The Rapture Will Happen by 2035 I Think

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Nobody has made an audio/video presentation of Revelation that is 100% correct. But Ruckman is close. I believe that Babylon the Great will take place in actual Babylon, not Rome. I’m also not certain that the Antichrist will be a Pope, but he might be, because the Antichrist will come from the resurrected Roman empire. But Ruckman’s depictions of the strange creatures that will appear and lots of his other drawings are right on target. However, when I told Jesus that Ruckman depicts the Antichrist as blend between 3 races, Jesus laughed that that was absurd and said Ruckman’s depiction of the Antichrist is pretty inaccurate. I think the Antichrist might be a blonde! Possibly a transgender man Angelina Ballerina (a blonde) who might look like Alexander the Great. Despite Ruckman’s errors in his depiction of the Antichrist, his interpretation of Revelation is better than most rapture movies out there that confuse 2nd coming verses with rapture verses. I also don’t believe in King James Bible worship, but Ruckman’s obsession with literal Bible interpretation has helped him to get a lot of Revelation right, even though he’s overly obsessed with the King James Bible.
This is awesome music, called “The Wonderful Cross”.

Not sure the rapture will be this melodramatic, but there will be a rapture. Jesus has verified that with us many times. So the pre-tribulation view of Bible prophecy is correct. Dr. Ruckman believed the blood will be left behind because the blood is corrupt. In this movie, they think clothes will be left behind. I am of the view that it won’t be necessary for the saints who are raptured to leave anything behind because Jesus will TRANSFORM everything, the blood, the clothes and the bodies will be transformed into our new resurrection bodies when the rapture happens. However, I do think there will be a lot of car crashes, airplane crashes, etc. because the Christians manning those vehicles will just vanish. Also, the Bible makes it clear that only believers will see Jesus coming in the clouds for His church. So this will make it easy for Satan to explain it away as a UFO invasion or something like that.

I also believe the rapture will happen in the spring because of Song of Solomon 2:10-13. Jesus did promise that Brent and I would be married on earth and though I call Brent my husband, we are not legally married as of yet. So, unless Brent and I marry before the spring, I doubt the rapture will be this year, cuz Jesus promised that Brent and I would be married on earth. He also promised that we would defeat the Jesuits. So once I’m married to Brent and the Jesuits are defeated, then every spring I’ll be looking up! Nevertheless, I live each day as if I was before the Judgment Seat of Christ, because I meet with Jesus all the time and he lets me know if I’m on my path. It’s kind of like I’m having a Judgment Seat of Christ every time I talk with Jesus, because he mainly talks to me when I either need encouragement or when I’m off my path and he corrects me.

You might say, It must be great to deal with Jesus. It is, because he gives us so much help and advice. You may say, why doesn’t he do this for everyone? Well, Jesus won’t waste his time with folks who won’t listen and most folks don’t give a flip about honoring God with their lives. Secondly, I can tell you from personal experience, that being this close to Jesus brings on a very strong satanic attack. The devil attacks you directly and it can get very life threatening. And this world does not love God. So when you side with him, you get a LOT OF PERSECUTION. Just do a search on my name on the Internet and you’ll see what Jesus Christ’s favorite has to deal with. I can tell you, that if not for Jesus, Satan would have caused my physical death by now and/or I’d be homeless. Many of the men on my marriage list have already been murdered by Satan’s Jesuits (i.e., Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Qasem Soleimani, etc.) Jesus, knowing how important I am in His plan, had to intervene to KEEP ME ALIVE.

I and my men are heroes for Jesus. That’s why He meets with us. We are very important in His plan and we’ve paid a price for being this close to Jesus. But Jesus knew he could use us, that’s why He meets with us. I personally believe that I am adding to the Biblical canon and that Brent and my men and I will be very important to help Jesus get a following now, during the tribulation and during the future 1,000 year reign. This is why Satan is so obsessed with me. Have you noticed that Satan’s right hand person (Loree McBride) is the number one reason I cannot marry my husband Brent right now? Satan has actually stolen the man God chose to be my soulmate (Brent Spiner), cuz he’s so obsessed with destroying me (BECAUSE I AM JESUS CHRIST’S FAVORITE).

I’m so important that all the news you hear about is a distraction from the REAL NEWS, which is the war between me and my men and the Loree McBride Jesuits. As Terrance Jenkins told me, the war between me and Loree McBride (and her Jesuits) trumps the war between the nations right now. In fact, this war between me and Loree McBride, once it’s over – I believe we will have a type of the millennium on earth, BECAUSE THE NUMBER ONE REASON FOR MOST OF THE MURDERS ON THE PLANET IS LOREE MCBRIDE AND HER ARMY OF JESUITS. Once we defeat her, I believe the world will be at peace until the rapture. Jesus said that I and my men WILL DEFEAT THE JESUITS and that makes us super important. The Jesuits have been running the earth since about the 1500s. They are Satan’s army.

I sense that we may defeat the Loree McBride Jesuits within a year. Once that happens, Brent and I will probably get married. So my marriage to Brent may be in 2020 or 2021. Once we’re married, a type of the millennium will be on earth, cuz the Jesuits will be defeated. I think this is Jesus’ way of giving the world a taste of His future reign to give the world a much needed respite before the horrible 7-year tribulation begins (which will happen sometime after the rapture of the church).

Jesus did say that my Christian co-workers at Walmart would definitely be raptured. I last worked at Walmart in 2012. So this tells me that the rapture most definitely will be within the next 25 years. I am 62 right now. I last worked at Walmart when I was 54. I may live to around age 90 or longer if the rapture delays. Cuz my family tends to live a long time. BUT, I think I think I’ll be raptured. So my Christian Walmart co-workers will be raptured, which means the rapture will definitely happen within the next 30 years! So let’s say I marry Brent in 2021. Jesus may let me have an earthly marriage with him for around ten years, just to let me reign as Empress over the world (kind of like Christ’s millennial reign) to give the world a taste of the millennium. This means the rapture might happen around 2031. Now, how soon after the rapture the tribulation starts is speculation. It could start right away, or it could take a while. The tribulation starts when the Antichrist signs his peace deal with Israel. My guess is the tribulation will start pretty soon after the rapture. So we’ll probably be in the tribulation (and I’ll be up in heaven and raptured) from about 2034 to 2041. The nation of Israel may get saved around 2041. The 1,000 year reign will start around 2042.

Jesus WILL NOT GIVE US DATES. So I’m just guessing and I could be wrong. But I AM CERTAIN THAT THE RAPTURE, THE TRIBULATION AND THE 1,000 YEAR REIGN will all happen within the next 50 years FOR SURE. If you are not ready for the rapture, accept Jesus now before it’s too late. The tribulation will NOT BE A PICNIC. It will be worst period in all of human history.

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