Silver Skies 1996 Version: A Religious Epic Fantasy Romance

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Silver Skies 05122020 1996 Version
I try to write this work-in-progress only when I’VE BECOME THE CHARACTERS and THE WORLD AROUND ME IS DEAD, except for my dreams.

I’m having the hardest time deciding what genre my Silver Skies 1996 Version is. I think the closest would be religious epic fantasy romance. I’m not sure that is a viable category, though. But when I publish the book I have to put it into a category, so I will put it into epic fantasy romance I guess. It’s definitely an original book, a lover’s perspective on the 7-year tribulation period and I will try to portray that period true to Bible prophecy. My main character is MALE.

I have two male point of view characters and one female point of view character and the female is the superhero character. I don’t think anybody has written a book quite like the one I’m writing. It is definitely original. Why am I, as a woman, writing in male point of view? Because I want to show the world how a sexy man thinks! They say most of lovemaking is in the brain. My novel proves it. Brent Spiner was my inspiration for the male lead and Brent is a super sensitive, deep and macho guy and that is super sexy.

To get my point across, I even have his physical appearance destroyed in the first half of the book. It’s ironic that Steven Spielberg chose Matthew McConaughey to play the lead. But, I will admit, my main character gets a lot of his looks back by the middle of the book. But his main attraction is how he thinks. You might say, why in the world would women want to read your book? Well, the lead is sexy.

The way his mind works is pretty fascinating. It restores women’s faith in men. I really think most women don’t want to feel that all men are animals in bed, who go at sex like it’s just a way to release hormones or are so married to their jobs that once they put the ring on your finger, it’s back to business as usual.

I’m hearing brain to brain that Donald Trump has somehow been able to read my work in progress and he couldn’t put it down. This, from a man, who hates to read! That shows you how good a writer I can be. It also means my male leads are believable. My male lead gets persecuted pretty bad by some politicians (i.e., the Antichrist and his forces), so that’s something Donald can relate to. I mean it becomes life and death for him and for his heart. My lead has a big problem about respecting himself as a man and his lover’s faith in his manliness becomes life or death to him. He’s had a lot of bad breaks in life, including being married to a sociopath.The villain probably reminds Donald of Melania (before we took her out). She was a psychopath. Fortunately, the Melania Trump automaton appears to be a good wife to Donald now.

Those automatons are pretty good. You can’t tell they are an automaton until you get real close to them. Barack Obama is an automaton. The real Barack was murdered in 2012. An automaton is like an android, like Data was in Star Trek: The Next Generation. My novel has automatons and clones in it, but I don’t introduce them till the finale, because one of the ways the Antichrist gains power is by using clones to deceive people, so he won’t allow the world to know that human cloning technology exists, or even that automaton technology exists.

So because my characters are not aware of the existence of clones till the very end, it gives the villain some real advantages over them and makes possible my darkest moment in the novel. I classify the book as a fantasy, because I have clones, automatons and time travel in it.

But, to be honest with you, I think these technologies really do exist, and I am able to give the science behind them, so it has the voice of a saga more than the voice of an epic fantasy. But because I have some scenes in heaven and in the future millennium, this novel is a fantasy. But all the speculative scenes are based on real science and real Bible prophecy (based on a literal interpretation of the books of Revelation and Daniel). I have put years of study into the Bible prophecy aspects of the story, making this a fascinating read to those who believe in the Bible. But, unlike lots of sorry Christian novels I read, I don’t let all the research turn the plot into a boring Bible study. All the Bible stuff is an integral part of the plot, or I don’t include it. Showing off Bible knowledge in a NOVEL is a big mistake. The Bible prophecy stuff must be a SPICE, not the main plot or you ruin the novel. I make the Bible prophecy stuff personal to the character. Like I may have a scene where all goes dark, when the sun and the stars lose their light in the tribulation and I might use this as symbolism for what is happening in the main character’s life at the time. But I don’t think it’s wise to include every single main tribulation event, just to show off Bible knowledge. If the event can’t be made personal to the characters, it’s best to leave it out. However, Bible prophecy is very important to the plot and the reader will learn a lot about the book of Revelation by reading this novel.

A writer can become so in love with the world they create, they forget that all that research is what the writer needs to know. The reader only experiences the tip of the iceberg, in terms of what the writer knows about the researched topic. Your job as a writer is to show just enough to make the scene powerful and believable. Tolkien sometimes forgot this and some of his scenes go too heavy into showing his story world. That’s a real problem when you lose yourself in research and forget that unless your character has good reason to care about it, it shouldn’t be included just to add more unnecessary detail to describe the setting. Telling detail is so important in description. Say just enough to make the scene live, and then MOVE ON.

Research is very important to ensure the story seems real to the reader, but the writer must never forget that he/she is a storyteller first and foremost as a novelist; and a researcher only to make the story come alive for the reader. We don’t need to show off all we’ve researched in a novel. We pick and choose the details to present and these details need to help with setting the tone or voice, establishing character or moving the plot forward. If they don’t do any of these, LEAVE IT OUT. That’s why it’s important to choose details that matter to the story. They call this TELLING DETAIL. Sometimes a powerful metaphor or simile using precise, descriptive terms is all you need in a paragraph. And this metaphor can be created based on the research you’ve done and WHO YOUR CHARACTER IS.

In fact, it’s possible that this novel may turn out to be prophetic for that reason; if, by chance, my interpretations are RIGHT ON. Jesus Christ is a character in the book, too! But I have very few scenes where he shows up in person. He’s more like a behind-the-scenes mentor. This novel is not about Jesus really. It’s about a character who feels lost and lonely in his search for his identity, making it a Buddy Love story first and foremost, because he needs his lover to find himself. If I made Jesus a main character in this book, it would ruin the voice and take out some of the mystery. So he has to be very behind-the-scenes. I think it would be extremely challenging to write a novel with Jesus as the main character. In fact it’s so challenging, that I don’t believe anyone’s ever done it well. I have no interest in making Jesus a main character. He’s too perfect. No one can relate to him.

If anyone wrote a novel about Jesus, it would have to be how lonely it is to be superman. But then that begs the question, is Jesus lonely? I don’t think he is. He has great fellowship with God the Father and he gets to listen to all our prayers. So he’s too perfect. You can’t write a compelling book about Jesus UNLESS YOU TAKE AWAY HIS DIVINITY, and I don’t want to do that. Far more compelling would be a human’s attempt to be like Jesus and to learn that he is not at all what we thought he was and there is a lot of that in Silver Skies. Every good book is filled with surprises. The problem with making Jesus a main character is he won’t be interesting unless you make him too human. Then you destroy his superhuman status and he becomes ordinary. Far better to explore his superhuman status from the outside as I do in Silver Skies and make the story about learning what it really means to love like Jesus loves.

Many Christian writers have tackled this topic of loving like Jesus loves, but I think I may be the first who explores it from a sexual angle. Sex seems to be a taboo topic in Western culture, especially Christian culture. And it’s a shame because it’s so important and such a part of life. So I’ve written a novel that tackles the theme of true love mated with sex, and what it’s really like to love truly mated with sex, with all the veneers removed as opposed to an Antichrist who glorifies sex for sex alone (minus the love), actually making true love a crime. Hey folks. You may not know this, but I think the Antichrist will really be like this! I think the Antichrist could win the sexiest man alive contest. I will be making him super hot, and that’s why the whole world goes after him. But by the end of the book, he won’t seem so hot anymore and the sexiest man alive will be Jesus Christ. Ha! You say, how you gonna pull that off without committing a sacrilege? You gotta read my book!

By the way, it’s not a sin to be hot.

Basically, the theme of the book is to make love like Jesus makes love to his bride, the church. You might say, how do you write about THAT? Well, it’s an extremely complex topic. Whoever said Jesus’ mind is simple! That’s why I needed to write an epic. You might say, I thought this was a romance between a man and a woman. It IS, but how Jesus makes love factors into the equation. It’s a story in contrasts, contrasting true love (like how Jesus loves) versus pure lust. A lot of romances, like Gone With the Wind (in my opinion), glorify lust and don’t seem to have the foggiest about what true love is. I’m not a fan of Gone With the Wind, though I admire it as a historical novel, NOT as a love story. As a story about the death of the South in American history, Gone With the Wind is BRILLIANT. But as a love story, it SUCKS.

I know it’s supposed to be about Scarlett O’Hara’s resilience and courage and all that, but Scarlett reminds me too much of Satan and the Antichrist (who never gives up and tramples on everyone’s heart in the process), so I can’t get into Gone With the Wind. Now if Margaret Mitchell made Melanie the heroine and gave her a bit more spunk, Gone With the Wind would be GREAT. The male lead would need to be a blend between Ashley and Rhett Butler, too, for the book to be interesting to me. The characters aren’t deep enough for me, or they’re too perfect or weak, on the other extreme. I just can’t into Gone With the Wind‘s characters.

But true love does not mean a lack of sexual passion, either. So, it’s complicated. I needed to write an epic. True love, like how Jesus loves, deserves an epic. I end the book with a quote from Song of Solomon, which is all about Christ loving his bride, the church. I had to end it with my lovers in the millennium, cuz as Bible scholars know, the 1000 year reign of Christ (future) is considered Christ’s honeymoon with his bride, the church. I’ve almost ruined the book for you, but not quite, cuz I haven’t let you know if they get together yet, I only tell you that CHRIST GETS TOGETHER WITH HIS BRIDE IN THE MILLENNIUM and that’s part of the ending. You might say, but it’s a love story, so we know they get together. Yeah, but HOW do they get together? Do they get to have sex in the millennium in their resurrection bodies or is this considered taboo as loving like Jesus loves? You know, this really matters to the main character and I WON’T TELL YOU THE ENDING. His whole life he dreams of making love to Brianna and it’s the ONE THING THE ANTICHRIST WON’T LET HIM DO. I can hear the female readers. Oh great, another pornographic novel. And the male readers, who are perverts, are saying. “Yeah, we like reading about orgasms and all that.”

It will only seem pornographic, if you are a lust-obsessed demon. To those who have a inkling of true love in their hearts, they will love reading about true love in all its passionate, deep and mesmerizing glory. Maybe that’s why Trump couldn’t put the book down.

You might say, well we know Trump is a pervert, so you must have written a pervert novel. No, I’ve written a truthful story about what it means to truly love when you live in a world where true love is banned. I guess Trump cares about love. I can assure you that his enemy Loree McBride doesn’t care about love. She meets with Satan quite often. Satan thinks those who espouse true love should be destroyed. He believes true love is a fairy tale that hinders mankind’s evolution to godhood, where he is worshipped as the supreme god.

You might say, “Hurry up and finish the book! I want to read it.”

Sorry, but I’m taking my stinking time on this. I don’t want to mess it up like I’ve already done so many, many times. I never wrote it for money and it shows. It is my shrine to honor true love. Such a shrine must be built meticulously, carefully and truthfully. This is a topic that Satan has destroyed and misrepresented, and my novel will try to undo the damage that evil devil has done.

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