Matthew McConaughey in 2005 Fell for Writer of Epic He Starred In (Silver Skies)

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Silver Skies 05122020 1996 Version
I try to write this work-in-progress only when I’VE BECOME THE CHARACTERS and THE WORLD AROUND ME IS DEAD, except for my dreams.

The Matthew McConaughey clone is greatly upping his appearances. Is he doing some sort of damage control for Loree McBride (the leader of the evil Jesuits)? Makes me wonder if the real Matthew has suddenly become a big star because of a remake of Steven Spielberg’s Silver Skies (based on my work in progress, my novel Silver Skies 1996 Version). The REAL Matthew portrays my lead Dor Ben Habakkuk and actually won his first Oscar for that role in 2006, in a ceremony only reported on at Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). The real Matthew is a deep, sensitive, yet macho guy, which makes him perfect to portray the lead character in my novel. The clone imitates the real Matthew, but lacks his depth and sensitivity. Camila Alves is a vulgar Jesuit clone, and got pregnant 3 times by bomb raping the real Matthew. She threatened to blow him up if he wouldn’t have doggie-style sex with her with a bomb strapped onto him if he wouldn’t “perform” in a manner that pleased her. This has been really tough on the real Matthew. Jesuit cloning technology is from the pits of hell. In fact, I explore this in my novel Silver Skies, in the last third that I’m writing right now. All clones have fallen angel DNA from the UFOs (fallen angels). I depict what Matthew went through in my non-fiction book Bomb Threat at the Oscars.

Silver Skies is a novel and Matthew is not a character in the novel, so obviously that is not in the novel. But Matthew stars in Silver Skies as the lead, that’s how he learned about me and eventually got added to the marriage list of men I have (which was never my idea, by the way). I guess I’m a super hot writer. That was never my life ambition, but that’s how it’s worked out, apparently. I never dreamed in the 1990s, as I worked on Silver Skies to honor the love between me and Brent Spiner, that the writer I became to honor Brent’s love for me would end up with a long list of famous men who want me.

I do recall that Matthew communicated with me brain to brain in 2005, when he first came into my life, that my writing turned him on, cuz I had a sexy soul. He started communicating with me during filming for Silver Skies. I think they were getting ready to give it a wrap and just finish the thing, which was amazing cuz I never finished the novel. Spielberg came up with an ending based on what I recommended for him. Now, that I’m working on the last third, the movie remake will be even more brilliant than the original version in 2005. From what I understand, not only did Matthew win his first Oscar for Best Actor in the 2006 Oscars, but Silver Skies, the film, also won the Oscar for Best Picture!

Of course, since Loree McBride has taken over Hollywood (2017 to now), the Oscars have basically become meaningless, and Hollywood has turned into a political cartel. Masterpieces be damned, if what you write is not politically correct. But back in 2006, winning an Oscar meant something.

I actually think my ending will remain the same, but it will be more powerful because I will write all the scenes in the last third of the novel that lead up to the ending now.

Matthew said he fell in love with me reading my novel, especially when he was able to view my physical presence, too. I, at first, vehemently rejected the idea of a marriage list, but gave in when my men told me that having a group of influential men on my side, made me more powerful against the Jesuits, and the Jesuits were really attacking us with everything in their arsenal, and we needed all the help we could get! It’s strange that my villain was the Antichrist, and, at the time I made the decision to make the Antichrist the villain in the 1990s, I had no idea that this novel I was writing would turn out to be prophetic! I just thought he’d make an interesting villain. This may seem hard to believe, but one of the characters I created is almost identical to Loree McBride, and I didn’t even know about her at the time. I started the novel in 1993 and had writer’s block in 1996 when I learned about Loree McBride as Brent Spiner’s “girlfriend”. So I was two-thirds finished when I learned about Loree. Loree effectively stopped this writer from finishing her masterpiece. At the time, I felt Brent no longer deserved the masterpiece, and so I quit writing it. I also felt he no longer deserved to have a brilliant writer for a long distance lover.

But in December 1999, when Jesus told me in a still, small voice that Loree was a Vatican agent, he also told me to resume my writing. I did not finish Silver Skies at the time, cuz I needed to divorce my Jesuit husband and had absolutely no time to write during the divorce. My ex went after me for everything and successfully got custody of my son on false charges and lies. My ex had the entire Jesuit Order backing him at the time. But what’s interesting is that my Silver Skies villain was a Roman Catholic high ranking official and I had NO IDEA at the time that so much of what I was portraying in the novel was matching my real life! It’s no wonder Loree McBride had a party when I learned about her and was jumping up and down on her bed when I was crying my eyes out about Brent Spiner and her in 1996. She gave me writer’s block and stopped my masterpiece.

I had literally given myself a M.F.A in creating writing to write that book and it shows in the 1990s draft, which is what I’m working off of right now. I am relearning all the skills I used to write this book and it’s quite an undertaking, but this masterpiece deserves an ending.

When I first wrote Silver Skies, I wanted to honor Brent Spiner, who seemed to me the sexiest man in the universe. I wrote this book to show that true sexiness is in the mind and soul and not so much the body, so I put my lead into a debilitating accident that destroyed much of his physical appearance, so that the focus would be on his heart, which was where he was sexiest. However, due to the help of the female lead, he was able to get back a lot of his original physical appearance. Interestingly, I never describe details of my character’s physical appearance, like their hair color, etc. that much. Yet they seem so real, because I make them come alive by baring their hearts and souls to the reader. I despise stereotypes and wanted each character to be totally unique and original.

So I created a male romantic lead, which was considered quite a risk to take for a female author in a romance novel. Most romance novels written by women have female leads. But this is where my heart was and I went in that direction. I recall that I wanted to show off my sexy Brent to the world by making him my main character, though I added in some twists to make my Dor Ben Habakkuk his own person. I felt that what made Brent so sexy was how he thought and how he approached his lovemaking, with depth and sensitivity and courageous commitment. I figured if I could make my male romantic lead sexy enough, even the women readers would care about him as a character and root for him. But this is why I ruined the 2009 book, cuz the voice I created in the 1990s version had a “sexy” voice, which I butchered in the 2009 version. Also, I gave the female lead more of an edge in the 1990s version and so she was more relatable than the Mary Sue perfect woman version she became in the 2009 version. Brianna has a Save the Cat superhero subplot in the novel, and it’s a delicate balancing act to make her a superhero and sympathetic and relatable at the same time. I had to show her with some vulnerabilities and weaknesses to make her more real without destroying her superhero qualities. I struck the right balance in the 1990s version.

Silver Skies was a challenging project that required tons of research, but I wanted to write a masterpiece, not write something that would give me a quick buck. I knew I had to write what I really cared about and so that’s how Silver Skies came to be.

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