Gail Chord Schuler's Review of The Millennium Chronicles by Douglas Hamp

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The Millennium Chronicles

First off, I would like to say that I would not read this as authoritative about Biblical prophecy in regard to the order of events in Christ’s Second Coming, the future seven-year tribulation, Christ’s 1,000 year reign (future) and the eternal state (future). But as a novelist, I am very impressed with Mr. Hamp’s ability to create memorable, believable characters. Having read the Bible from cover to cover hundreds of times, my views of Bible prophecy are very close to that of Dr. Andy Woods of Sugar Land Bible Church, in Sugar Land, Texas. So I disagree with Mr. Hamp’s portrayal of the 1000 year reign as being the same thing as the eternal state (which happens after the 1000 year reign). However, Douglas Hamp has a respectable Bible knowledge which he infuses into his characters and his characterization of Satan, who he calls Lucifer in the narrative, and of God the Father, who he calls Adonai. These portrayals seem right on target to me.

If you read the narrative with the intention to understand better how the devil operates and deceives, so that you won’t fall prey to his cunning lies and deceit, then this book is a must read in your spiritual arsenal. Douglas Hamp opens the book with a millennial world under the reign of Jesus (Yeshua) and how those in the millennium, who did not experience earth under the full curse, fail to appreciate how good they have it under the Lord’s leadership in the millennium. They, like me and my men right now with Jesus, have the honor of dealing with God directly.

Right now, Jesus has given me and my followers the Gail Commandments and some of the rules seem a bit too strict at times. Satan often plays tricks with my mind, to make me believe that perhaps Jesus isn’t fair to expect us to follow these Gail Commandments so diligently, that Jesus is going overboard. Even though we are in the church age and under grace, we are transitioning into the tribulation and Jesus is starting to lay down some new rules for His children. Reading The Millennium Chronicles gives me insight into how both God and Satan operate and how not to be lulled into Satan’s lies as he attempts to get people to disobey the laws God lays out for mankind.

Hamp corners in on mankind’s tendency toward ingratitude and how Satan uses ingratitude and pride to gain followers.

In the millennium, Jesus will be King over all the earth and he rules with an iron rod. This will make him seem unfair to those who did not experience earth under Satan’s reign (the present). Even now, as I suffer under Satan and his minions who serve him, like Loree McBride (who is Satan’s BFF right now), sometimes what Jesus tells me and my men to do, seems kind of overboard. But in The Millennium Chronicles, we learn that God knows best and he understands better than anyone how to rule the earth and what laws need to be obeyed. Reading The Millennium Chronicles, though not accurate prophetically (in its timing of the events), is a brilliant character study on the devil and on human nature and why we fall for Satan’s lies and the consequential disastrous results. This is a character study on why many humans will rebel against God at the end of the 1000 year reign and the consequences of this. As a character study, it is brilliant and seems right on target!

So while this book fails as an accurate portrayal of future events (not getting the timing of these events quite right), it seems brilliantly accurate in its portrayal of the characters who will populate those future events and what will motivate them and the lessons we can learn from their mistakes. And because these lessons are so important to know, even now, in a world where Satan still reigns and people should know better than to follow Satan, I give the book five stars. If Satan can deceive people in a world where Jesus is King, imagine what he’s doing now. You would think he couldn’t deceive people who have had the privilege of the Lord Himself as King over all the earth for hundreds of years. But the Bible predicts that Satan will get followers as the sand of the sea in his millennial rebellion. Revelation 20:7-10. I often ponder over how my own sister Sandra Metcalf could so easily follow Satan’s right hand person, Loree McBride. This book gives me insights into how any of us can be deceived if we give way to pride and ingratitude. This book analyses and explores why any of us would prefer Satan over Jesus. Lest we think we are so righteous, we find ourselves rooting for the bad guys in this book, and Hamp is brilliant in his surgical precision into the hearts of all mankind. You come away realizing that perhaps we are all not as righteous as we lead ourselves to think we are. We realize which places in our minds and hearts give Satan sway and will come away from this book realizing, we must be ever diligent to guard our hearts and always remain thankful for all that the Lord has done for us or we will be no better than those the Lord will destroy by fire at the end of His millennial reign.

Written by: Gail Chord Schuler (Gabrielle Chana pen name)
The Millennium Chronicles
Date written: 4/16/2020
5.0 / 5 stars