Orson Scott Card's Feelings about Writing for Hollywood Are Mine As Well

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Really enjoyed listening to this. Based on what I heard, I think Orson Scott Card would love my Silver Skies 1996 Version. I can relate to a lot of what he said. I will probably vote for Trump in 2020, for the same reasons that Orson Scott Card voted for Trump in 2016. Hillary Clinton is a sociopath and I just couldn’t vote for her in 2016. Orson Scott Card describes himself as a classical liberal and he’s still a Democrat, as am I. I choose to remain in the Democratic Party, though I plan to vote for Trump. Biden is a JOKE. He’ll just be a Loree McBride cuck. You might say, why won’t you vote Green? You know, if I didn’t admire Trump’s courage, I would probably vote for someone in the Green Party or a Libertarian. I don’t agree with all Trump does, but he’s brave.

Actually, if I recall, back in 2005 when Spielberg made Silver Skies into a movie, I believe he hired Orson Scott Card as the screenwriter. So I’m right. Orson loved the Silver Skies I wrote in the 1990s and that I’m putting an ending to on right now.

Orson and I are on the same page in a lot of areas as writers. I can relate to ALL he says about Hollywood. How Star Trek: The Next Generation rejected my teleplay in 1992, showed me that if I wanted to be a great writer, Hollywood was OUT. I cut my ties to Hollywood and started writing novels, so I could control the quality of the product.

I agree with Orson that everyone has a religion, even atheists. This man has thought deeply about life, so I relate to him on a lot of levels.

Orson would be a great choice to write a screenplay based on my novels. Orson and I despise categories, and we refuse to “conform” when we write. When writer’s conform and become politically acceptable according to their group, they kill the real part of themselves that makes a story live and seem real to the readers. My political ideology is Libertarian, Constitution and Green. The reason Trump appeals to me is cuz I see him as a renegade Republican, who just follows his own heart, when he isn’t poisoned by a sexual partner who extorts him to do otherwise. I have a weak spot for brave people. That’s why I liked Tulsi Gabbard. I think the Dem Party screwed her over and she’s taking it pretty graciously. Actually, I’ve made her Vice President and given her a lot of autonomy. She seems quite content to be my VP, even if her true role is not reported on in mainstream news. I’m, what you call, a “delegator” President. I delegate most of my Presidential job to others, so I’ve made Tulsi pretty powerful. She basically is doing my President job. Trump is loyal to me, so he makes a great press secretary. He’s actually more of a Centrist in his heart, and I am more Centrist, so he’s a great press secretary.

I’m an INFP (Myers-Briggs) and I’m more into writing than politics. I prefer to change the world by inspiring others to see my vision and this is where writing comes in. I’m thrilled I found Tulsi, because she loves being the true President. I guess I’m the Deep State right now and since I’m a decent human being with a strong conscience, I prefer to install in my cabinet those who feel likewise. Now that I know the country’s in good hands, I’m free to follow my true heart, the heart of a writer. I’m also very tolerant of differences and really believe in freedom (so I’m a strong Libertarian).

Tulsi and I both like this song, written by INFP John Lennon. Perhaps Tulsi is an INFP, too. But I prefer to express my INFP soul as a writer, more than as a politician. You might say, as a Christian, how can you like this song?! Well, listen to the words. . . Think about it. If man and Satan never sinned, all the universe would be heaven, so we wouldn’t need heaven or hell. Lennon was actually pretty deep.

Actually, all the players you see in mainstream news are just playing a part. The real news is only reported on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). Though I may be U.S. President, I actually prefer the job of writer.

We’re going to have “fake” elections in November, and, from what I understand, those who vote for Trump, are actually voting for me (with Tulsi as my VP). But I’ve written so much law, that I can afford to delegate a lot of my responsibilities and just be the writer I prefer to be. I only intervene when those that I put in charge are not honoring my Conspiracy Law. Right now, I have Tulsi Gabbard running the show pretty much and, from what I understand, she’s being pretty true to how she campaigned. But I have some Republicans in my cabinet as well. My beliefs are a mix between all the parties – but mostly Libertarian, Constitution and Green. Ron Paul is also very influential in my cabinet and is one of Tulsi’s chief advisors. I use Donald Trump as my press secretary.

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