Brent Spiner vs. His Clone (Acting Range Differences)

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Though I am not an actor, I have studied a bit of acting, which has some uncanny similarities to creative writing (and creating characters and dialogue for a screenplay or a novel). As a writer, I have a wide range, too. I can write all sorts of characters believably.

The Brent Spiner clone is trying very hard to make it as an actor, and it doesn’t hurt him that Loree McBride is the Jesuit leader (giving her clout in Hollywood) and can give him roles in Hollywood, even though he has a sorry acting range. I will admit he’s pretty convincing in his limited range (black comedy, dumbfounded joy, idiocy).

Loree McBride has the audacity to put her clones into acting, though they all have very limited ranges and don’t have the range of the actors they impersonate. So, starting around 2017, you don’t know if it’s the real Matthew McConaughey, the real Hugh Jackman, the real Brent Spiner, the real Gerard Butler, etc. doing the acting anymore. But, there is ONE way to tell. Ask yourself what range are they acting in? I can guarantee you that Jesuit clones are incapable of any range that requires sensitivity, depth, thoughtfulness and true moral convictions and courage. That’s how you can tell if it’s the clone or the real person. In fact, if the only roles you see the actor doing are in the area of black comedy, idiocy, dumbfounded joy, toughness, audacity, you can be pretty sure the real actor has been replaced with his clone in Hollywood. Jesuit clones are incapable of deep, mesmerizing, thoughtful, courageous performances.

I know the Brent Spiner clone can’t do anything outside of his limited range. Check out what the Brent Spiner clone can do and, I will say, he seems to think because he’s mastered his limited range, it means he can totally impersonate the very talented actor, Brent Spiner. Check out the clone’s acting in the video just below. I guarantee you this clone is only capable of this limited range. Though, I will admit he’s got his limited range down good.

He can never act like the real Brent Spiner did in this scene (see video below) from “The Measure of a Man” (Star Trek: The Next Generation). The range in this scene from “The Measure of a Man” is deep, thoughtful, and contemplative, even courageous. THIS, the clone cannot do, because he doesn’t have enough inner depth or convictions in himself to bring that into any character. The real Brent Spiner acted this scene out magnificently, digging into his inner depths and courage, to bring this into the character. Because the Brent Spiner clone has no true inner depths or convictions and is not a thoughtful and contemplative person (the REAL Brent Spiner is an INFJ Myers-Briggs), the clone is incapable of roles that require depth, courage and contemplation. This episode, by the way, is considered to be possibly the very best Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ever made and is one of my favorites from the show.

The real Brent’s range here in the episode “Lal” (see video below) is a bit different. It is protective, sensitive and caring. This is also a range the clone is incapable of performing. This is another of my favorite episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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