Empress Gail's Prayers for the World

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Dear world:

Please pray with me as I ask Jesus for a miracle to help the world right now as we deal with tyrant Loree McBride’s attacks on our health and economies. Read this prayer in your hearts and say it along with me:

“Dear Jesus, please leave a generous infusion of cash in all the places it’s needed to help the world deal with the economic depression that is sure to happen, if you don’t miraculously assist us as we deal with the coronavirus hysteria. I ask you to give all the governments of the world that honor me as Empress enough cash to deal with the coronavirus hysteria, which they can then mete out to their people to ensure everybody has what they need to eat and stay alive and stay financially stable. I am not asking that you make us all rich. I am only asking that you give the government leaders (who support me) the cash they need to meet the needs of their people. Give all world leaders that support me extraordinary wisdom for this time. Let them remove all government services that are not good and are not necessary, so that we only spend money on what is necessary (food and bills) and don’t spend money on luxuries and tyranny (like the military-industrial complex and pharmaceutical companies that overcharge for prescription drugs). Help us to defeat the Loree McBride Jesuits, so that they can no longer tyrannize us with germs and poverty. It appears all the governments of the world need an infusion of cash right now, to pay off all debts and to be able to give this money to the people, who are all suffering because of Loree McBride’s tyranny. Please help us to defeat totally Loree McBride or people like her, so that she can no longer lord it over us, and drop germ bombs, create germs and manipulate the media, the economy and our health to serve Satan. Lord Jesus, we need you to drop off cash to all world leaders, which they must use to help their people in these times. Make sure it’s enough cash to deal with the problems that Loree McBride has created, as she fights tooth and nail to keep her followers alive and prosperous at our expense. Stop her thefts. Stop her murders. Stop her germs. Stop the bitch, and if she doesn’t get right with you, send her straight to hell FOR GOOD, so that we no longer have to deal with her and her tyranny. In the meanwhile, we need a miracle from you Lord. Drop off cash to all the world leaders who support me, which they can give to their people, to pay off all debts. They can get the cash, if they promise to only spend it on food and bills. They are not allowed to use it on luxuries. I believe this prayer would please you. Nothing is too hard for you, Lord. You can handle any economic depression. You can create cash out of the blue. I am asking you to do so, now. Infuse enough cash into our economies to prevent a depression and cause us all to have healthy economies, in spite of all that Loree is doing. The entire world needs financial assistance now, to thwart Loree’s attempts to put us all into poverty in order to become her slave. Bless Donald Trump with extraordinary wisdom and help him to come up with solutions to all the problems Loree has given to us. Give him the solutions to all the problems Loree has created, which he then can use on the entire earth. Help us all over the world to stop fighting each other, to unite in our war against Loree McBride, in order to defeat her and give us the cash we need to function, to stay alive and to be able to stay healthy, to have food and shelter and the clothes we need. Lord, we need a miraculous infusion of cash NOW. Give it to our leaders, who will then give it to those in need, so that no one has to become homeless, lose their shelter, lose their food and lose their health because they lack the funds to be healthy and to eat and have a safe place to live because of Loree McBride. Amen! And nothing is too hard for you, Lord.”

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