It's OFFICIAL! Empress Gail's Conspiracy Law SUPREME LAW OF RUSSIA

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On July 1, 2020, Vladimir Putin voted to make Gail Chord Schuler’s Conspiracy Law the SUPREME LAW OF RUSSIA, even overriding the Russian Constitution.

Due to Loree McBride insanity infecting the globe with mass hysteria and insanity, including the Covid-19 Loree McBride engendered DISASTER (with horrific economic consequences), Russian voters felt their leader needed more muscle to negate all of Loree’s legislations that she has introduced into countries worldwide.

I have written Conspiracy Law since 2004 and it covers just about all the problems any country has to deal with and also has law written specifically to deal with evil Jesuits, who have infected the entire universe with their disastrous amendments to Constitutions and their edicts that make it easier for evil Jesuits to rule like tyrants over the general populace. Loree McBride, the current evil Jesuit leader, only cares about herself and all her public statement of altruism is just a cover for her terrorist activities that she carries out daily, polluting the earth en masse with bombs filled with deadly germs, and carrying out assassinations of innocents who she feels would not support her. My Conspiracy Law mandates the death penalty for such activities and puts harsh penalties on organizations that willingly and knowingly support her.

I also have strong laws to protect freedom of speech. I have a National Health Care Plan that is better than any health plan of any country and when put into action, actually saves the government money while brilliantly meeting the needs of that nation’s citizens.

My economic laws kick out any banks, like the Federal Reserve Bank, that are controlled by Jesuits and they are replaced with my International Charity Bank and all banks come under government control to ensure Loree McBride Jesuits are not able to infiltrate the economic sectors and steal people’s monies.

Here are the most recent laws I’ve written, which gives you a flavor of how this law works:

Here is all my Conspiracy Law:

I believe that Harvard Law School gave me an honorary doctorate in law degree for writing Conspiracy Law. This happened around 2004. One of the men on my marriage list, Judge Terrance Jenkins, is a Harvard Law School graduate.

Because Loree McBride has successfully invalidated any righteous laws in all nations that she infects (which is just about everybody) using illegal Constitutional Amendments or illegal Supreme Court decisions, etc., my Conspiracy Law is designed to give the head of state the power to enforce righteous laws without all the strangleholds that Loree has introduced into legislations that makes it impossible for a righteous head of state to enforce laws that protect the innocents in a country. With my Conspiracy Law as the supreme law, if one of Loree’s lawyers or lawmakers complains that we can’t enforce Conspiracy Law to protect the people because it violates one of Loree’s laws, we just ignore Loree’s laws (because they negate Conspiracy Law) and we are able to forge a path forward for the good of the people. In fact, under my Conspiracy Law, if anyone willingly and knowingly tries to enforce any law that Loree McBride has influenced and is an evil law, they GET THE DEATH PENALTY.

Basically, Loree has invalidated the Constitution of the United States and even of Russia (with her illegal amendments and Supreme Court edicts and other court edicts), so we felt it necessary to create an overruling body of law that is the supreme law that OVERRIDES ALL OF LOREE’S CRAZY LAWS, so that we can forge a path forward for the people, giving them back their freedom, their money and more economic security and health.

Here is my platform as U.S. President:

Latest I’ve heard brain to brain is that U.S. has also just voted for my Conspiracy Law to be the supreme law of the United States. Now that the U.S. has done this, many other countries are joining with Russia and the United States, to make Conspiracy Law the supreme law of the land. I believe some of these nations are North Korea, China, Iran (who have been my allies for a long time). China has been a mixed bag, and Loree has made some serious infiltrations into China, but if my Conspiracy Law is made the supreme law of China, China can kick out Loree McBride Jesuits from their land with impunity. Loree McBride has created a COMPLICATED MESS WORLDWIDE. My Conspiracy Law fixes that mess and makes it easy for leaders to enforce righteous government and execute Loree McBride’s DEEP STATE PLAYERS who corrupt legislation and politics like a deadly cancer. Once we purge Loree’s influence in politics and government, this world will be a much safer, healthier and peaceful place to live in.

Sadly, Loree took over Israel in 2017 and we may not get Israel on board until just about the entire earth follows the lead of Russia and the United States in making Conspiracy Law the supreme law of the land. This explains why, since 2017, Israel has basically operated as a bully in the Middle East, knowing that the United States military (under Loree’s control) had their back. We will gladly add Israel to our list of Conspiracy Law honoring nations when they sever their ties to Loree McBride. Until then, the nation of Israel, under evil Loree McBride’s leadership is designated as a TERRORIST NATION, under Conspiracy Law. This does NOT mean all the Jews in Israel are terrorists, but if they want to have that designation removed for their country, they need to make Conspiracy Law the supreme law of Israel, so that we can purge all of Loree’s Jew clones from leadership in Israel.

For the latest updates, on how we’re progressing worldwide in making Conspiracy Law the supreme law of the land, listen to Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). I don’t believe you can get this station in Florida though, because I live here. My men don’t want me to become a target.

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