Arrogant Tulsi Gabbard Jesuit Clone on Jimmy Dore's Show

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UPDATE on July 6, 2021: Unfortunately, the real Tulsi Gabbard betrayed me as U.S. President in 2021 and, fortunately, Brent Spiner is now my Vice President and co-President.

As someone who has had extensive experience with clones, I think I can say with very good certainty that this is a Tulsi Gabbard Jesuit clone on Jimmy Dore’s March 21, 2020 show. Jesuit clones tend to be haughty, arrogant, self-assured, shallow, hypocritical and are sociopaths or psychopaths. This clone has none of the real Tulsi’s “aloha” spirit. And the clone is not a very good fake of Tulsi either. Though she looks like Tulsi, she has NONE of Tulsi’s “aloha” spirit and her answers seem “canned”, which is TYPICAL of clones, who are all cucks of Loree McBride. By the way, Loree OWNS THE U.S. DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Loree has made inroads into all the political parties of the world. I, as the leader behind Conspiracy Law, am the only leader who cannot be cloned, due to my King David genes.

Onto a positive note, I am on the Presidential ballot as Gail Chord Schuler. You can write me in, if I’m not on the ballot. Due to my King David genes, I cannot be cloned, which gives me a distinct advantage over all the other Presidential candidates. I don’t believe the real Tulsi would say that Trump’s help to people, won’t do “shit” to help people. Trump is doing a lot of things right, right now, in regard to the coronavirus. The real Tulsi would first praise Trump for what he’s doing right, and then would offer gentle, constructive criticism, because she would appreciate what Trump is doing right. The real Tulsi is a peacemaker, not a warmonger, especially as it appears that Trump is really trying to do a good job right now in regard to the coronavirus.

You might say, but Tulsi is your VP and Trump is your press secretary. That’s true, but under my Conspiracy Law, we execute Jesuit clones and we differentiate between clones and the authentic person. So, rest assured, I will not work with a clone. So if we are unable to access the real Tulsi, then I will just override the Tulsi clone as the President and I WILL NOT ALLOW ANY CLONES IN MY CABINET! I do have a cabinet, but if my cabinet turns into clones, then I override them ALL. Ron Paul has been acting strange, too. It’s like Loree’s replacing all my cabinet members with clones. In that case, I will have to override them all and act more like a monarch than a President.

I have sent the following email to my men:

Dear men:

It appears we may be dealing with a Tulsi Gabbard clone. If so, that clone needs to be EXECUTED and we need to get the real Tulsi back. The clone won’t be a threat UNLESS Joe Biden makes Tulsi his VP. So, I say let’s take out the clone. If I’m wrong and this is the real Tulsi, then I guess we won’t worry about it. I am staying out of politics as Jesus advised. And I can see why, now.


I want to apologize on the real Tulsi’s behalf to Tulsi’s supporters, that this awful clone has taken over the real Tulsi. It appears Tulsi has been “switched out” with her clone. This means the real Tulsi is in another dimension somewhere and the clone has literally taken over her body OR Tulsi is being held hostage and the clone is totally impersonating her. Loree McBride Jesuits use UFO technology to create and use clones. Another horrible possibility, is that Loree murdered the real Tulsi and has replaced her with a clone. I will post updates to this post, as I learn more.

We are in a war with Loree McBride Jesuits and are taking them out and Loree is going all out to keep her followers alive and remain viable. She is behind the coronavirus pandemic and all the hysteria around it. It’s her distraction to distract people away from the war between me, as U.S. Empress, and Loree McBride and to keep her psychopath space force and mad scientists in operation.

Loree McBride is the leader of the evil Jesuits, who are very powerful and have complete control over the U.S. Democratic Party and partial control over the Republican Party, and have made inroads in all politics worldwide. I, as U.S. Empress, am the lone politician, who opposes Loree McBride.

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