Son Of God Movie Portrays the Jesus I've Known through Brent Spiner (2012 – Now)

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Son Of God (Also Known As: Hijo de Dios ) is a Biography, Drama, History film directed by Christopher Spencer and written by Richard Bedser. It was released on 28 February 2014 (USA). It stars Diogo Morgado, Amber Rose Revah, Greg Hicks. The film’s content : The life story of Jesus is told from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection…

This is one movie where you should not read the reviews first, because the reviews are not fair. I never watched the movie because I read the reviews first. But it played on the History channel over the Easter weekend and I watched it then and was mesmerized.

It seems Jesus’ Easter present to the world is to announce that my Bible for Tribulation Saints has been added to the canon. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I created some coronation music and then decided I needed a coronation movie and I’ve made that movie Son of God, starring the incredible actor Diogo Morgado, who seems to have really captured the heart of Jesus. Though Jesus is much more muscular than Diogo, Diogo seems to have really captured the heart of Jesus in his portrayal of him. Jesus has six-pack abs and a very Jewish looking face with the typical Jewish nose. But Jesus is a “cool” guy and very hip, yet deeply loving in a very masculine sort of way. I capture him perfectly in Bible for Tribulation Saints, with enough direct quotes from Jesus to fill an encyclopedia.

When he first started talking to me, I found him attractive, because I find masculinity attractive and Satan took advantage of this to impersonate Jesus to me as a lover, using Zack Knight (who had Antichrist powers at the time). Jesus spent a lot of time with me to warn me that he will never make love to me. I now feel it’s a sacrilege to expect Jesus to make love to any human woman. Though I did not offend him when I thought he had made love to me (in my dumber days when I didn’t know him as well as I know him now). I DO offend him when I don’t obey him, which, sad to say, happens more often than I’d like to admit. It’s all in Bible for Tribulation Saints. I actually no longer find him attractive, so he’s kind of let down his guard a little and appeared in a more attractive form to me, since he now knows there’s no danger of me desiring him as a sexual partner. He’s corrected me too many times to be attractive to me. I see him too much as a deity to find him attractive. My feelings are now one of deep respect and love, like a daughter to a great father, or a sister to a great brother. This doesn’t mean I don’t love him, but I see him too much as God to be attracted to him. I feel totally unworthy of being his lover. In fact, I think it’s a sacrilege for any woman to desire Jesus as a sexual partner. I don’t think any human woman is fit to be his bride. He is so vast and smart, that his bride has to be the church (composed of all the church saints in their resurrection bodies). That’s the only match to his vast heart and intellect. Sometimes I ponder over whether he will make love to the church, using his semen. But it’s no longer a subject that fascinates me. The church is his bride and he will find a way to make love to her that won’t violate his character. It might be one of the things that will make his millennial reign (his honeymoon to his bride, the church) an interesting time.

Right now, our focus should be on obedience to the Gail Commandments and to the Bible, so that his glorious plan of loving the universe can be carried out in all its glory. Perhaps, during the millennium, it would be proper to explore how he makes love to his bride, the church. But our focus in these times should be in preparing the world for the tribulation, something that I’m sure weighs heavily on Jesus’ heart right now. We show our love for him, by being concerned about what he’s concerned over. There is a time and place for everything and the emphasis now should be on preparing the world for the seven-year tribulation. That’s why my Bible for Tribulation Saints is such an important book. It will also be an important book for the millennial saints, because they will need to be reminded of what the world would be like, if Satan had won and Jesus had not beat him up in the Final Battle (right before the 1,000 year reign). The Bible records that Satan will cause a massive rebellion towards the end of the 1000 year reign, and it must weigh heavily on Jesus’ heart that this will be so, and my Bible for Tribulation Saints will remind the millennium saints what the world would be like, if Satan won instead of Jesus. Jesus said that I and my men are going through what the tribulation saints will be going through. The millennium saints that rebel against Jesus will obviously forget to be grateful for how good they have it under Jesus during his 1000 year reign. My Bible for Tribulation Saints will remind them of what the world was like under Satan’s control.

When people forget to be grateful, they fall into deep sin. Trials and tribulations, as much as we hate them, build character in us. I am persuaded that one of the reasons that Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey and the top men on my marriage list are still loyal to me is they understand that we’ve been through too many deep trials together to abandon each other now. Those men who defected, never really suffered that much for love or righteousness, and so when I decided I did not want to make love to 10,000 men at the same time, they got incensed and left. I think they didn’t suffer enough for being good, to appreciate how important it is to have a woman who will stand by you for being a good man, even at the cost of your reputation, life and riches. The top men on my marriage list have been through the fire, as have I, and they know that it’s more important to have a woman who’s reliable and loyal, than to have a “hot” bounce in bed. So they’ve stuck with me, even though I may not give them as much sex as would a Loree McBride. One thing I give them that Loree will never give them, is a deep respect for their manliness and honor. Loree despises manliness and honor. All her men are cucks. Those men who defected try to justify their wimpiness by claiming my men are cucks, but deep inside they know they are Satan’s liars. The men on my marriage list are the most masculine men in the universe. Oh, by the way, Jesus still has the number one spot on my marriage list, but I view him as a lover as being part of the bride, the church. In other words, I will make love to Jesus by obeying and honoring him and I’ll leave it up to him how he will make love to me as part of his bride, the church.

I find it interesting that I really hurt his feelings when I disobey him. It’s like he loves me so much and wants to bless me so bad, that when I disobey him, he feels bad cuz he’s unable to bless me like he really wants to. And when I suggested that perhaps I should take him off my marriage list, he didn’t say he wanted to be taken off the marriage list! So, yes, he wants me to know that he will make love to me as part of his bride, the church. But he will never have physical sex with me and I now feel it’s a sacrilege to expect that from him. I think if he could pick a woman to be his lover, it would be me; but he’s so vast, so deep, so smart, that NO WOMAN is fit to be his lover. His lover has to be a composite, a group of redeemed people, like his entire bride the church.

I am more loyal than Loree. I will stick with a good man, even if the whole world turns against him. As long as I’m convinced he’s a good man, I stick with him through hell or high water. I think this is one of the reasons I have men who would die for me. Suffering builds character. It shows what we’re made of. It also makes you more appreciative of what really matters in life. I don’t want men who haven’t suffered and come through it more righteous, because that means they don’t have steel, they don’t have loyalty. They don’t appreciate what really matters in life.

Here is my coronation music:

Can watch a version of the movie here. Sorry, but I’m not allowed to spend any money above food and bills, so this is the best I can do right now. It’s a Gail Commandment. There’s more to life than watching movies. I had another link to a free version on this page before, but it got contaminated with malware and almost caused me to lose my computer, so I’ve supplied another version of the movie in the link in this paragraph.

The movie really reminds me of why it’s so important to honor and obey Jesus, because he loves us so much. This movie has really captured his heart. It’s my favorite movie about Jesus right now. I am aware that what the critics say about it is true, that it has taken some liberties with the Biblical account and not all scenes are accurate (in terms of the events presented) as described in the Bible. But what amazed me was how well the screenwriters and actors captured the spirit of the times and the spirit of the Jewish leaders and of Jesus and his disciples. If you want to understand why the people did what they did when Jesus showed up the first time on earth, this movie answers that question brilliantly.

To know why Judas betrayed Jesus, why the Jewish leaders rejected their Messiah, why Pilate allowed Jesus to be crucified, why Jesus died for our sins, why the Jewish nation rejected their Messiah is like history repeating itself. I can see, right now, in our times, Jesus again showing up, where I and my men are like Jesus’ disciples. This movie forces you to look into your heart and see where you really stand with Jesus. It made me realize that it is so easy to forget the great love and sacrifice of Jesus going to the cross. We get so caught up in our problems, we forget to be thankful that God loves us so much he sent his only son to die on our behalf. This movie reminds us about how much Jesus cares for us all.

Like the people in the movie we tend to look at our lives through a microscope and the only reality seems to be what is immediately before us, and we can’t see the big picture. I have learned that when we are the most severely tested, is often when we are on the verge of a major victory, and if we won’t give up on Jesus and will keep our faith strong, victory is ours! The brave man is no braver than anyone else, he’s just brave five minutes longer.

Looking back over my life, I remember when, in Jan. 1994, I got a FedEx letter from Paramount studios written by a Paramount studios woman attorney, who claimed to represent Brent Spiner (she actually represented Jesuit Loree McBride), and forbade me to write Brent ever again, accusing me of harassment (because my horrible ex-husband threatened to give Brent bad press). The Jesuits had me all set up. I was so ashamed that I risked Jesus’ reputation, being a very devout Christian (you know, surrendered to the mission field and all). I prayed for 3 hours and asked Jesus to forgive me for my sinful, long-distance “adulterous” relationship with Brent Spiner (who seemed a coward and not willing to acknowledge that he made love to me on the phone). 12 hours later, God sent an earthquake to Northridge, CA, right where that FedEx letter came from. It just boggled my mind that this was how Jesus answered my 3 hour prayer! Looking back, it all makes sense. Jesus knew that he would be using Brent and me to add to the Biblical canon in 2020. All I could see was that I had shamed Jesus by honoring my heart to love Brent long distance and now I was forbidden to even write him. Actually, it was Satan who condemned my love for Brent and Jesus had to make a statement and that 1994 Northridge earthquake was the answer to my 3 hour prayer!

Another interesting earthquake happened when I was divorcing my Jesuit husband David Schuler. Again, Satan was attacking me left and right, and the Ash Wednesday earthquake hit Seattle in Feb. 2001. What was strange about this earthquake, is I felt the tremors, it was powerful, but NOBODY DIED BECAUSE OF THE EARTHQUAKE, even though there was lots of structural damage. I ran down a stairwell during the earthquake (the absolute wrong thing to do in an earthquake, but Jesus HAD ME COVERED). Jesus again made a statement by having an earthquake happen WHERE I LIVED while Satan and the Jesuits were giving me hell over my love for Brent. You see, Jesus knew that Brent was his chosen soulmate for me and that Satan opposed Brent and I, because Brent and I would be BIBLE WRITERS. The Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church (i.e., ASH WEDNESDAY – get it?) are Satan’s BRIDE. The Jesuits are Satan worshipers. All these major answers to prayer make sense now, though I was somewhat puzzled by them when they happened. I could tell Jesus was dropping hints about me being important to His plans, but back then I HAD NO IDEA TO WHAT EXTENT JESUS WOULD USE ME AS PART OF HIS GRAND PLAN FOR THE UNIVERSE. These earthquakes were Jesus’ objections (and STATEMENTS) to Satan followers targeting His future BIBLE WRITER and FAVORITE.

So keep doing the Gail Commandments. Trust in the Lord with all our hearts, we’re about to climb that mountain. Hold the Fort. That’s a song I sang to Brent in 1990. Jesus led me to pick the music that I sang to Brent that caused him to fall in love with me in 1990 when I mailed him a cassette tape of me singing hymns. Watch the movie to find inspiration to Hold the Fort! In the end, I ended up leading an agnostic Brent Spiner in 2011 to the Lord, when Jesus rescued him from a UFO abduction in answer to my prayer. Let us not be weary in well doing and keep doing the Gail Commandments, reading the Bible and Bible for Tribulation Saints, so we can be reminded about all that Jesus wants for us in these last days as we near the time of Jacob’s trouble, known as the 7-year tribulation. Yep. We’ll be raptured out, but let’s go out VICTORIOUS and leave a proper legacy for the tribulation saints who’ll be left behind.

If you don’t know Jesus, here is how to find Him:

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