Empress Gail Scores "High Biblical Literacy" on Biola University Test

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I trust Biola University to construct a good Bible test. U.S. News & World Report ranks Biola as a first-tier national university and on its selective list of universities with “Best Undergraduate Teaching.” The Princeton Review includes Biola on its list of “Best Western Colleges.” So I took another test for Bible knowledge. That Jesus test I took the other day was TOO easy. So I deliberately looked for a more challenging test. I did some guesses on this test, but I missed only one. They said I have high Biblical literacy and am in the minority. I’m trying to prove that I am qualified to know if I’m dealing with the real Jesus as I quote Him in Bible for Tribulation Saints. Here is a link to take the Biola University test.

Just for fun I toyed with some other tests and my scores were high. These other tests were taken mostly by Christians and even among Christians I did better than most of the Christians who took the test. Having Bible knowledge is only part of what you need to be a good disciple of Jesus. But with my above average Bible knowledge, it would be hard for a fake Jesus to fool me!


Here are some other pretty challenging tests I took and my results compared to other Christians who took the test. WARNING, if you plan to take the test, do NOT look at my results or you will be cheating. Just take the test and don’t look at my results until you finish taking the test. I’m certain most non-Christians who take these tests would totally FAIL. I don’t trust these tests as much as the Biola University test, cuz they seem too focused on the King James and New American Standard Bibles, so if someone was raised on other reliable versions, they may not score as well. I was raised on the King James. These tests are a little too nit-picky about exact wording from whatever translation they were using, which appeared to be possibly the American Standard Bible and seemed skewed towards certain translations of the Bible. My current Bible study is from my parallel Bible, which has the NIV, NASB, King James and New Living Translations. Jesus Christ states that the Parallel Bible I have is his favorite Bible. My men bought it for me as a 2012 Christmas present. My main focus in Bible study for the past year has been my own Bible for Tribulation Saints, which I consider an addition to the Biblical canon. I find Satan tries to get me to forget what Jesus has said to me, so I need to read Bible for Tribulation Saints to be reminded. The people behind the testing site are Christian and Missionary Alliance, and I come from a Baptist background mainly. I have kind of evolved into my own denomination now and am a blend between Dallas Theological Seminary, Chafer Theological Seminary (Dr. Andy Woods in charge of this) and Church of Gail (with my husband Brent Spiner as pastor). NEVERTHELESS, I did pretty respectably on their Bible tests. NOTE OF INTEREST: Billy Graham was Christian and Missionary Alliance from 1933-1937, preaching at the Tampa Gospel Tabernacle of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

I mainly take these tests to show that my Bible knowledge is above average, even comparing myself with other Christians, so it would be hard for a fake Jesus to fool me. I did not cheat. I took all the tests “cold”.

Second Coming and my results.

False Prophets and my result:

Prophecies of Messiah and my result:

The Beast and the False Prophet and my results:

The Church in Prophecy and my results:

The Book of Proverbs (Fools) and my results:

The Book of Proverbs (Friends) and my results:

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