Evil Loree McBride/Melania Trump Using Israel to Run the World

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First off, I’d like to state that I am a Jewish Christian (and am literally half King David) and I support the right of the Jews to have the land of Israel. But I do have a problem with how they are treating minorities in their country and how they are treating their neighbors right now. They seem to be afflicted with a sense of superiority which they feel gives them the right to do anything and everything to those who get in their way as they try to expand their territories and increase their financial assets (like stealing the oil from their neighbors) and raping and pillaging minorities inside their country and those who don’t support their greed and violence outside their country.

Jews, your current behavior, is making the world hate you. Stop your bullying and your greed, or pay day is surely coming! I say this as one of you. Unfortunately, the Bible predicts that Israel’s greatest holocaust is future (during the 7-year tribulation). Yes, we as Christians need to support Israel and the best way to support them right now is to tell them to stop behaving like bullies, cuz you won’t always have the United States covering your back and when that happens, you’re TOAST. Fortunately, one-third of the Jews will accept Jesus as their Messiah at the end of the 7-year tribulation (future) and then they will get all that land God promised them. But God is not about to give you all your land (promised in the Bible) while you live like the devil and make evil alliances with women like Loree McBride and Melania Trump, who, are actually having meetings with Satan!

It appears that as a result of the Holocaust, which was horrible, that many Jews feel they have the right to do all sorts of evil to anyone who is not a Jew or does not support their terrorism against those who get in their way. It’s like they are in revenge mode for all the persecutions they have suffered throughout their history.

I pretty much agree with the article Donald Trump is No Friend to the Jews by Gregory Shupak.

Loree McBride took over the nation of Israel around May 2017. This is how Loree McBride’s Jewish supporters operate. Melania Trump appears to be in an alliance with Loree McBride. Melania Trump and Loree McBride together rule the U.S. and the Israeli governments.

Here is what I find troubling about current Jewish behavior:

Left: How #Iran treats our sailors. Captured for entering Iranian waters but then released without being harmed. Right: How #Israel treats our sailors. Killed 34 and injured 174 using napalm, torpedoes, and machine gun fire. #MoveToIran#soleimani#FridayThoughts#WorldWarIII

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No Iranian ever called me problematic or privileged, censored me, tried to ruin my livelihood due to my politics, attacked me with pepper spray, frivolously sued me or put my friends in jail on bullshit charges.

Mike P’s Juice Squeeze at Twitter


Israel has committed more terror attacks against Americans than Iran ever has. Israel has also spied on America more than Iran ever has. This is objectively true and anyone who denies this is either a liar or under the spell of the globalist media. #IraqProtests#Iraq

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PragerU is anti-American. Their allegiance to Israel comes first if that wasn’t already obvious from their videos

Nuance Bro at Twitter

Nothing like wishing you could send your little ones to die for Israel.

Pardoned Jew Groyper at Twitter


Shut up. No one with a brain supports a War in Iran. If you proceed with one, you’re gonna lose the election and things will probably end with your family broke and you in jail. This is not what you ran on. Quite the opposite, actually!

Ethan Ralph at Twitter

I love the United States of America. We can’t secure the full funding for our own border wall while we give more money away to foreign nations every year. We spent trillions in Afghanistan & media finally admitted this year we were lied to. When does ‘America First’ set in?

An0maly at Twitter

Not one tweet or even a retweet from @BenShapiro about the deadly Christian church shooting that happened in Fort Worth, Texas yesterday. Nor is there a tweet denouncing Bret Stephens’ racist eugenics NYT column. We are approaching a time of stark contrast, friends.

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BREAKING: Donald #Trump supports AlQaeda. #Syria#Idlib

Syrian Girl at Twitter


Ever wonder why you don’t see Crosses or nativity scenes in public anymore? In 1989 the ACLU spearheaded a campaign against Christianity as they pressured the Supreme Court into banning all Christian symbols from public spaces. In the holding, menorahs were allowed to remain.

Baptist Groyper at Twitter


Genuinely confused how this guy asking the question can call people who are against U.S. gov’t giving billions to Big Tech to execute their state agenda “liberty loving” but those who want to preserve free speech, “authoritarian” … ? Is he braindead or just projecting?

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Your president just signed an executive order making criticism of Jews unlawful on campus. Laws against BDS too. I’m demonetized on Youtube and banned from PayPal for opposing Jewish supremacy. You’re not fooling anyone.

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Traumatizing the kids??? Well let’s see, I politely asked Ben Shapiro a question as he strolled past me, unobstructed, alongside his wife & kids. Meghan McCain and Ben supported blowing up children and their parents in the Middle East with bombs. Oh but civility! Just stop lying.

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What’s Conservative in 2019: * Race mixing * Trannies * Homosexuals * Zionism * Legalizing Drugs * Freeing Prisoners * Mass Immigration * Whores * Tech Censorship * Tax Cuts for the Wealthy * Crackdowns on “White Nationalists” * 100% Loyalty to Israel * Endless Foreign Wars

Pardoned Jew Groyper


We had a Congressional hearing on White Nationalism. It is now time to have a Congressional hearing on Jewish Nationalism. Who has more power in America? White nationalists or Jewish nationalists?

RAMZPAUL at Twitter

Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad asset who was used by Israeli intelligence to blackmail American politicians, according to a former Israeli spy.

Paul Joseph Watson at Twitter

Republican governors of Utah and Nebraska also pushing refugee resettlement on their citizens, in partnership with Catholic, Lutheran & Jewish government contractors & subcontractors making billions across the heartland. #OpenBordersInc

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1. Egypt does not receive the most foreign aid. 2. There are no laws that prohibit me from boycotting Egypt. 3. No one screams “anti Islam” if I propose reducing all foreign aid. 4. Egyptian groups don’t determine what Americans can say on the Internet.

RAMZPAUL at Twitter

Syria has the most Christians in the Middle East. Before the Syrian war especially. Now a million or so are gone. But for some reason people who claim to love Christians always want to destabilize nations where they are safe. Weird.

An0maly at Twitter

Dan… respectfully… you aren’t pro-1st Amendment. When confronted with legitimate free speech questions — you suggest the 1st Amendment is a “cloak” for hate speech & melt into a snowflake. Supporting Israel is one thing. Giving away the 1st Amendment for them is another.

An0maly at Twitter

The amount of Jewish entertainers, producers, screenwriters & actors who constantly demonize white European heritage is incredible. If the roles were reversed these people would be crying anti-Semitism. This isn’t a conspiracy theory or hate speech. It’s a fact.

An9maly at Twitter

Head rabbi at the most popular seminary in Israel says non-Jews want to be enslaved by Jews. This isn’t the Likud party. This isn’t Netanyahu. This is a Jewish 𝗿𝗲𝗹𝗶𝗴𝗶𝗼𝘂𝘀 institution! And these people have the gall to condemn us for racism and supremacism.

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Deny the holocaust: -your life is completely ruined -you cant get a job anywhere -your house gets burned down -you get assassinated Deny the Ressurection of Jesus Christ: -you’re a hero

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Were you ever skeptical that Assad was authorizing chemical weapons attacks when they were the one thing that put his winning the war at risk? Authors of the official reports linking him to chemical weapons usage have now supplied evidence that their own reports were doctored.

Max Abrahms at Twitter

Today the ADL hosted a speech by Jewish actor Sasha Baron Cohen who called for a “global crackdown on hate speech online.” The ADL, once known as B’nai B’rith, is a very powerful Jewish organization that got its start defending Leon Frank, who was a pedophile-rapist and murderer.

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#Israel will not be safe in an #AmericaFirst world” (((Bret Stephens))) of the #NewYorkTimes thinks Israelis continuing to forcefully take land from the #Palestinian people is a-okay & that Americans should continue to die for Israel in stupid wars.

Pale_Primate at Twitter

Every major right wing leader is lying about the word “anti-Semitism” to undermine free speech & stop valid questioning. Ben Shapiro thinks it’s anti-Semitic to question Israel, loyalty or adopt a Ron Paul foreign policy anti-war stance. The mask is off. These people are frauds.

An0maly at Twitter

And don’t doubt for one second that Shapiro is framing Paul as an anti-Semite for any other reason than detesting his anti-war stance.

Brett MacDonald at Twitter


The ADL was created to protect a pedo murderer named Leo Frank. He was convicted and sentenced for murdering Mary Phagan. And now they’re gonna murder your right to say anything on social media by calling everything they disagree with “hate speech”.

Grace at Twitter

2007 Democrats: We love Obama’s for promising to meet without conditions with Assad – and all the other leaders of the Bad Countries, even N Korea – as a means of opening dialogue (I said this, too). 2019 Dems: Tulsi is evil for doing it. Dems have no principles of any kind.

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