Tulsi Gabbard is my Vice President

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Update on July 21, 2021: Tulsi Gabbard betrayed me and Brent Spiner is now my Vice President.

Proud of the work that Tulsi is doing as my Vice President. I delegate a lot to her.

My genetic profile is literally 60% Catherine the Great and 50% King David of Israel.

UPDATE on July 6, 2021: Tulsi betrayed me and Brent Spiner is now my Vice President and co-President.

UPDATE: I’m hearing brain to brain from Brent Spiner that Tulsi is considered my Vice President and for this reason a lot of Tulsi supporters are voting for me, so her low vote count reflects that fact. Tulsi is actually really popular, but the voters want her as my Vice President, so by voting for me, they are in a sense voting for Tulsi. What you are seeing on the news are the second place winners in all the states, as I’m on the ballot in all the Super Tuesday states. Apparently, I’ve won in a landslide in all the states except for Vermont, which went to Bernie Sanders. What you are seeing in the news since South Carolina, has been the vote counts of the votes that were cast and that OMITTED THE VOTES CAST FOR ME. So, basically, mainstream news is reporting on the 20% that didn’t vote for me. Apparently, I am winning about 80% of the votes in all the states.

Bernie Sanders also supports me, so he should do well in Super Tuesday, too. But Bernie has some hang ups about my law that mandates the death penalty for evil Jesuits. Though I have Bernie in my cabinet, he is only in charge of Health and Human Services.

It appears I’m really popular and have won in a landslide in all the states except for Vermont. I’m on both the Republican and Democratic ballots. Donald Trump also supports me, so he’s doing really well on the Republican ballot. Starting with South Carolina, I’ve been on the ballot and what you’re seeing in mainstream news are the results of the vote with ME OMITTED. So you’re seeing the results of the leftover vote, those who didn’t vote for me. My men tell me I won in a landslide, getting about 80% of the votes in all the states as compared to Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, etc. Tulsi supporters don’t be discouraged by Tulsi’s low vote count. Because I made her my Vice President, her voters voted for me. I won’t make a video about this, but my guts tell me that what I’m hearing brain to brain is correct. Watch Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) for the results that include me, as I’m on all the ballots in both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

The real reason Amy Klobuchar, and so many Dems are dropping out is cuz now that Biden supported me, they feel they are wasting their time running. Actually, I shouldn’t be too surprised that Biden is supporting me, cuz Barack Obama supported me. My men may give Joe a spot in my administration. I’ll let them decide what spot that should be. Tulsi is staying in the race in mainstream news in order to get our message out, cuz she is prepping for her role as Vice President and trying to get public support for her role as Vice President in my administration.

UPDATE on June 28, 2020: Loree McBride has made inroads with Joe Biden and he’s clearly on her side now. I will NOT have Joe Biden in my cabinet after listening to this video.

My position on this Afghanistan issue is here:


Elizabeth Warren, from what I understand, is a Loree McBride supporter and as I’m very popular, that will destroy her.

Gabbard’s problem is she is a fish out of water. She doesn’t belong in the Democratic Party, so the Dems aren’t voting for her. The Republicans won’t vote for her cuz they don’t like it that she’s a Democrat. If she ran as a left-leaning Republican or third-party, especially as a Libertarian or Independent, she would be making a lot of waves. Despite all this, I may just keep voting for her up until the end, cuz I really like her. But I don’t see her as a Democrat. She seems more Green, Libertarian or left-leaning Republican to me and calling her a left-leaning Republican is not meant to be an insult. But until she realizes that she does NOT belong in the Dem Party, she won’t get anywhere because the public is confused over who she is. I have high emotional I.Q. and have her figured out, but most people aren’t as smart as me.

The fact that Tucker Carlson seems to like her indicates she could get a lot of Republicans to vote for her. I don’t know if there is such a thing as a left-leaning Republican though. If she decided to go Republican, she would need to modify some of her platform, but she’s pretty Centrist on a lot of issues and she seems flexible on some issues. This may seem a weakness, but it indicates she likes to accommodate differences of opinion in order to come to a constructive consensus. She’s a team player. If I was her, I’d seriously re-evaluate my positions and seriously consider leaving the Democratic Party. She may need to ask herself what are her true convictions and do some deep thinking, then find the platform that most closely aligns with her views. I really do not think this gal belongs in the Democratic Party, that’s her problem.

She may be hoping that Bernie will pick her as VP. But for some reason, I don’t think he’ll pick her. He seems to be caving into the power masters. Any ways, mainstream politics has me pretty disgusted and bored. I’m on the ballot as Gail Chord Schuler and I like Tulsi, so if I win, she’ll be busy in my administration as my Vice President. It would be SO REFRESHING to see this gal do well in mainstream politics. I’m not too impressed with how this election is turning out. It gets more boring by the day! The only folks who seem to make it are the ones who blend in with the crowd and never have an original thought. Tulsi’s an original and I guess the world doesn’t like originality.

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