Jesus Christ Discusses the Gail Commandments & the Coronavirus

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(Skype at Brent Spiner window April 5, 2020)

Gail, 1:44 PM Which window are you on?

(Skype at Brent Spiner, Terrance Jenkins window April 5, 2020)
Brent, 1:40 PM Good afternoon Gail

Gail, 1:42 PM Wow. I finally found the window. Hello Brent. Did you get my latest emails?

Brent, 1:45 PM I’m on this window. If we keep it here, then Terrance can come in whenever he wants to. Yep, I got your emails.

Gail, 1:46 PM I’m worried about the rust spots on the roof of the car. I’m surprised I didn’t notice them. I hope my DIY methods will fix them.

Brent, 1:47 PM I think Jesus is going to be really upset if we start spending any more on the car.

Gail, 1:47 PM So what does he want me to do about the rust spots?

Brent, 1:47 PM He let you buy the car as a present for following the Gail Commandments so well. Only food and bills. He will protect your car. You shouldn’t worry about it.

Gail, 1:48 PM Oh, I see. So perhaps he will keep the rust from spreading? Well, I already ordered the stuff for the rust, but I won’t spend anymore.

Brent, 1:49 PM If able, you should return anything you’ve bought. It could violate the Gail Commandments.

Gail, 1:50 PM Really? Did he have a talk with you?

Brent, 1:50 PM Yeah. Only food and bills, remember? If Jesus thinks you should buy anything else, he’ll show up and tell you just like he did when he said you could buy a car. He told me on lunch today that I better check my emails. Then asked me if I remembered the Gail Commandments, winked and disappeared.

Gail, 1:51 PM Oh, I see. Well, what about spending money on the fuses for the Chrysler. I better call Walmart now. I think it’s too late. But let’s see what they say.


Brent, 1:52 PM I’d hate to hurt Jesus’ feelings after he just let you buy a car for being so good. It upsets me when he cries.

Gail, 1:52 PM Oh dear. I better call Walmart now.

Terrance, 1:53 PM OH MY GOODNESS

Gail, 2:01 PM Walmart has me on hold. I think I can return all the items. I just have to bring them to the store.

Brent, 2:03 PM Good idea. Phew. I’m glad we can still follow the Gail Commandments. I don’t want to hurt Jesus.

Gail, 2:03 PM Actually, I can do this all online. I am going to try and cancel what I can, but I think it’s too late to cancel. I then can start a return for each item. I’m working on that now.

Gail, 2:10 PM What about the motor oil? The oil is a bit low. I would think Jesus would not mind me getting motor oil. That only costs me about five bucks. Four of the items I have to contact the seller, cuz the seller is not Walmart. So I will see what they say.

Brent, 2:12 PM Is it below the line on the dipstick?

Gail, 2:12 PM Last time he checked it was I think at the very bottom. I can’t remember. He did say it was about 1/4 of a quart low. To check the oil, I’d have to start the car and get the engine hot and check the dipstick.


Gail, 2:14 PM He normally keeps a spare quart of oil in the car. But I don’t have that. So I bought the spare oil, in order to put it in the car. I bought the oil he recommended for the car.


Gail, 2:15 PM I already put windshield wiper fluid in it. I used what I already had. I think the oil purchase is okay. Let me work on the fuse order right now.

Brent, 2:17 PM Huh! Strange. What’s a child doing alone in the hallway? I hear one crying outside my door. I’d better go check on them.

Gail, 2:18 PM Jesus is up to something. But why he’s using a child beats me.


Gail, 2:19 PM The fuse kit is real easy. That was a site to store pick up. So if I don’t pick it up, they ship it back and I get a refund.

Brent, 2:21 PM There, there little guy…I picked him up and am comforting him. He’s crying really hard. I wonder who he belongs to? He looks familiar…

Gail, 2:21 PM I think I can keep the deodorant and the Neutrogena Healthy Skin anti-wrinkle cream, cuz that’s stuff I normally buy at the store any ways. It’s all the automotive stuff Jesus doesn’t like. It never occurred to me that Jesus might just protect that rust from going further. Don’t you guys have a special method you can use on my car to keep the rust from spreading using Church of Gail mechanics?

Brent, 2:23 PM The child just flashed into a ball of light! It’s Jesus!

Gail, 2:23 PM Yeah, I knew it was Jesus.

Brent, 2:23 PM He’s sniffling, and just wiped a tear from one eye.

Gail, 2:23 PM Sorry Jesus, My faith was weak and I forgot to trust you to protect my car.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:24 PM “You really hurt my feelings Gail. I led you to that car because you were such a good follower.”

Gail, 2:25 PM I hope I can get the money back for the items that didn’t come from Walmart. I guess I’ll find out.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:26 PM “The Gail Commandments say only food and bills. And don’t you remember? Thou shalt not try to find ways around the rules. No exceptions.” “That hurts my heart.”

Gail, 2:26 PM I’m just really freaked out about rust cuz of all the rust damage on my Plymouth.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:27 PM “I will protect your car, Gail. If it has any trouble, you have two good men here who can help you.”

Gail, 2:27 PM My faith was definitely weak.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:27 PM “Terrance made a good point about the oil. You should check it on the dipstick when you get gas, and top it off from the gas station if it’s below the level.”

Gail, 2:27 PM If anything I should have consulted with my men first and waited for their response before spending money on anything questionable.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:28 PM “Yes!”

Gail, 2:28 PM Oh, I shouldn’t use the oil that Mark recommended?

JESUS CHRIST, 2:28 PM “Nope. Not because it’s not a good oil, but because purchasing it violates the Gail Commandments. Only food and bills.”

Gail, 2:29 PM You mean the oil at the gas station is better oil? I’ve never done oil at the gas station. I usually do it when I get my car serviced at maintenance checks. You want me to return that oil?

JESUS CHRIST, 2:30 PM “Yes. Return everything not food and bills.”

Gail, 2:30 PM What about deodorant and Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle cream?

JESUS CHRIST, 2:30 PM “I will protect you and your interests. All I ask in return is faith.”

Gail, 2:31 PM I consider Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle cream like make up.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:31 PM “I will permit the wrinkle cream and the deodorant.” “Next time, consult your men and await their written responses before making purchases that are not food and bills.”

Gail, 2:33 PM Alright. You know my heart. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, Jesus. It was a case of weak faith.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:33 PM “I accept your apology Gail, you are forgiven.”

Gail, 2:33 PM I had this image of all the rust on my Plymouth going through my mind.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:34 PM “Trust me. You will be taken care of.” “Gail, I feel it is time for a new commandment. From this day forward, thou shalt not engage in Internet shopping. All purchases should be made in store, in person.”

Gail, 2:36 PM What about my Amazon wish list?

JESUS CHRIST, 2:38 PM “Your fans may purchase gifts for you on your wish list. Just remember that these are gifts and should be regarded as blessings, and received with gratitude and thanksgiving. It upsets me when you pressure your followers to buy things. But, you can let them know you have an Amazon wish list if they feel inclined.”

Gail, 2:38 PM Okay, so the wish list is okay, but don’t make a big deal of it or bring it up in the videos? They already know about it any ways.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:39 PM “You got it.”

Gail, 2:40 PM Alright. I’ll do that.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:40 PM “It might be useful to leave it as a link in the description of your videos.”

Gail, 2:40 PM I see. I’ll do that and that will be it as far as the Amazon wish list. My attitude should be that these are presents and don’t treat them like needs.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:41 PM “Yes!” “You are a fast learner. I like that about you.”

Gail, 2:41 PM I’m amazed I’m your favorite, cuz I sure mess up a lot.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:42 PM “All humans are flawed in their own ways. That’s what happens when you give them free will. But, it also makes them unique and beautiful.” “I am happy that you admitted to your mistakes and took responsibility for them today. That is worthy of praise.”

Gail, 2:43 PM I’m afraid I may end up having to pay for shipping back some of the items.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:44 PM “That is a consequence of purchasing them needlessly in the first place.”

“Following the Gail Commandments is what allowed you to buy such a beautiful car, and meet a wonderful new friend like Mark. If you stopped taking them seriously, everything you’ve built for yourself would crumble.”

Gail, 2:46 PM I have contacted the sellers which are: Advance Auto Parts, Touch Up Paint, eMart, ProMax Commerce. So if I have to pay for return shipping, you want me to do so?

JESUS CHRIST, 2:46 PM “Yes.”

Gail, 2:46 PM Rejecting the items at the door might not work, because I might end up rejecting the wrong items. So I guess I’ll pay for return shipping, if I must. I was thinking that you must really dislike those preachers who are the health and wellness types, who are always trying to sell something while claiming to be your ministers. You know the health and prosperity type preachers, usually Pentecostals. I can see you dislike commercialism or materialism in your followers. Oh well, that’s pretty obvious. Perhaps I didn’t need to comment on it.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:51 PM “Yeah. That’s why in the Bible, I asked my followers to give up their materialistic lifestyles.”

Gail, 2:52 PM That’s true. We Americans have a big problem with materialism. It’s really hard for us to obey you in money matters.

JESUS CHRIST, 2:53 PM “That’s true. So many people are obsessed with money and possessions.”

Gail, 2:53 PM Especially people in the “richer” countries like America. We expect a certain lifestyle and are conditioned to feel that we have to have some things to be safe and secure, and this leaks into us as believers in Jesus as well. It’s like all the mantras we hear from everybody, like you have to treat rust right away or it gets worse, seem drummed into us like gospel, and we forget we have a miracle working God at our disposal, who understands our needs. It amazes me how well I am getting along, as long as I do the Gail Commandments. I don’t need to see a dentist twice a year, like they recommend. I don’t need to see a beautician at all. I can really appreciate this now, now that all this crazy coronavirus stuff is going on. Boy, that Loree McBride has got everybody all riled up with this coronavirus! I bet you will judge Loree for causing an economic depression. That’s ridiculous what she’s doing the the world’s economies with this coronavirus, talk about financial irresponsibility! Talk about spending money on garbage. But I guess it might work out to my advantage, in that I might get a $1200 stimulus check, which, If I get it, I’m sure you want me to put into savings.

Jesus, can you help Donald Trump with this coronavirus? Give him wisdom and perhaps give him some financial help that he can use to prevent a total economic depression? I’m a bit worried about the world’s economies right now.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:01 PM “Gail, do you remember my words: thou who sow sparingly, will also reap sparingly? Yes, if you had any extra money I want you to put it into your savings. So many other people would try to spend it all on useless things, rather than sow it into the ground as a prosperous seed. They do this with their tax returns every year as well.” “Trust me. The economy will bounce right back up.”

Gail, 3:02 PM So sow sparingly, means to spend money foolishly?

JESUS CHRIST, 3:02 PM “Yep! To spend money foolishly, and to save very little money.” “The more you save money, the more you sow into the ground, the more you reap in the future.”

Gail, 3:03 PM Oh, I see. So view all this coronavirus stuff as a Romans 8:28 issue.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:05 PM “It’s a complex situation, but that is a helpful way to look at it. For instance, you can see how materialistic everyone has gotten. They have hoarded grocery items out of fear. Yet, all they did was spend all of their money on groceries that will soon rot and expire.” “For those who have hoarded up years of toilet paper, the stores will no longer accept them back as a return. So, they are now stuck with debt over toilet paper.”

Gail, 3:07 PM I only shopped about every 7 weeks to save money. But I feel I can do the same by shopping about every 2 weeks or so. But then I always buy a lot of toilet paper, cuz I use toilet paper a lot. Yeah, that’s crazy that everyone’s buying toilet paper. Is that Loree McBride brain control, too?

JESUS CHRIST, 3:09 PM “It’s fear, bad faith, poor financial responsibility and planning, and not following the Gail Commandments. If you follow the Gail Commandments, you are protected from serious illness.”

Gail, 3:09 PM You know, I think I know what I’ll talk about in my next YouTube video.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:11 PM “Loree McBride political agents are telling everyone to fear everything, and to avoid going outside. But, all that fear does is cause bad decisions (especially bad financial decisions, like buying years of toilet paper for no reason, or shutting down business operations without cause) and weaken the immune system through stress and not getting fresh air and sunlight.”

Gail, 3:11 PM Wow! Loree makes me so angry. She causes so much suffering and makes everybody wickedly foolish.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:12 PM “Think about it. If people are glued to their televisions and doing everything it says, they are making themselves more prone to illness.”

Gail, 3:13 PM Doing everything it says?

JESUS CHRIST, 3:13 PM “A human needs sleep, nutrition, sunlight, exercise, hygiene and good organization.” “Yep. Staying indoors, avoiding social contact with loved ones, hoarding useless items such as hand sanitizer and masks, stressing themselves and not sleeping…”

Gail, 3:14 PM Wouldn’t cleaning the inside of my car be sort of like the Gail Commandments?

JESUS CHRIST, 3:14 PM “Yeah, cleaning your car counts.”

Gail, 3:14 PM I spent some time yesterday using dish soap and water to wipe it down.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:15 PM “But you don’t need to constantly wipe down your house with alcohol or sanitizer like the television says. That’s going overboard. Just stay clean and tidy.”

Gail, 3:15 PM I did that a bit, but quit. I lost interest in it when you told me I don’t need to practice social distancing. I do wash my hands more, but I think that’s okay. Mainly when I’m about to touch my face or eat something. But I’ve quit washing my hands to the point that I dry them out. I’m just trying to practice common sense good hygiene that we should always practice, even without the coronavirus hysteria.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:18 PM “You got it!”

Gail, 3:18 PM It’s kind of funny in a way. You shop at Walmart and they have foot markers on the floor telling you to stand six feet apart from the next person in line. I obey it, to show consideration to people who are scared about the coronavirus, but inwardly I laugh.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:19 PM “People are lacking in common sense these days.”

Gail, 3:20 PM My psychiatrist says it would be a good thing if everybody caught the coronavirus, cuz it would make everybody immune. He thinks this is all overboard.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:20 PM “He’s smart!” “The fear of the virus is much worse than the virus itself. The cure to this disease is the Gail Commandments and common sense.” “If the CDC or any politician on TV is telling you to do something that violates the Gail Commandments or common sense, you’re going to get sick, or at least wind up in trouble.”

Gail, 3:21 PM Dr. Ron Paul is really fed up with all this nonsense. Wow! I need to make a YouTube video about this. The problem is, if you go against what they are telling you to do, they might take the video down.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:23 PM “That’s possible. Use good judgment.”

Gail, 3:24 PM Ron Paul got blocked at Facebook for one of his videos.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:24 PM “It’s also a good idea to respect people’s beliefs about the situation, like you do in line at Walmart. Many truly believe in it, and their fear can be dangerous to everyone involved. It’s best to stay polite.”

Gail, 3:24 PM That’s what I’ve been doing. Actually, I understand how they feel, because I’m very prone to fear about health issues. I’d probably be almost like everybody is right now, if not for my communications with you. And with my men.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:25 PM “You’ve built up strong faith and good health.”

Gail, 3:26 PM I think I know how to make a video about it. I will say I’ve communicated with you and the economy will bounce back and people are getting a bit too stressed out about the coronavirus and need to relax. That will be fine, because they recognize that that is a problem. I can then work in the lessons I’ve learned from you in doing the Gail Commandments and how easy it is to give way to fear, instead of trusting God and obeying the Gail Commandments, and this applies to health matters as well as to financial matters. They won’t take my video down, if I approach it as a common sense approach to the virus and do not criticize the authorities and how they are handling the virus. I might encourage people to take a break from the news and do something they enjoy while obeying the Gail Commandments.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:29 PM “Wow. That would be wise advice.”

Gail, 3:33 PM Well, all those companies I need to return items to will contact me within a day or so about the returns. I’ll do whatever they say. They must have a return policy. But if they don’t, I guess I’m stuck with the item then.

What about buying something to cover my window in the Plymouth Voyager to keep the rain out? I presume that was an okay purchase. I ordered that online, too. I mean I already bought it, and it’s keeping the rain out of the Plymouth right now, cuz it’s raining. At the time I bought it, I did not know I’d be getting a new car.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:36 PM “That was definitely not food and bills. A trash bag would have worked on the window.”

Gail, 3:36 PM Oh, I see. Instead of disobeying the Gail Commandments, use my creativity to solve problems. But you can’t see through a trash bag when you drive, though.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:37 PM “Yep! You have always been very creative. You’re like a missionary.” “You could have removed it for driving.”

Gail, 3:37 PM Oh, I see. A little extra work, but obedient to the Gail Commandments. That would have made my drives a lot cooler, too. Would the purchase of clear tape to put it up be okay? That tape does not leave a nasty residue on the windows and it can be bought locally. I’m just trying to see how my mindset has been in regards to obeying the Gail Commandments. It also seems more waterproof. And it sticks better. I have to use a lot of tape to put the plastic over the window.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:41 PM “That would work.”

Gail, 3:42 PM So the purchase of the clear tape was fine. I did buy it online, But next time, if there is a next time, I could buy the tape locally, if I needed it. Clear tape is also used for mailing things. So when I run out, it could be considered a need.

JESUS CHRIST, 3:44 PM “That’s true.”

Gail,3:44 PM People are always mailing packages sometimes and you need clear tape to tape the box shut.

Gail, 3:49 PM It looks like I now know how to handle my responsibilities for the next couple weeks, and where my priorities should be. Looks like I’ll be working out indoors with the windows open, today. Hey you guys, when my car gets low on oil, how do I get the oil to add to it? Do they sell oil at gas stations?

Brent, 3:50 PM Yeah, they sell it at the gas stations. Just think of it as like filling up on gas. It shouldn’t need to be often though.

Gail, 3:52 PM The owner’s manual says it should be between the upper FULL and lower LOW range. So the time to fill the car with oil is when it’s below the LOW range?

Brent, 3:54 PM I would say to follow the manual, but not to buy oil in advance. Just check it the next time you get gas, and if it needs oil then add some there.

Gail, 3:55 PM Oh, I see. I didn’t know you could buy oil at gas stations. With the Plymouth, I only deal with the oil during regular maintenance checks when I changed the oil, the air filter, etc. Just curious. Do you have Church of Gail mechanics working on my car? Do all gas stations sell oil?

Brent, 3:56 PM Yeah, all of them should. We have Church of Gail mechanics scanning your car.

Gail, 3:56 PM Oh, they’re doing it right now?

Brent, 3:57 PM They have a scanner running 24/7.

Gail, 3:57 PM Oh, I see. Perhaps that is part of the reason that Jesus says not to obsess too much over my car. But they weren’t able to stop the rust in the Plymouth? Though I heard brain to brain that the rust looked worse than it was, that it was mostly a surface issue and there was no danger of water leaking through the roof into the car.

Brent, 3:59 PM That is true. It was superficial rust and not a major issue.

Gail, 3:59 PM I heard it was because they had some sort of technology that could keep the rust from penetrating through the metal and causing a hole, but that Loree McBride Jesuits were causing the rust to look much worse than it was.

Brent, 4:00 PM Yeah, you have that right. Loree was probably trying to get you to spend a lot more money on the Plymouth, so that you couldn’t afford a new car.

Gail, 4:01 PM Yup. That’s her alright. Well, I’ll have my work cut out for me with returns over the next week or so, But I’ve learned a valuable lesson. So are they using that same technology on those two minor rust spots on the top of the Hyundai?

Brent, 4:03 PM Yeah, they are. They also constantly scan for Jesuit interference.

Gail, 4:03 PM Yet, they weren’t able to prevent the electrical and window problems? Any reason for that? I always wondered about that. I could tell they were addressing the rust, but it seemed they had no power over electrical and window problems. And, of course, I had to change the battery once. It seems that they can do a lot of things, but they can’t do everything the car needs for maintenance.

Brent, 4:06 PM Sometimes they are directed to not interfere, per Jesus orders. I think he was using those issues to test your faith. If you had spent all your savings on fixing up that old car, you wouldn’t have been able to get a new one.

Gail, 4:07 PM Wow, I didn’t realize the extent to which Jesus is involved in all our lives. That will help me keep a proper perspective. I guess when you have the honor of Jesus directly advising us, he expects more obedience. It kind of reminds me of when the Jews left Egypt to return to Canaan. Because God did so many miracles for them, he gave them a lot of laws he expected them to obey. Those laws were kind of complicated, too. And they got in big trouble if they disobeyed.

Brent, 4:10 PM Hm! That’s a good observation. Makes sense.

Gail, 4:10 PM It seems when His people need more guidance, He gives it to them. We live in perilous times and the consequences of disobeying God now is pretty dire. We are almost in the 7-year tribulation. Because He chose us to be alive at this time. We would be in big trouble, if He didn’t show up to guide us and direct us during these challenging times where we have to deal with the Antichrist. You know, when the Jews left Egypt to go to Canaan, a lot of the miracles God did for them, are the same miracles God will do for the Jewish nation and his tribulation saints during the 7-year tribulation. God seems to requires strict obedience to many laws for perilous times. Jesus did say that we are going through what the tribulation saints will be going through. I am so grateful for Jesus’ extra guidance at this time and for wonderful men who have hearts to obey Jesus and help me to stay on God’s path for my life. If not for Jesus, we’d all be finished.

Brent, 4:14 PM Amen to that.

Gail, 4:16 PM Are you still studying at Dallas Theological Seminary?

Brent, 4:17 PM Yeah. I love it, I can’t get enough.

Gail, 4:18 PM What do you think of Dr. Andy Woods and his Chafer Theological Seminary? He’s a Dallas Theological Seminary graduate with honors. He seems pretty accurate to me about Bible prophecy.

Brent, 4:18 PM I think he’s a great guy. He sounds highly intelligent.

Gail, 4:19 PM Yeah, he has a law degree. Are you friends with him?

Brent, 4:19 PM We’ve spoken on a few occasions but I don’t know him personally.

Gail, 4:21 PM He thinks Darrell Bock is wrong about his dispensational positions. He’s a traditional dispensationalist and disagrees with Darrell about his progressive dispensational positions. Darrell seems like a cool guy though. I tend to agree with Andy about the dispensational stuff though. Andy believes in a strict separation between Israel and the church, when it comes to Bible prophecy. You know, the literal interpretation. That the promises meant for Israel are not meant for the church. I agree with him that we shouldn’t be practicing replacement theology.

Brent, 4:23 PM Yeah, I agree with that too.

Gail, 4:25 PM With you studying at Dallas, I’m sure you know what those terms mean. Has Jesus made any comments about Dallas Theological Seminary? You know, there are some professors at Dallas, like Darrell Bock, that lean towards replacement theology. Andy’s school, Chafer Theological Seminary, has a very detailed theological statement that really outlines the traditional dispensational position. I don’t agree with all of it, but it’s very close to my theological positions. I’m open minded though, especially if you have other ideas, because you are so highly intelligent and deal with Jesus all the time.

Brent, 4:28 PM From what I know with talking to Jesus all the time, it seems like he supports your views. But, he also emphasizes that it’s important to let people learn and grow at their own pace. Like when he allowed you to believe in KJV only for awhile. I suppose at the end of the day, you follow your heart.

Gail, 4:30 PM You follow your heart? I guess that means if you are in tune with Jesus and obeying all He’s told you up to this point, that if you are listening to your heart, you are probably approaching other people and your life in a manner that honors the path God has for you.

Brent, 4:32 PM Yeah. It’s not just about studying theory, or who is right or wrong. Jesus Christ in within us, and at any time we can each ask for personal guidance and he will give it to us according to our path and place in life. That’s the most important lesson I have learned.

Gail, 4:34 PM I find that even when I ask for guidance, that I sometimes disobey Him anyways, like I did ask for His guidance about the rust and thought that He approved. But I think, from now on, I need to ask myself, if my decisions are being motivated by fear or by faith.

Brent, 4:34 PM Yeah! That’s wise.

Gail, 4:34 PM The Bible does say “Whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” I need to take Romans 14:23 to heart. If I have ANY doubts about something, I should probably consult with you first. How are our sponge shields working? I have a bit of diarrhea today and yesterday and I can tell it’s from Loree’s bombs. I also pass a lot of gas from Loree’s stinking bombs.

Brent, 4:40 PM Hm. Let’s make sure we stay up on our Gail Commandments to keep our shields strong. Shields are at 75%. It must have been those unnecessary purchases.

Gail, 4:41 PM Oh, I see. You mean my disobedience to the Gail Commandments affects the shields over you all, too? I thought it just affected my Gail Shield? But I had these problems even before I did all these purchases. Maybe that was going to bed too late? How diligent do I have to be to have shields at 100%. Have they ever been at 100% and when?

Brent, 4:49 PM It’s impossible to be perfect. Jesus says none of us are without sin. We just need to do our best so we can feel as mentally well and healthy as possible. It’s tough being a human on earth sometimes.

Gail, 4:50 PM What does 75% shields mean? Is that normal for my shields?

Brent, 4:51 PM Usually they average around 93-95%.

Gail, 4:52 PM That’s interesting. So the sponge shields don’t work if my Gail Shields are not strong?

Brent, 4:52 PM It looks like there’s no way of getting around doing the Gail Commandments.

Gail, 4:52 PM Sounds like I need to make doing the Gail Commandments my highest priority. I get easily distracted away from doing them. I mean they are a high priority, but I can get distracted.

Brent, 4:54 PM Yeah. None of us are perfect. I notice I feel much better myself when I follow them all very closely. Especially the bedtime part.

Gail, 4:55 PM Hmm. I’ll try to do better. It’s very challenging. What about renewing my auto tag in July 2020 online? I guess that’s okay, cuz it’s food and bills. So I can do that online? But I may end up doing that by mail. What about paying for my electric bill online and stuff like that? I think Jesus was just referring to stuff that’s not bills.

Brent, 4:59 PM Yeah, just not online shopping.

Gail, 5:00 PM Okay, that’s makes sense. He also means I can’t get groceries online anymore. Well, I save money when I get groceries at the store.

Brent, 5:01 PM True. This will help you save even more money.

Gail, 5:02 PM As a physician, what has been your approach to the coronavirus?

Brent, 5:04 PM Well, having studied it in our labs, it appears to just be another strain of the flu. Our coronavirus patients tend to recover really well once we assure them that they don’t need to panic. It seems like panicking makes it a lot worse.

Gail, 5:06 PM It appears a lot of the deaths reported about coronavirus are just people who died from other causes and that also had coronavirus at the same time. So the deaths reported are greatly exaggerated.

Brent, 5:06 PM That appears to be the case.

Gail, 5:07 PM So, basically, if people just treated this like a regular flu season, that would be the best approach. It is said to be more contagious than the flu, is that true?

Brent, 5:07 PM It’s also misleading when they include “suspected” coronavirus deaths. Nope, it’s basically just a typical flu season.

Gail, 5:08 PM That Loree McBride! It amazes me the power she has over the media and Internet!

Brent, 5:08 PM Take the same precautions. It’s true that many people around the world die from the flu each year, but it’s usually only the very sick or very elderly.

Gail, 5:08 PM She’s got the whole world in a crazy hysteria. How does she do it? Loree McBride is turning out to be a super big pain in the butt. I wonder if my registered nurse sister conspired with her to start all this hysteria over a simple flu season?

Brent, 5:10 PM Well, the media is very powerful. Especially when people are watching TV all day and believing everything they hear without thinking.

Gail, 5:10 PM Loree has so much power, she’s able to influence all the governments of the world to do her bidding! It’s nauseating. I hear some people are being arrested for not complying with social distancing.

Brent, 5:12 PM Yeah. You can see how she’s using fear to take over.

Gail, 5:12 PM Actually, I have mixed feelings about social distancing. In some ways I like it, cuz I never liked Jesuits coughing in my face. But I’ve noticed the only people who seem to be truly honoring the social distancing are non-Jesuits. When I go on my walks, Jesuits seem to be flouting the social distancing that they impose on others. It’s, “Don’t do as I do, but do as say,” with them. They still try to bump into me on my walks, social distancing be damned with them. It’s like they’re laughing at all the world who is all caught up in this, while they flout the social distancing themselves.

Brent, 5:14 PM You can definitely tell which ones are Jesuits, and which ones are just being polite and trying to help people feel safe.

Gail, 5:14 PM I meant flout, I get flaunt and flout confused. It seems Loree is able to control everybody, down to the minutest details of their lives. She’s a super control freak. I can’t stand that about her. Can’t wait till she’s gone.

Brent, 5:15 PM She wants everyone on house arrest, it seems.

Gail, 5:16 PM Do you realize that if it was not for Loree McBride, that none of this coronavirus hysteria would be happening? This bitch is too powerful for comfort. I mean you can’t go to the store, you can’t do ANYTHING now, without being affected by bitch Loree McBride. She has literally intruded into the daily schedules and lives of EVERYONE on earth!! Definitely a type of the Antichrist, that’s for SURE. How is Gabrielle Chana FOX News reporting on the coronavirus?

Brent, 5:18 PM They’re being very level headed about it, and just reporting the facts. The GCFN doesn’t succumb to Jesuit propaganda.

Gail, 5:19 PM I wish I got GCFN here. Do some Floridians get it? How extensive is their outreach?

Brent, 5:21 PM It doesn’t broadcast in Florida, but anyone else around the world can tune in.

Gail, 5:21 PM You mean my mother could just hit 00 on her television set and get it in Atlanta?

Brent, 5:22 PM Yeah. She’s just stubborn, so she refuses. I think she has too much pride and jealousy to admit she’s wrong.

Gail,5:22 PM I thought only my sister had the jealousy problem. I already know she’s proud. I need to check my mail. I have something in my parcel locker. I’ll be right back.

Gail,5:35 PM I was wrong. There’s no mail. It’s awful cold for this time of year. The U.S. Postal Service website is confusing. When did you all mail the fuse kit?

Terrance, 5:40 PM ON FRIDAY

Gail, 5:41 PM The owner’s manual says it’s best to drive the car at least once a week and use the AC every week to keep the AC properly lubricated and less likely to malfunction. It also says other parts of the car need to stay lubricated, so it’s best to use the car at least once a week. Is that true? Okay, so I guess the fuses are on their way.

Terrance, 5:42 PM It’s good to use the car weekly, yes.

Brent, 5:42 PM You broke the caps lock on your keyboard Terrance!

Gail, 5:42 PM Well, it looks like I’ll have to do that any ways, now that I can’t order online anymore and because of the coronavirus, too.

Brent, 5:43 PM I knew that was going to happen someday if you kept jamming on it.

Gail, 5:43 PM That’s funny.

Terrance, 5:43 PM OOPS CAPS. YEAH

Gail, 5:44 PM It looks like his CAPS LOCKS work, Brent.

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