Twitter Hyperlinks Don't Work On My Tweets

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Dear Twitter followers, for some reason the hyperlinks do not work on my tweets at Twitter. However, if you R-click on the link, you can open the link up to another page. This appears to be some sort of Loree McBride sabotage, but, for now, there is a way around it. Vote for me as U.S. President and WE WILL DEFEAT LOREE MCBRIDE. My Conspiracy Law needs to be the supreme law of the land and then we can go after that bitch’s ass. RACIST Loree McBride has just banned Gab from using Visa.

The only area where I differ from this article about Gab’s ban from Visa is that I wouldn’t blame it on China, I’D BLAME IT ON LOREE MCBRIDE. Though it is entirely possible that Loree is using some Chinese Loree McBride Jesuits to do her bidding, but I really wouldn’t blame it on China.

People, you not only need to vote for me as U.S. President, but you also need to vote, like Russia has done, that my Conspiracy Law be the supreme law of the land, and then I’ll have the muscle I need legally to go after that bitch’s ass.

If my Conspiracy Law becomes the supreme law of the land, I can override all current laws and edicts that negate my Conspiracy Law and issue a royal decree as the supreme monarch under a Constitutional Monarchy. One thing people need to learn from history is that you’ll never have a righteous government as long as your leaders are evil. My Conspiracy Law deals with evil leadership. As a righteous monarch, I would not put up with this crap. Visa would be fined and taken over and I’d jail all the Loree McBride Jesuits who work at Visa. Either Visa submits to my law, or I’d sack them, even attacking them militarily if I have to, to remove the criminals from inside Visa. I would remove the unfair bans put on people and organizations who oppose Loree McBride and her INTOLERANT, RACIST policies. I define a racist as one who only allows those in a select group to have privileges and bans all others from freedom.

You might say, how can you get away with this and be a righteous monarch? It’s simple folks. Loree McBride Jesuits are TERRORISTS and those who willingly and knowingly support her are TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS. TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS are guilty of HIGH TREASON. That gives the government the justification to TAKE THEM OVER, even attacking them militarily if we have to, so that criminal anarchists cannot orchestrate a COUP to take over the country AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Loree McBride has gone too far. The people will vote for me as U.S. President in a landslide AND they will vote that Conspiracy Law be the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.

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