your rage.

God is especially pissed cuz you fooled his own children into thinking you are God’s child (Melania Trump, CHILD OF HELL), when you are Satan’s child, and have encouraged them to sin by supporting your cold rage, greed and murders. God doesn’t take it lightly when you use his name and claim to be His, and serve Satan!! How dare you claim to be a Christian and get evangelical support, when your heart is filled with rage, jealousy and murder.

If Trump doesn’t move the troops out of Iraq, it means he’s a murderer and plans to keep on being a murderer. So Christians remember in 2020 that if you vote for Trump, you’re voting for a murderer. Unfortunately, you will be voting for Melania Trump. Iraq has asked him to leave and he refuses, which means he plans to extort Iraq into accepting his murderous regime over them, whether they like it or not. VOTE THE MURDERER OUT OF OFFICE AND IMPEACH HIM FOR THIS, TOO. If you don’t, God will judge you as a murderer for enabling his murders.

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