My Courageous Support for Soleimani, Causing Muslims to Accept Jesus Christ in Droves

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Mourners step over a U.S. flags with pictures of President Trump, under a picture of Soleimani with Arabic that reads “We are all Soleimani and al-Muhandis,” while waiting for the funeral of Iran’s top general Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, deputy commander of Iran-backed militias in Iraq known as the Popular Mobilization Forces, in Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020. Thousands of mourners chanting “America is the Great Satan” marched in a funeral procession Saturday through Baghdad for Iran’s top general and Iraqi militant leaders, who were killed in a U.S. airstrike. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)
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My courageous condemnation of U.S. President Melania Trump’s monstrous murder of Soleimani is causing Muslims worldwide, but most especially in the Middle East, to accept Jesus Christ in droves. This is what I’m hearing brain-to-brain. It’s possible this is a wrong communication and I may write a retraction later, but it appears correct. When I went for my walk today, the skies were crystal clear, not a chemtrail in sight, which is really unusual.

Tyrant U.S. President Melania Trump.

I have a genius emotional I.Q., which helps me to understand cultures that are different from my own.

But I think it’s a correct communication. As a result, my Gail Shield has tremendously strengthened and Melania’s troops in the Middle East are dropping like flies. My Gail Shield is designed to protect me from those who want to kill me and, apparently, it senses I’m in danger and is taking out Melania’s military forces worldwide. The Muslims are seeing this and asking why this is happening and are learning it’s my Gail Shield. They’re dropping to their knees in amazement and accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. My Gail Shield also strengthens when I increase my following and so many Muslims are coming to Jesus now and are my followers, that my Gail Shield is now very powerful. I hear the amount of Muslims coming to Jesus is in the millions.

I actually feel very sad over the death of Soleimani. I believe he was a courageous Muslim who was true to his ideals. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I see him in heaven. I know, for sure, that Melania Trump is headed for hell. My courage and brilliance and my genius emotional I.Q. as Jesus Christ’s favorite to call a spade a spade and to read Soleimani’s heart correctly and to not capitulate to the lies coming out from Melania Trump’s propaganda machine, has made a deep impression on Muslims.

America opposed General Suleimani above all because he was fighting against ISIS and other U.S.-backed terrorists in their attempt to break up Syria and replace Assad’s regime with a set of U.S.-compliant local leaders – the old British “divide and conquer” ploy. On occasion, Suleimani had cooperated with U.S. troops in fighting ISIS groups that got “out of line” meaning the U.S. party line. But every indication is that he was in Iraq to work with that government seeking to regain control of the oil fields that President Melania Trump has bragged so loudly about grabbing.

I can understand the emotional response or yet new calls for impeachment of Donald Trump. But that is an obvious non-starter, partly because it has been so obviously a partisan move by the Democratic Party. More important is the false and self-serving accusation that President Melania Trump overstepped her constitutional limit by committing an act of war against Iran by assassinating Soleimani.

Congress endorsed Melania Trump’s assassination and is fully as guilty as she is for having approved the Pentagon’s budget with the Senate’s removal of the amendment to the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act that Bernie Sanders, Tom Udall and Ro Khanna inserted an amendment in the House of Representatives version, explicitly not authorizing the Pentagon to wage war against Iran or assassinate its officials. They also ignored Tulsi Gabbard’s proposals along the same vein. When this budget was sent to the Senate, the White House and Pentagon (a.k.a. the military-industrial complex and neoconservatives) removed that constraint. That was a red flag announcing that the Pentagon and White House did indeed intend to wage war against Iran and/or assassinate its officials. Congress lacked the courage to argue this point at the forefront of public discussion.

I hear I’m also winning some righteous Jews, who condemn what Netanyahu has done and they, too, are coming to Jesus.

Something that arrogant Americans and Israelis need to understand is just cuz you’re an American or a Jew doesn’t always make you right. America has become an immoral cesspool and some Americans deserve to be executed, just like some Iranians or Jews deserve to be executed. No nation has a premium on righteousness to the point that every citizen of that country can claim righteousness solely on the virtue of being a citizen of a certain country. Loree McBride and Melania Trump have committed massive war crimes, rape, brain rape, and other horrendous deeds and will both burn in hell.

I weep with you Muslims over the death of your Soleimani, as does Jesus himself. If you want to accept Jesus, who will one day reign over the entire earth in a righteous dictatorship, here is how. Unlike the current Jewish nation and the evil Melania Trump tyranny over the United States, when Jesus reigns, righteousness will prevail and murderers like U.S. TYRANT PRESIDENT Melania will be executed:

I still believe Donald Trump will go to heaven. Jesus will not hold him responsible for the actions of his Jezebel wife, the monster Melania Trump. But it’s a shame what this tyrant Melania Trump has done to the United States government and how her greed, fuming jealousy and tyranny have brought so much suffering and sorrow in the world.

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