Super-bitch Antichrist Loree McBride's Coronavirus Distraction

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Gregg Jarrett mirrors my feelings exactly.

Can’t find paper towels or toilet paper anywhere. Fortunately, I’m good for about 2 months with toilet paper, thanks to my habit of buying in large quantities to accommodate the germ bombs Loree drops over my head which forces me to use a lot of toilet paper because her germ bombs give me diarrhea, loose stools, and a runny nose. This is not coronavirus. I’ve had these symptoms for years depending on the concentration of Loree’s Candida Auris yeast in the air from her bombs. I was buying a large quantity of toilet paper long before the coronavirus. Loree seems to have custom designed this “‘pandemic” just for me. She knows my shopping habits.

Paper towels are another issue. I may run out. What I’m doing is using small bath towels to dry my hands now, as I have always been a big hand washer. I’m not losing any sleep over this, but I’m super pissed at Loree for concocting this pandemic. She human engineered the germ and she’s controlling the narrative through the powerful news media. This bitch is a masterful brainwasher. I can understand why she has Antichrist powers. We can’t execute her for this reason and it makes her feel invincible. What a loser this woman is. She, apparently, thinks she can defeat Bible prophecy. She’s as deluded as the devil she serves!

I know her end and I know she will be defeated, but her audacity, arrogance, cruelty and selfishness is beyond bounds. This bitch will throw the whole world into chaos, and murder billions rather than ever admit that she is an ugly bitch who murders at whim and causes poverty, death, illness and homelessness, just to satisfy HER SUPER BIG EGO. I know God will get me through this. BUT I’M SUPER PISSED AT ARROGANT LOREE MCBRIDE RIGHT NOW. She’s got the whole world going crazy using her agents in the news media and in politics. While she claims I’m crazy – she, herself, induces mass insanity in all those she influences. Among her own followers, she creates an environment conducive to psychopathy and sociopathy in her followers, and she’s got the WHOLE WORLD in a co-dependent state to her sociopathic political leaders and news media agents.

As far as not being able to get powdered dry milk, that’s not a super big deal. I will miss the savings I get from consuming milk this way, but if worst comes to worst, I can omit milk for awhile and get my calcium from other food sources, or if skim milk is available, I can go that route.

Currently suffering from a headache caused by Loree’s germ bombs that she drops daily over my head. It seems to come and go during the day depending on how much my men are able to clear the air. They clear the air and then she increases the number of bombs she drops. This bitch is as stubborn as hell.

When we try to execute her, her head falls off her body and then bounces right back on her head and she laughs and laughs and laughs. I get aggravated at Jesus for allowing her to have Antichrist powers, so that we are unable to execute her. But Jesus is big into free will and he has to allow Satan to have his hey dey so that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled. So how do we deal with this super-bitch? Jesus created the Gail Commandments for this time! If you want to stay healthy and maintain financial security, do the Gail Commandments! If someone from the news tries to get you to disobey the Gail Commandments, they will make you sick. It’s more important to do the Gail Commandments than to obey Loree McBride’s sociopathic news reporters who will literally MAKE YOU SICK IF YOU DO WHAT THEY SAY. The Gail Commandments say to go out and walk and get some sunshine. The Gail Commandments say to only spend money on food and bills, and buying face masks is NOT food and bills. I can understand if you’re sick and trying to be polite and not spread your germs to people, but, for God’s sake, why buy a face mask if you’re healthy? Why buy enough toilet paper to last six months, just because you have weak faith in God and think He can’t use me and my men to get this bitch’s “pandemic” under control by then? Or perhaps you are in a conspiracy with the toilet paper companies, along with Loree McBride, to cause everyone to buy out all the toilet paper so you can become a secret millionaire on toilet paper profits?

You know, because people have to shop every day now to get what they need because of limits on certain items, IT DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF SOCIAL DISTANCING. Loree McBride induces panic and I bet she’s making lots of money from this, probably in a secret deal with toilet paper companies. Like I said, I’m doing better than most when it comes to supplies, but most people have to shop more often now because of limits on supplies. Hey Loree McBride, you should get the Nobel Prize for Spreading Mass Physical and Mental Illness.

Americans are blaming China for this “pandemic”. Well, if it’s China’s fault, it more Loree McBride’s fault. She and her agents in China may have worked on this together. But you got to remember that this bitch has agents everywhere, including the United States! She has worldwide influence, like the Antichrist prototype that she is.

Jesus Christ has weighed in on the coronavirus and says everybody is lacking common sense these days.

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