U.S. Empress Gail's Forces : U.S., Iran, Iraq, Syria, China, Russia & Growing

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Update on Jan. 9, 2020: The following countries seem to be allying with Melania Trump’s evil U.S. forces. These are the traditional U.S. allies, countries considered to be U.S. Allies By War Participation Post-WW2. 1 point for direct military involvement, .25 for non-military support : Italy 11.25, UK 10.25, France 10, Australia 8.5, Canada 7.25, Turkey 7.25, South Korea 4.25, Philippines 2.75, ROC/Taiwan 1.75, Japan 1.5, Israel 0.25 .

Many nations that have low confidence in Trump have joined Empress Gail’s coalition of nations to fight evil U.S. Pres. Melania Trump

However, it’s not as simple as it appears. All of Melania’s countries are getting defectors to Empress Gail’s side and they just join the Russian army and get dual citizenship between their home country and Russian citizenship, like the defecting Americans are doing.

Ukraine appears to be siding with Melania. Unfortunately, the U.S. orchestrated a coup in 2014 that gave the Americans a lot of control over Ukraine.

From what I understand Turkey is a mixed bag right now. You have to remember that Turkey shot down a Russian jet. https://www.opednews.com/articles/Turkey-and-Russia-made-a-d-by-Jonas-Dringelis-Army_Iran_Nuclear_Putin-200109-162.html

I’m hearing brain to brain that we have about 80% of the U.S. military and Melania has the remaining 20%. But she is trying to shore up her international base using traditional U.S. allies from after World War II.

The countries lining up with Empress Gail are the good U.S. troops, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and growing. The countries that have not been traditional U.S. allies are seriously considering getting on board with Empress Gail’s forces. We MUST DEFEAT MELANIA. There’s a bit of a civil war inside of China, but China is taking firm measures to deal with any Melania Trump supporters inside of China. We are shipping military reinforcements to those countries that side with me and Melania Trump is using the evil Trump automatons to slap economic sanctions on those countries. Fortunately, with China on our side, we can work around a lot of this. China has a very strong economy, which is why Melania is trying to wean China away from us by instigating a civil war inside China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a surprise visit to Syria, holding talks with his counterpart, Bashar Assad, at an Empress Gail military command center. Empress Gail has most of the U.S. military on her side, but Melania’s coup is pretty big and she still has control over most of the Internet and mainstream media, as well as the military heads in the Pentagon. So the only reliable news source is Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). The most reliable mainstream news is RT News.

Those U.S. soldiers that side with Empress Gail become Russian citizens and the Russian national anthem is played when they gain Russian citizenship. They actually have dual American/Russian citizenship, but we allow them to belong to the Russian military to avoid “friendly fire” as we battle Melania’s military.

Those U.S. troops that side with Gail have become Russian citizens and part of the Russian military in order to avoid confusion on the battle field, since Melania’s troops are also considered U.S. troops.

History seems to be repeating itself. I am literally half Catherine the Great and half King David. So keep that in mind as you watch the following. . .

Donald Trump is resting because he sustained serious injuries from Melania and is no longer able to control his wife at all, which explains why the U.S. government has gone totally rogue.

We were able to turn Melania over to the Iranians, but while they tortured her and tried to execute her, Loree McBride teleported her onto Loree’s spaceship and both Loree and Melania are working together to try and defeat Empress Gail. Many of these mourners have become born again Christians and now side with Empress Gail.

My men threw Melania Trump to the Iranian crowds and they jumped all over her, even killing themselves in a stampede. Loree McBride rescued Melania at the last minute and Melania now resides on a Loree McBride spacecraft.

I’m hearing brain to brain the stampede happened when we turned Melania Trump over to Iran. But Loree McBride saved her by teleporting her out of there, so Melania currently resides on a Loree McBride spacecraft.

The evil Trump automaton claims on Jan 7, 2020 that the Iraqis still want the Americans in Iraq and notice how Melania is covered up so you can’t see the stitches she has all over her body from being thrown to the Iranians. Notice the evil gleams on all the faces. They’re all thrilled that Melania is still alive.

The real Donald seems to be living on Church of Gail without his wife. So since he is no longer with her, she has gotten control over the White House 100%. She is using an evil Donald Trump automaton to do Donald’s tweets and make public appearances.

Putin shakes the hand of a new believer in Jesus, thanks to Empress Gail’s courage in defending military hero Soleimani.

Putin “rode through the streets of Damascus” on his way to the command center, where he headed after landing at the city’s airport, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said. 

The Russian president met with Assad there as the two leaders listened to reports by military officials on the conditions on the ground in various regions of the country. Russia has been assisting Syria in the fight against terrorists since 2014.

Vladimir Putin is working with Assad and Muslims who accepted Christ to form a coalition to defeat Melania Trump’s forces in the Middle East.

During their meeting, Putin told Assad that “the signs of peaceful life are visible to the naked eye on the streets of Damascus,” Peskov said.

He also pointed out that it can now safely be said that “a huge distance has been passed on the way to restoring Syria’s statehood and territorial integrity.”

Assad (a new believer in Jesus) thanked Putin and the country’s military for the support in restoring peace in the country. I, Gail, am reporting brain to brain communications. If they are inaccurate, I will make a retraction later.

Millions of Middle Eastern Muslims from Iran, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere recently accepted Christ as their Savior and they are now being trained in Empress Gail’s military forces and space fleet, which includes the Zack Knight Jesuits, to take down evil tyrants Melania Trump and Loree McBride and their space force.

U.S. President Melania Trump, who maintains her power through rape, murder and extortion.

We do have complications in Iraq, because of the civil war inside the United States. Half of the U.S. military sides with Gail and half of the U.S. military sides with President Melania Trump. The ratio seems to be tipping in Empress Gail’s direction though and it seems Melania only gets loyalty through extortion mainly. Unfortunately, many in the U.S. military on Melania’s side want to defect to Empress Gail, but Melania is holding them hostage and forcing them to deploy to the Middle East, and is using them as hostages, so that we are unable to bomb Melania’s troops without killing innocents. So we have a mix of good and bad in Melania’s troops. We are currently working on strategies to take out only the bad in Melania’s troops and trying to make a way for those good people in the U.S. troops who want to defect to Empress Gail’s side to do so. Anyone who would like to assist Empress Gail to defeat Melania contact Gail’s men at gailsmen@yahoo.com.

The Russian leader is scheduled to visit several other venues during his stay in Syria to shore up Empress Gail’s coalition against illegal and evil U.S. President Melania Trump, who is currently occupying Iraq.

The situation in Europe and the rest of the world is a mixed bag. Many fear going against NATO, feeling there is no way to win against Melania’s NATO alliance. They are sitting back and observing. They may just sit back and watch. Courage like that of Soleimani is rare, but Empress Gail respects courage and respected Soleimani for his courage. For this reason, she has won many Muslims to Jesus. Millions of Muslims, like Assad in Syria, have accepted Jesus and now joined Empress Gail’s forces.

Putin’s last trip to Syria took place in 2017 when he inspected the country’s Khmeimim Air Base in the western Latakia Province.

China sides with Gail, but, they too, are sitting back and watching for now, but are lending us lots of secret support and could bring their troops in if they are needed. North Korea sides with Empress Gail. The North Korean leader is not the evil monster like how the Western media portrays him.

Sad to say, most of those on the White House staff are retards (no kidding), which may explain why Melania was able to convince them to take out Soleimani, which was disastrous military strategy. It only strengthened our alliance!

Vladimir Putin has been on Empress Gail’s marriage list since 2001 and is one of Gail’s stanchest supporters.

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