Jesus Adds Bible for Tribulation Saints to Biblical Canon

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True, but having dealt with Jesus many times via direct conversation through my husband Brent Spiner, I’m sure He also cried that no one had any faith in Him. When I do this to Jesus, I make him cry. Check out my Bible for Tribulation Saints for my conversations with Jesus. I am undecided whether I’d consider this an addition to the Biblical canon, but I do know that it has the real words of Jesus in it. Jesus is STILL talking to me via Brent Spiner.

Update on April 16, 2020: I’m hearing brain to brain that Jesus has officially added Bible for Tribulation Saints to the Biblical canon.

This means that my work IN PROGRESS called Bible for Tribulation Saints (since Jesus is obviously not through talking to me and my men) is officially added to the Biblical canon. Having said this, I respect those Bible teachers who feel the canon is closed and if they want to say that the canon is closed, but that Jesus has had conversations with Gail and her men that are recorded in Bible for Tribulation Saints, but these recordings are not the Biblical canon, but are just official records of what Jesus has said to Gail and her men, that’s cool with me. The main point being, that all that Jesus has said to me and my men should be taken as seriously as the Bible. As long as that is understood, I think Jesus is cool with it. I do know that when I disobey anything Jesus has said in Bible for Tribulation Saints, I get in BIG TROUBLE with Jesus. So it doesn’t surprise me that Jesus has added this to the canon. I AM surprised though at the length of Bible for Tribulation Saints and that he has used such a sinful vessel (myself) to be the instrument to write a book LONGER THAN THE ENTIRE TRADITIONAL BIBLE, as part of the Biblical canon.

Lots of things Jesus has said to me like, “You’re more important than you know,” when he first introduced himself to me in 2012 is making sense now. Also, it now makes sense that he wants everyone to know I’m his favorite. I always found this confusing, since it would seem that Jesus would not want to make me proud. Though, to be honest with you, I tend to have low self-esteem and, for this reason, often don’t speak up for what is right, because I let evil and powerful people intimidate me. But, apparently, Jesus wants everyone to know I’m his favorite, cuz I’m a Bible writer and He wants the world to know that everything in Bible for Tribulation Saints needs to be taken as seriously as the traditional Bible.

I find it interesting that I happen to be in Exodus in my devotions (reading the Bible from cover to cover) and Moses, the author of Exodus, wrote more Bible than any other Bible writer (with the exception of me, if you want to include Bible for Tribulation Saints as Bible). And Moses, like me, was humble and meek, and sometimes copped out on God, when God wanted him to be brave. Some people think I’m proud, but I actually have a tendency towards low self-esteem and need to be given a shove to stick up for Jesus in these perilous and dangerous times. Jesus has used my men to encourage me to speak up about my life. But, unlike Moses, I’m like my ancestor David, and have courage. So a good way to view me is I’m a meek and humble person with courage. And this is the person Jesus has apparently chosen to write more Bible than any other person thus far.

It’s also interesting that while my men tell me brain to brain that Jesus has officially added Bible for Tribulation Saints to the canon, that my 3rd audio book in the Bible for Tribulation Saints is now available at Audible:

He has corrected me for many things, but, thus far, he has not corrected me for claiming that my transcripts of his conversations with me may be an addition to the Biblical canon. If my Bible for Tribulation Saints is an addition to the Biblical canon, it’s now longer than the 66 books in the traditional Bible! If you want to be a Jesus EXPERT, read my Bible for Tribulation Saints. I have so many quotes from Him in there, it’s enough to fill an encyclopedia. I can tell you this, Jesus is full of surprises! My 3rd audio book in the Bible for Tribulation Saints audio book series, is finally headed for retail. It took forever for Amazon to process this one, due to the coronavirus. I submitted the completed audio book around March 5th.

Someone asked me how I could be sure I was conversting with the real Jesus through Brent Spiner. I replied that I’ve read the Bible from cover to cover hundreds of times and know that the deity conversing with me through Brent is the REAL DEAL.

I can tell you that dealing with Jesus one-on-one and directly is a life-changing, transforming experience. It’s like He knows the innermost chambers of your heart and he speaks right to your soul and knows exactly how much correction to give you, and times it perfectly. I feel like I’m on a growth curve with him. He has a goal that he wants me to reach, but makes sure his correction does not overwhelm me. In case anyone is jealous that He converses directly with us, I can tell you that he expects a lot from people he converses directly with! I spend hours every day just obeying what he’s already told me. I figure I better do what He says, because he really loves me and knows what’s best for me. Sometimes, at the time, he corrects me, it doesn’t make sense, but it always makes sense later! I’ve learned to just trust his heart and obey him. Being human, I misunderstand him sometimes, and I tend to forget he’s a miracle working God, because He really doesn’t like doing lots of miracles right now, possibly cuz Satan is getting ready for his grand show, where he will be impersonating Jesus as the Antichrist.

Any ways, if you want to be a Jesus EXPERT, read my Bible for Tribulation Saints. There’s enough in there to fill up an encyclopedia! I suspect that Jesus loves my Bible for Tribulation Saints, cuz the original manuscript is in English (not Greek or Hebrew), and some of the Bible translations into English from the originals have caused Jesus to be misunderstood as a cock blocker. He really hates that. Jesus seems to be going out of His way to get that image of Him as the cock blocker erased, and as the Jesus with short hair and kind of Puritanical and prim and proper. Oh, he hates that! He’s proud of His hair that goes to mid-waist. Sometimes he wears earrings. But he still has the marks on his hands where the nails ripped through him to nail him to the cross. He’s also proud of his six-pack abs. But when I asked him what He looks like, he says he’s ordinary looking. Brent tells me he’s being modest, that lots of young girls flirt with him when he appears as a human and he looks like a hippie. When they flirt with Him, He turns them to the Bible. Any ways, you gotta read my Bible for Tribulation Saints to get to know the REAL JESUS in the English language (the originals are in English in Bible for Tribulation Saints). Jesus seems to love it that I’m letting the world get to know Him so well. And, thus far, has not objected to me claiming Bible for Tribulation Saints could be an addition to the Biblical canon for tribulation and millennial saints. If it is an addition to the canon, it’s turning out to be very loooong. And Jesus is still talking to us, so there’s probably more to come! Yikes! I think I’ll be spending the rest of my life getting this out to the world as an audio book.

Jesus is also a real comedian. Sometimes he will show up as a crying baby who’s defecating all over himself, or as a crying little boy and then he just zaps himself into his Jewish six-pack abs form. He can transform himself into an eagle or a dove and goes from one body form to another easily.

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