Loree McBride, Today's Adolph Hitler, Behind Violence in Black Lives Matters Protests (2020)

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The following article is from this link: https://worldisraelnews.com/get-your-knee-off-our-necks-jews-and-the-new-civil-rights-movement/

I shall leave the article by Ben Cohen intact below, but will comment on it, with my comments in RED and links in BOLD. It is an excellent summary of our current social climate and how it affects Jews. I am a Christian Jew, who finds myself with mixed feelings about what Loree McBride has caused to our social climate.

The Rev. Al Sharpton is an apt example of the painful contradictions between fighting racism and fighting anti-Semitism.

Article below is by Ben Cohen, JNS with comments by Gail Chord Schuler in RED, links are in BOLD.

Fighting racism doesn’t necessarily mean fighting anti-Semitism. Fighting racism can sometimes involve elements of anti-Semitism. And fighting anti-Semitism can sometimes lead to accusations of racism.

If you study the trajectory of racial politics in America in the last 50 years or so, it’s difficult to avoid those three conclusions, as depressing as they are.

Even so, my purpose in raising them here isn’t to discourage American Jews from participating in the new civil-rights movement that has coalesced in the wake of the sickening police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Nor, with deep regret, am I raising them because I’ve come up with an ingenious proposal to resolve these contradictions once and for all. I am raising them only because we need to be clear-eyed about the challenges that lie ahead.

“Get your knee off our necks,” the Rev. Al Sharpton exclaimed at Floyd’s funeral in Minneapolis on June 4, capturing the anger of black communities across the United States at the seemingly unending cycle of police brutality. It is a call to action that resonates powerfully with many Jews (myself included) on the emotional and moral levels.

The problem is the spoiling role that historical memory can play at charged moments such as these.

The Al Sharpton who sounded this clarion call in the presence of George Floyd’s grieving family is the same Al Sharpton who goaded anti-Semitic rioters in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, N.Y., for three agonizing days during the summer of 1991.

“If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house,” he declared at a rally in Harlem before delivering a eulogy at the funeral of Gavin Cato—the seven-year-old African-American boy whose tragic death in a car accident sparked the rioting—where he invoked the most chilling anti-Semitic tropes. “All we want to say is what Jesus said: If you offend one of these little ones, you got to pay for it,” Sharpton told the mourners. “No compromise, no meetings, no coffee klatch, no skinnin’ and grinnin’.”

Unfortunately, the Roman Catholic Church has contaminated true Christianity, and many confuse Catholic history with true church history. Catholic theology is also reflected in covenant theology among Christians, who do not interpret all of the Bible literally, claiming many of the prophetical passages about the Jewish nation are metaphors or symbols rather than meaning what they say, resulting in Replacement Theology, which teaches that the church has replaced Israel in Bible prophecy.

Covenant theology came about as a result of the Protestant Reformation, and the problem is that Martin Luther himself was a practicing Catholic his whole life and that influenced his theology. Jews will find their best friends in the Christian community among those who hold to dispensational theology, which teaches a clear distinction between the Jewish nation and the Christian church in the Bible.

Many evangelicals do not consider Roman Catholics to be Christians, and I am among that group. This does not mean there are not true Christians inside the Catholic Church, but that the official teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are not based solely on the Bible, but more on tradition (ironically the same problems that the Jews have today), and this has resulted in teachings based on tradition rather than the Bible. Basically a true Christian, regardless of what church they belong to, is one who honors the Bible over the teachings of any tradition or man, and who holds to a literal interpretation of the Bible. Literal, meaning the Bible means what is says, IN CONTEXT, and that you should only assume the passage is a symbol or metaphor if the passage says it is a symbol or a metaphor.

The Roman Catholic Church has a history of horrific anti-Semitism and sponsored and paid for Adolph Hitler, encouraging him under Pope Pius to round up the Jews and send them to the camps. What you are not hearing is how true Christians, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, gave their lives trying to save Jews during Hitler’s reign. What about Corrie Ten Boom, another Christian, who got sent to a concentration camp, trying to save Jews during Hitler’s reign.

Sharpton has never offered genuine contrition for these grotesque remarks, perhaps because they reflect what he genuinely believes, and certainly because there was never any political cost attached to articulating them, Thirty years later, he’s still around, commanding the attention of a new generation of activists. In the struggle against racism in America, you can rest assured they will be told that Sharpton’s record of anti-Semitism is a subordinate concern—not to say an irritation—and those who raise it must be doing so to discredit the goals of the movement.

Though I, as an evangelical Christian, sympathize with the plight of racial inequality, being a person of Jewish ancestry and having suffered from anti-Semitism my whole life (due to my King David genes), the social justice movement is not based on an intelligent and scholarly interpretation of the Bible. Listen to the following messages by a Bible teacher I have great respect for, Dr. Andy Woods. I consider Al Sharpton a lousy Bible teacher. I believe the best way to fight racial inequality and all injustices on earth is to follow the true Jesus (as outlined in the Bible) and to teach the Bible correctly, especially in regard to the Jewish nation. Once the Jewish nation accepts their Messiah Yeshua Hamashiach, the whole world will come under Jesus’ rule and all inequalities will be erased! It is our job as Christians to be the living example of what Jesus taught and to study the Bible with true scholarship, so that we know what Jesus taught. This means to reject the social justice movement as an attempt to set up Satan’s New World Order in place of Christ’s 1000 year reign, which only Jesus Christ HIMSELF can do. To hasten Christ’s Second Coming, we should preach the gospel and not conflate the gospel with a social justice message, which is polluting the gospel message. It is not our job as Christians to CHANGE THE WORLD, because the world cannot be changed except by CHRIST HIMSELF, when he sets up his kingdom. This does NOT mean that Christians should not vote or that we cannot participate in non-violent protest, but we need to understand that true and everlasting change cannot happen until Christ rules over the earth. If you want to protest for TRUE JUSTICE, hold up placards that read “Down with Loree McBride!” Loree McBride uses her own corrupt police and her violent rioters to carry out injustices everywhere. When injustice happens, the solution is to have government leaders punish the evildoers ACCORDING TO JUST LAWS BASED ON A LITERAL INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE (like my Conspiracy Law), and to enact and enforce these laws that honor the Bible according to a literal interpretation of the Bible. Unfortunately, most protests only bring about anarchy, which is a violation of Romans chapter 13. Al Sharpton needs to study the book of Romans.

Sharpton is an apt example of the painful contradictions between fighting racism and fighting anti-Semitism that I outlined at the beginning. The sectarian politics he represents is the antithesis of that iconic image, much treasured by American Jews, of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel marching alongside Dr. Martin Luther King in 1965 in Selma, Ala. But in the present political climate, it is the Sharpton approach to black-Jewish relations that has a much greater chance of prevailing.

So, and this is the question confronting the many Jews dedicated to rooting out the cancer of racism from our police departments and from our public institutions more generally, what are you supposed to think when you encounter anti-Semitism as an element in this very same struggle? And what do you do?

As I confessed earlier, I don’t have clear answers, partly because I think we are still diagnosing the nature of the problem. In the last five years, a campaign waged by anti-Zionist groups has pushed the false narrative that American police officers learned the methods of brutality from Israeli military personnel who tested them first on Palestinians. (The evidence provided is laughably flimsy. One claim I came across—that Minneapolis police were “trained” in crowd control by IDF officers—rested entirely on a link to a news report about a one-day anti-terrorism conference that was hosted by the Israeli Consulate in Chicago, which some Minneapolis officers apparently attended. In 2012.)

Unfortunately, I believe it is correct that much of our current police force have been trained by Loree McBride’s IDF in Israel. Loree McBride, a Roman Catholic terrorist and the current leader of the Loree McBride Jesuits, who is strongly anti-Semitic, has taken over Israel from 2017 to now. She has created a race of false Jews, who are clones of authentic Jewish people. These Jew clones have taken over the land of Israel. She has almost total control over the mainstream media and thus her significant role in world events is only reported at Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). The solution to our current epidemic of criminal police, is not to riot on the streets or to march for inequality, but to ENFORCE MY CONSPIRACY LAW AND GIVE ALL WILLING AND KNOWING LOREE MCBRIDE JESUITS (POLICE OR OTHERWISE) THE DEATH PENALTY. The nation of Israel also needs to enforce Conspiracy Law and give the death penalty to any Jews among them who have betrayed the true Jews and serve Loree McBride!! Serving Loree McBride as a Jew, or even as a non-Jew, is HIGH TREASON against any government that has laws that honor true love and compassion.

Yet this readiness to embrace the demonology of Zionism speaks to a deeper problem. Most of the anti-Semitism encountered in black communities in America doesn’t have anything to do with Israel or Zionism. Instead, it is an Americanized version of the Christian anti-Semitism that was adapted by European nationalists and socialists of various stripes over the last two centuries. Its core message is that capitalist democracy is a system designed by Jews to benefit Jews, who then cry out “anti-Semitism!” to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses. Sharpton’s eulogy to Gavin Cato quoted above reflects the journey of those sentiments across the Atlantic.

To blame anti-Semitism on Biblical Christianity is a fallacy, based on a reinterpretation of true history and a reinterpretation of true Christianity by non-Christian Roman Catholic leaders (and those influenced by them in true Christianity), who are obsessed with political goals and caught up in Satan’s social justice movement and his New World Order (which will be the kingdom of the Antichrist). True Christians are all strong Zionists, because the Bible is a Zionist book!

In both American and Europe, racism against blacks and other communities of color has invariably been a feature of right-wing politics. Contrastingly, anti-Semitism has been a presence on left and right alike, who share the same prejudices about Jews even if they draw slightly different conclusions from them.

Despite the preponderance of Jews on the left, raising anti-Semitism as a specific concern in these milieus has historically been treated with suspicion, as an implicit threat to divide the progressive movement over Jewish tribal complaints. In the context of the civil-rights movement in the United States—a country where the historical role played by anti-Semitism has been negligible when compared with racism—complaints of anti-Semitism are frequently presented as a sinister attempt to legitimize the “white privilege” of the Jewish community with the cloak of discrimination.

We are dealing with an old and stubborn formula here, capable of causing real mischief in situations like the one we face as a society now. American Jews are strong enough in their identities not to cast aside the injustices faced by African-Americans simply because anti-Semitism is a factor in the movement against racism in this country. By the same token, we have little choice in recognizing that anti-Semitism will continue to come at us from all sides—and that we should expect, especially when it comes from the left, to have to deal with it on our own.