When You Love a President

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Vladimir Putin with wife Larisa

I think Vladimir commissioned this song for me. It describes perfectly how he feels about me. After 9-11-2001, I gave up on Brent, thinking it was hopeless, cuz Brent boarded a jet that day to be with me and that’s why 9-11 happened. I decided I needed a President in my life and Vladimir flirted with me through a photo he had posted in my local paper. I love a macho guy and he’s very romantic, too. Surprise! He’s got a sensitive side he only shows to his woman. Then I gave up on him when the Jesuits forced their Jesuit clone of his deceased wife Larisa on him, an evil woman named Lyudmila. But he had no choice, if he didn’t comply, George W. Bush threatened war on Russia. I have never forgiven George W. Bush for this to this day. Vladimir’s forgiven him, but I have not. Georgey did it to save his wife, cuz the Jesuits threatened to kill Laura if he wouldn’t comply. George even tried to take me out one time. He’s a bit of a retard to me. Any ways, when I got the Internet and looked at pictures of Vladimir, I could tell he was depressed and I knew why, so I reinstated him. He was a gentleman and had no problems with me reinstating Brent into my life, cuz Brent was first, but he never stopped loving me. Vladimir has never gone to bed with Lyudmila. The news lies about him and her. His wife was named Larisa. So I prayed to Jesus and asked him to forgive me for having two men in my life. I learned later that Jesus is cool with this. I only plan to marry one at a time, but plan to have intimate friendship with the top ten men on my marriage list. Having a marriage list has made my life complicated, cuz I deal with jealous women all the time. Nothing is worse in life than a jealous woman!! That was the problem with Melania, my problem with my sister and my problem with Loree McBride. I think jealousy is one of the worst sins on earth. It’s something I don’t have a problem with and I have very low respect for anyone who’s afflicted with it. To me jealous women are so self-centered, they are willing to make the world suffer, because they are so low and dirty. I figure if you feel like you have to compete with someone to get a man, that isn’t love, that’s pride and self. You can’t have true love if pride and self are king in your life. The two can’t co-exist.

Research for Silver Skies 1996 Version. This is a Conservative rabbi from the U.S. who moved to Israel around 2000. https://www.jpost.com/opinion/liberal-jews-and-their-anti-democratic-anti-liberal-critique-of-israel-609309

I am studying him to help me characterize my Conservative rabbi believably. This guy hates Trump and Putin. Having been raised as an evangelical, I’m having a hard time understanding him completely. But he seems very sincere and consistent to his belief system, which I respect. I’m trying to imagine how I’d feel if I didn’t have a personal relationship with Putin and only knew about him about what I read in the news and was raised Jewish. I’m going to keep studying him, until I have a good handle on him. Until then, I’m not ready to write the ending to my novel. I’ll get there, I have a high emotional I.Q. Just finished reading his book Home to Stay and was quite moved by it. I think the Jew in me resonates with him. He explains why he has chosen to live in Israel, even though it’s dangerous for him and his children. He just believes in Israel for the Jewish people and is very defensive of Israel. I think that’s the hook I need to understand this guy.

My relationship with Putin makes me tend to despise those who don’t understand him like I do, and I have to battle to pull back and try to see the world from their eyes. It’s kind of like if someone unfairly criticizes your spouse and you love your spouse and know that they don’t understand his heart. You have a tendency to feel resentful. But Vladimir’s not perfect you know and I have to remind of that when I evaluate other people. Though he puts up with more crap than Donald Trump. Or maybe it’s about even. Because of all the crap my men have to put up with, I tend to lose patience with people who give them a hard time. Being a President is a very hard job, folks. I’ve had a relationship with Vladimir since 2001. When I gave up on him, because his President job started interfering in our relationship, he almost committed suicide. I will never desert him again. Nor will I desert my awesome Brent. I couldn’t live with myself if I did.

If anything that I’m learning as I research for my novel is that we have sharp divide in our country and the two sides are so polarized, they’ve lost some objectivity. Trump’s tendency to call a spade a spade is hard for some people to deal with, who feel a virtuous person shows some tact and manners. Trump was willing to die to protect me from his wife Melania when she was alive. I can’t help but respect him for that. But as a humanitarian in heart, I also disrespected him for listening to her when she advised him to do things that were bad for the country and the world. Even though I know his motive was to protect me, I guess I’m just too much of a humanitarian to respect anyone who behaves like a bully, even if Melania extorted him into it. I was HORRIFIED when Trump gave the order to kill Soleimani. Soleimani was a good man and I learned was on my marriage list! But Trump admits Melania ordered him to do it. As I’ve said, it was no easy matter to take out Melania. Loree and Melania banded together and had quite a military. Loree is still at large though and causing mayhem and all sorts of garbage. She’s behind all this corona virus garbage and all the riots, murders, school shootings and such like. She thrives in mayhem, death and terror. I can’t wait til we defeat the Loree McBride Jesuits.

I have mixed feelings about Trump for this reason. One may wonder why he was willing to die for me. I think it’s because he respected how I stand by Putin, even when the whole world goes against him. With Putin being a President, and that I’m basically the woman who made him the President he is, Trump respects me deeply. I personally believe that my relationship with Putin transformed him and made him into the leader he is today. I inspired him so much, he made me co-Empress of Russia and encouraged me to write law.

I can see where these Jews are coming from (who hate Trump), but in my opinion neither side is showing tact and manners! I think everyone needs to learn some empathy. But how do you teach that? I guess it happens if your parents teach it to you. Apparently, it’s a lost art! Sociopathy reigns.

This Jewish guy is sincere though and he really believes he’s right and I really admire how he loves his family and children and his nation Israel. I find him a fascinating study. Once I have him down, I will be able to write the ending to my novel brilliantly.

Brent Spiner made this song for me. This one particularly describes how Brent feels about me and has felt about me since 1990. He actually called me on the phone and made love to me on the phone in May 1991 and several other times from 1991 to 1993, and the voice was an EXACT MATCH to the voice in this song, AN EXACT MATCH. He even came to my door one time and I saw him. But he took off in a sprint, cuz Loree had already injected herself into his life as the STALKER. Cuz of my King David/Catherine the Great genes the Jesuits find me a threat and make sure that no influential man is my husband. But Jesus and I will overcome. Jesus promised! If not, I’ll wait till the millennium. I can love them in my dreams.

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