Loree McBride: Super Rich RACIST & Raging SNOB

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Artistic representation based on a real photo I saw of Brent with Loree in 1996. Not happy with his stalker!!
If the REAL Brent Spiner could dedicate a song to Loree McBride, this would be it.
Here’s another song the REAL Brent Spiner could dedicate to Loree McBride.

If any of my Facebook friends goes to Gab, be sure and let me know your Gab address. I’d love to follow you at Gab. I’ve been at Gab since Jan. 2018. By the way, the Gab founder, Andrew Torba, is a born again Christian. https://gab.com/a

I admire Andrew Torba and love his Gab. However, I am a Centrist Libertarian, Green and Constitution in politics and oppose extreme positions from either the left or the right. I agree that there is a conspiracy out there against those who oppose the Deep State, but the opposition is not directed only to those on the right, it’s against those WHO OPPOSE LOREE MCBRIDE (this also includes some on the left, like the classical liberals).

Tulsi Gabbard, who is my VP, is treated like crap by Loree McBride’s Deep State and I can assure you that if Tulsi was the Dem nominee (which Loree made sure would not happen), there would be Tulsi Derangement Syndrome from Loree’s Deep State.

Loree’s strategy is to ensure her enemies have a low profile (like what she’s tried to do to me). If that fails, her next strategy is to defame them with vicious and untrue propaganda designed to undermine their political ambitions or whatever they may be doing that gives them visibility and/or respectability.

However, I’M TOTALLY DEMONETIZED AT YOUTUBE and have been since 2014 and my YouTube views are manipulated so that though my views are in the millions, they are presented as being in the hundreds.

I am sure Andrew Torba does not agree with all my views, but I’ve experienced NO CENSORSHIP WHATSOEVER AT GAB, not even warning notices about some of my posts (which I have gotten rarely at Facebook). I’ve noticed there are plenty of Tulsi Gabbard supporters at Gab, so Gab attracts independents, even those that are not in the Conservative camp.

Usually Facebook gives me warning notices about my shares, not about stuff I personally write. They say it’s spam. But I’ve never been in Facebook jail yet. I have been in Twitter and YouTube jail though. I personally think Facebook does not like Loree McBride, for which I have to give them kudos.

Twitter and YouTube seem to be getting along with Loree McBride (shame on them). But, ironically, I’m still at YouTube and Twitter.

As far as white supremacy at Gab, it does exist. But I don’t feel the cure to racism is to ban these people. Nor do I feel that Andrew Torba is a racist, he just believes in freedom of speech. I just block them at Gab if I sense they are a Loree McBride Jesuit and won’t shut up.

And, yes, Loree has white supremacists among her followers, while she barks the loudest about racism. What you must understand about Loree is that whatever she accuses others of, she is herself. I think she projects herself onto others. Write it down, whatever she claims about herself is a LIE and I guess cuz she’s such a liar, she thinks everyone is like her, even if they don’t know it.

Being a racist is only dangerous, if that person is VIOLENT. Not all racists are violent. Because I don’t give a flip what true narrow-minded racists (like Loree McBride) think of me, I am keeping my Gab account and if you want to call me racist for doing so, go ahead. I’m not a racist and those who truly follow me, know that.

Loree McBride’s a racist cuz she thinks only she and Loree McBride Jesuits have any rights. Everyone else is to be treated LIKE GARBAGE. She also is very class conscious and thinks the super rich are the superior race. Just by virtue of having money, makes you superior to someone as shallow and vain as Loree; and she doesn’t care HOW YOU GOT IT, EITHER. She’s a SNOB ALL THE WAY and THINKS SHE’S SO SUPERIOR (CUZ SHE HAS MORE MONEY THAN YOU) THAT SHE THINKS SHE’S ENTITLED TO DO ANYTHING SHE WANTS.

Basically, Loree’s goal is to turn all those who oppose her into HER SLAVES. LOREE MCBRIDE WANTS TO BRING BACK SLAVERY. The only difference being that instead of blacks being the slaves, the slaves will be anyone who refuses to kowtow to Loree McBride and let her RUN YOUR LIFE. If you won’t submit to Loree, she’ll wrest from you, your reputation, your money, your respectability and even your life, if she feels this is what she has to do to ENSURE HER GRAVY TRAIN OF STOLEN MONEY STREAMS TO HER UNABATED. Because she uses UFO technology to steal from everyone, making it appear she hasn’t stolen anything and that she is ENTITLED to her lavish lifestyle and her unhindered sexual rages and lusts, if you dare expose her for the criminal she is, SHE WILL DESTROY YOU, by holding the purse strings over society and manipulating the financial sectors and the Internet, to ensure she remains filthy rich and her enemies remain poor. She knows full well how easy it is to BUY cooperation from the powerful. So the super rich elite, of which Loree considers herself a member, band together to ENSURE THEY STAY THE SUPER RICH ELITE, entitling them to do WHATSOEVER THE HELL THEY PLEASE, cuz if you oppose them, they will literally put you on the streets and make you homeless, if they can, or get you locked up in a mental ward or KILLED. So, while she and her supporters, get richer and richer at the expense of those who want to be moral and righteous, she, at the same time, attacks the characters of those she victimizes, making herself appear righteous as she steals and murders from her victims to maintain her celebrity status and lifestyle. The mere fact that she belongs to the super rich alone, in her eyes, makes her superior to anyone who does not belong to the super rich. She judges righteousness by conformity to her elite, super rich lifestyle, believing that those who have not attained super rich status are mentally ill, deserving of Loree’s censure and condemnation, and that, by merely not ascribing to her worship of money, greed and lust, you are somehow inferior and worthy to be treated as ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.

The Bible says the love of money is the root of ALL EVIL in 1 Timothy 6:10. All of Loree McBride’s followers and supporters are sociopaths and psychopaths who LOVE MONEY and LOVE TO SIN and LOVE TO HURT PEOPLE WHO DON’T LOVE MONEY and to justify their greed, and coldness to those who might stop their gravy train, they promote lies and propaganda to make those who oppose them appear evil or mentally ill.

Her line of reasoning is, that if you don’t have money, it’z cuz you broke society’s rules (which she wrote) and so you are either mentally ill or inferior and DESERVE TO BE POOR. Yeah, if you don’t obey Loree’s laws and rules for society, you must either be locked up in a mental ward or eliminated one way or another.

The situation in China is complicated. One part of China’s government sides with me and there are Loree McBride Jesuits in China, too. So China’s a mixed bag. So, I don’t agree with Andrew Torba of Gab that China is the big monster. I think Loree McBride is the big monster. And, yes, Loree has plenty of agents in China. China needs to execute Loree McBride Jesuits inside their country. Here’s my Gab address: https://gab.com/gabriellechana

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